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  1. Yes, it all works perfect with the original cluster. I'll have to tear into it next weekend. Thanks for the response.
  2. It was sad. Trying to test out the best speed and economy, I constantly got passed up by rigs. Looks like the sweet spot is 55.
  3. Update: returned from Grand Canyon trip on Sunday and kept track of mileage. 1990 sunrader 21 feet. About 1000 miles round trip 2 adults = 300 pounds 3 kids = 150 pounds Fully loaded with food and supplies with 1/2 water tank = 250 to 300 pounds (not including fuel) Trip up was at 65-70 mph. Cruise control. AC on. Average 12.5 mpg Trip back was at 55-60mph. No cruise. Minimal AC during down hill only. Average 14 mph NOTE: trip from Williams camp site to canyon and back was approx 120 miles at 40-45 mph. Average 17.6 mpg Cluster swapes with 4runner and samssung s10e cell phone GPS used to verify speed and mileage. Obviously speed has a lot to do with it but the fuel economy is still higher on average than what has historically been reported.
  4. Update: Just got back from a kids spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. I ran a wire from the coil to the "p" behind the tach to get it working and it did but at twice the rate. So, I adjusted it down using the little pot screw on the side of the tach with an open paperclip and verified with an independent electronic tach to be sure of the setting. All worked great... EXCEPT... even after new bulbs, the "P" and "D" does not light up when parked or in drive. I tried to wire it to neutral and L2 respectively but both light would come on so that will not be practical. Does anyone have any idea as to how to get the "P" and "D" lights to light up?
  5. Bulbs very easy to remove and replace, just half twist and remove. It looks like there are 2 different bulb sizes; larger ones for the background light and small ones for indicators.
  6. Got the new cluster in without a hitch. It was straight forward and easy, probable could be done in about 30 minutes but it took me about an hour because I did it in the dark. The more difficult part was to remove and replace the oil pressure switch... really tight space. While I was in there, I did the oil/filter and transmission fluid as well. I just purchased the RV a few months ago but I know it was parked for three years based on the registration. HOWEVER, my tachometer does not work when I fired it up. It does not even budge. I'll do some more research and work on it this weekend. Any thoughts on what to do or where to look? I have read something about adding a wire from the coil to the back of the tach but I am not certain. When I open it back up, I'll have to replace the bulb behind the Park and Drive as well since they are not working. Any advice is welcomed.
  7. There are lots of clusters on Ebay, both cable speedo and electric. All are very reasonably priced. OfferUp also has them too. I got my 4runner cluster from OfferUp and the T100 cluster from Ebay. If you do not care for the prndl, I'll sell you the extra cluster I have off of a 4runner. I was gonna list it anyway. I will be tackling this project next weekend, after my oil sensor arrives. Good hunting.
  8. Perfect!!! Thank you guys so very much. This is just what I needed. As for the cluster, I made the mistake of getting the 4runner initially because I was excited and it was $60. I realized it after reading a few more post. So I went ahead and got the T100 cluster with the gear display from Ebay for $80. After it's all done, I'll have to put the 4runner cluster back up for sale. I'll be ordering the oil switch tonight. Cheers.
  9. I have been reading through this topic for a few days and I have read a few other similar swaps on the internet. I will do this swap as well so I can get the tac and trip meter. I found an cluster on Ebay and it should be here by next week for the swap. Would any body know the exact part number or model of the oil pressure sensor to get the reading on the oil guage? I would like to do it all in one shot. Thank you in advance.
  10. I am new to all this. I bought the Warrior in December because it was a great deal and my kids were on winter break from school for us to make a road trip out of it. This was my first motorhome and I had never been in one before. All the worse case scenarios that could possible happened occurred on that eight state road trip home... sick wife, bad weather, alternator gave out in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, did not know how to use the furnace till late into the trip, kids with cabin fever, etc... I still want to pursue RVing as the kids are growing fast. Once back home, the Sunrader popped up for a good deal last week and I purchased it because it was the model I have been searching for. I will sell the Warrior. As for the mileage, I will keep tabs on the next few trips as I am very curious as to the accuracy of the GPS and the motor performance as a whole. I just got it registered this afternoon. I found out why it was a good deal; payed almost $1000 in back registration. The guy sold with it current tabs on the plate and I did not bother to verify if it was real. I will report more accurate average mileage later.
  11. I'm new to the forum... been read posts for a while. I bought a 1992 warrior, built on 1991 cab, from Kentucky and drove it to California. Family of 5, water tank 1/2-3/4. Average speed was 65 mph with mixed weather and grade. I was averaging 13mpg. A couple days ago I purchased a 1990 sunrader, built on 1989 cab, drove it from Sacramento to Los Angeles and averaged 70mph. Just myself and my 9yr old son with water tank less that 1/2 full. Mixed weather and grade. I was averaging 18+ mpg. Using GPS for speed and distance. Both v6. Not sure why the big difference.
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