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  1. unfortunately i cant drop the tank where it is.i live in apartment complex that does not allow work on it and nowhere to park it but on the public street its on.ive already dropped the tank once to seal it as it failed emissions and seen the layout of it.thats why we replaced the wires so we didnt have to drop again.if i move next month.no way to tow to new home to far away.only choice is to cut hole to access it it this time or sale it.im not ready to sell just yet.i would love to drop it.does make things easier to get to.
  2. hopefully i can get it up and running soon as i maybe moving next month.. luckily my job is an aircraft mechanic specializing in fuel repair and im also a small engine mechanic thought vehicles a little different. its time to go down the list as everyone mentioned. im sure ill have questions so ill be back. only downside is i have to cut hole in floor to get to fuel pump. its parked on street and i live in apartment.. but i have scrap aluminum to place over hole.. thank you everyone.i appreciate it. i dont want to have to sell it rite after getting it.
  3. i didnt think that would cause a run issue. i did do some work on the fuel tank not long ago including redoing the wires on the fuel pump.so i may need to go through everything and check it.
  4. does anyone know if code 61 would cause it to not start at all? i was taking it out on the road the other day and it just stalled at random.i was able to pull it over to a safe place and now get it back home. just stalled without warning.it will turn over but will not start.i checked the codes and only get code 61..i know thats a speed sensor but wasnt sure it would actually cause it to not start or run at all.. 1989 odyssey
  5. it does seem the only leaks i have are on the back wall on the window and across the top about 6 inches out from the wall as well as over the front windows over the cab..wanted to make sure it wouldnt be difficult to tear apart as its on a public street and nowhere to park it on private property at this time.
  6. perfect.thank you very much.i saved this :)
  7. anyone point me in the direction to some videos/photos and post for redoing interior walls from water damage as well as how to inspect the ceiling and elsewhere for water damage?i dont want to tear into it not having some idea on how things are together as my wife and i will redo everything on ours.especially the back window where it has water damage and the bed above the cockpit. oh does anyone know if the cabin ac only runs on an outside power source or is it suppose to run off the alternator power?everything else works except cabin ac running off the trucks power it seems.havent tested fridge yet.i feel i have more questions but forgot them.oh and possibly owners manual online somewhere?been doing research but havent came across anything yet. 1989 leisure odyssey mesa/ponderosa thank you everyone
  8. thank you all.i did some work on it and got it all back together.passed with flying colors.in fact they redid emissions and it was even better than the first test. with only 65000 miles on it.i see this lasting a long time once my wife and i get done redoing it.that leads me to another question that ill post after this.again thank you all.made it so much easier to work on with everyone's help.
  9. when you refurbished it.you replaced the gaskers correct?i need to replace the 1 for the float but currently cant find it.it also seems to be an after market tank but the float looks stock.
  10. thank you everyone. i went out and crawled up under the camper to look at it.the tank is rite up against the drive axle facing length wise with the frame.it looks like all the stock tanks in thenphotos and video above.hopegilly going to go and drop it today to have a better look at the fitings and hoses.really hope its a quick and easy fix.i didnt see any drain plugs underneath it but has less than quarter tank ofnfuel in it.the tanknis really clean and looks almost new minues some of the hoses..if not today then saturday ill drop it and have a little help as wellm.
  11. 1989 Odyssey. it failed the pressure test.it was taken to a mechanic and they did a smoke test.they could see it was coming from above fuel tank but couldnt find its exact location. anyone have any manuals on dropping the tank and what it would take to do it.possibly an access panel under the floorboard as well?we dont own an owners manual and havent been able to locate. i want to drop the tank and see if i can repair it.thata stopping it from a title change and getting it on the road. thanks in advance.
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