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  1. Hey Joe, not trying to jump down your throat here - and it's been about a month since I watched that video - but wasn't the issue that the shop screwed up putting the wheel on? And that was their last straw so they moved on... The failure was human error not due to single wheels. I'm interested in this because I'd like to eventually have a 18ft Sunrader with a replaced rear axle that isn't dually. Cheers!
  2. Man, you must have some cool neighbors! hahaha no but really great progress - lookin good!
  3. Ask the instagram handle @home.on.wheels - they're super nice.
  4. Hey everybody, I feel like chump for posting because I’m headed home. A little wiser for the wear but mostly bummed and sorry to waste your time 😅 When I went to see the rig, someone met me at the driveway and basically gave me the run down on the guy who was selling and said he was pretty shady. That, coupled with the amount of rust amongst other things- I decided to pass. Ashland Oregon is really beautiful though!
  5. Asking price is $5,500 - willing to put in another $2k - at this point either a mechanic will have to get it ready for me to drive it south or I’ll drive it and fix it up at home. just found out the mechanic who did the inspection didn’t even put it on a lift and they’re more of a fleet service shop not a Toyota shop. I chose poorly.
  6. Have yet to see the rig in person. I’m going to be searching for a donor vehicle nearby - fingers crossed but hopes not up - and wondering if this sort of dreary day will actually clear up! The shop did say that it has good beams so if we could find a couple replacement axles etc then we’d be in business! A few Craigslist ads I found: Possible rear axle assemblys I could use- https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/cave-junction-1996-dodge-ram-2500-full/6834963235.html https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/dodge-ram-truck-parts-cummins-parts-for/6841730170.html https://medford.craigslist.org/pts/d/central-point-84-toyota-truck-parts/6845641439.html
  7. I drove up to Oregon after work last night to see about buying a 21ft 1984 Sunrader. Admittedly, I’ve made a couple mistakes at this point (namely driving up here Before receiving the findings of a pre-purchase inspection I had the current owner of the vehicle go and get- on my dime) but now here I am in town and looking at my options. I’m going to post photos from the pre-purchase inspection below and open up the floor to anyone who’d like to hem, haw, scoff, or give advice! I stopped in and spoke with the shop who did the inspection and, while they are very very nice, they did discourage me towards actually moving forward on this vehicle. They said they’d whip up a quote on how much / what it would take to get this rig roadworthy enough to drive on down 588 miles south, driving up a steep grade to the height of 3,000ft at one point.
  8. Hey Fred, thanks for this I appreciate it. I'm scouring this forum as well as google - but I'm definitely putting the cart before the horse as I don't have a MH yet - working on getting one tomorrow tho! Reminds me that I need to visit the bank... Once I have a rig I can do all sorts of fun measuring and pick'n'pull hunting. If I remember right, you carry a spare for the front and back - where do you store those suckers? Have you given thought to a front axle swap?
  9. Gotcha! Something like this would've come in handy - http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com/1310-to-toyota-conversion-ujoint-u-joint-universal-joint-tdi-1310-toyuj.html
  10. All of this info is opening up my eyes - there are a few axles that could potentially fit in the rear, then. I think I'd like to source a 10.5" Corporate 14 Bolt Differential - seems like a lot of people go that route and it can be a less expensive option as well as easier to find at pick'n'pulls. Thanks for all the good info, Fred. -Neil
  11. Yeah, sorry again for hijacking - I am learning a ton and trying to soak it up when/where I can! Hey, NLJW - where did you get your tire-inflation kit?
  12. Okay, I see what you mean- and what I meant is that a longer rig could mean a heavier rig simply because of more materials used/ more space for more stuff inside of the mh. When you refer to rear over axle weight do you mean when I have just the rear axle on a scale? -Neil
  13. Hey there Sunny - good on ya for getting to SC a day before me! I'm working on getting a different rig, a little more in-line with what I actually wanted - so no hard feelins! 😛 How's that rear axle? Also, I am super curious about where you had to go to get it!? Also, did you have to tow it? Dang... the jealousy is setting in now! Hahaha
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