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  1. I agree with you regarding the cost. especially that particular part, i payed $35 which is a bit high comparatively speaking. Regarding the vibration, I believe it will be transmitted through the spacers. I believe the parts primary purpose is to serve as a baffle rather than vibration isolation. in any case, heres a few pictures showing without and with the baffle. I also replaced the bushing that was non existent. its much happier shifting now!
  2. Heres the missing part.... i think From the image i realized the "baffle" is definitely not there. The source of information: https://www.toyota-4runner.org/3rd-gen-t4rs/77065-2000-4runner-4cyl-auto-manual-transmision-swap-4.html
  3. that image has the front end installed. the wrap is still on the springs. i though it was just protective wrap. are there clamps or something that needs to be removed under the red wrap? Both springs are labeled with a "+"
  4. @AtlantaCamper im currently installing the leaf springs and just want to do a quick sanity check. below is a picture of the new leaf almost installed. I was expecting the shackle to be sitting a little more vertical. do you remember your installation looking like this?
  5. I believe the reason this one is leaking is because there is a missing gasket, hence why i am trying to figure out which transmission i have so i can replace it.
  6. the case has since been cleaned when the seals were replaced on the speedo cable, the drip is likely from installation. the smell was almost immediate when i top off the fluid. there is a splash guard style seal usually on toyota shifters. As for the red sealant, that makes sense since the PO installed a 5 speed. Ive read about transmission swaps and many times different bell housings and trans combinations are used depending on where the trans is coming from.
  7. Those charts are from Marlin Crawler. They provide information about the application with respect to Toyota model year but nothing regarding a positive identifier on the transmission itself. I never had access to the input bearing unfortunately, i did the work mentioned above with the trans on vehicle. I think its a W55 but i cant find a way to be sure.
  8. Regarding the oil smell, i have already replaced the rear output shaft seal and all the seals on the speedo cable output.
  9. I am trying to identify which transmission i have. The PO swapped the 4 speed manual out for a 5 speed manual on my 1986 Sunrader with a 22RE. Ive look at several images on some websites like Marlin Crawler but nothing is popping out. i smell some trans oil inside the cab so i was hoping to replace the the gasket and small shifter boot, i just dont know which one to buy. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I need to delete that account ^^^! Anywho, 5 lugs. I just looked at another sunrader, 1987 21ft and it has the same gear box... so maybe the 1/2 is fine? or rockauto is wrong?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. ive found the same thing when looking for the rear sway bushings. Good info regarding the rear leaf bushings, ive already purchased the poly kit so im in good shape there.
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