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  1. mpanzar

    Driving in the snow??

    Not sure if this answers your question; I haven’t noticed a difference from the Yokohama Y356s I was running originally. And they feel a little stiffer in corners.
  2. mpanzar

    Driving in the snow??

    I forgot to mention they can be studded with a #16 stud when new.
  3. mpanzar

    Driving in the snow??

    So far so good. Ive put about 2500 miles on them and the mold line from manufacturing are just starting to wear away.
  4. mpanzar

    Driving in the snow??

    Thanks! I haven't had any issues on the highway other than they're a little loud. There is a little loss of torque since they are slightly larger than stock diameter, although ive got a 5 speed in mine which doesn't help my case since the 1st gear starts a little tall for the 22RE. Being in Seattle rain i had to find something better than the typical 356s or Vantras since the sunrader turns into a bobsled in the rain.
  5. mpanzar

    Driving in the snow??

    The snow hasn't been and issue for since i switched my tires on my 86 Sunrader to these: https://www.stausaonline.com/tires/sta-super-traxion/#lightbox/0/