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  1. Yeah, the "tap" had me there for a bit...as far as the repair job, there's probably no way around it but to just start pulling the tape off and see how bad the damage is. The siding is probably available from someone, maybe the PPL company. The corner molding might be a problem if you can't straighten out the original piece. Some of the work will probably have to be done on the inside, too. Try and get the area covered when you start the repair to keep the water out, etc. Good luck...
  2. There are newer versions of this heater available. If it works, why do you want to replace it?
  3. wemit


    What is your question?
  4. I hit a pothole and broke my rear passenger's side shock mounting pin off. It's the upper one attached to the frame. Any idea where I can find a new one? 1985, 21 foot Dolphin...
  5. Also, what is the name of the company that supplied many of the original air bag kits on our motorhomes? Thanks...
  6. What's wrong with the Monroe shocks? Are they that bad?
  7. Does anybody have part numbers for shocks for an 21 foot '85 Dolphin?
  8. Well I gotta' say that after 90,000 miles something should have broken. Keeping the weight down in the rear and adding 10 extra pounds of air on the inside tire is a good idea. I ha d a 20 foot dolphin with the bad axle many years ago and the axle DID break but it broke well inboard of the wheel and no damage was done to anything but the axle itself. You pose an interesting question: how long do you want to drive with 5 lug axle even if it is on a 17 footer...
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    Not sure what this is a picture of...
  10. Make sure everything works. Have the owner turn on the refrigerator, the furnace, the water system, the water heater, the stove, the roof top air conditioner, the cab dash air conditioner and heater, all the driving lights, coach outdoor lights and the 12 volt interior lights. If the owner says he doesn't know if they work or hesitates to turn everything on for whatever reason, assume that they don't work and go from there. For instance if you won't need the shower, you can get by with out a functioning water heater. You can heat water for dishes or cleanup on the stove top. Also look for signs of water leaks particularly under the bunk over the cab. Leaks aren't necessarily a deal breaker unless the whole roof is falling down or you can see daylight through the sides. Some leaks you can live with, some are more difficult. You decide. The axle is the biggie, though. Make sure its a six lug, full floating type. Your trip sounds like fun...
  11. River? I don't see a river. Is there a river there? Where's the river?
  12. Does anybody have an idea what an '85 Dolphin with the rear dinette is worth? About 88,0000 miles, 1 ton axle, needs a fridge cooling unit, muffler, windshield and cab ac recharge. No rooftop ac. The rest is in good shape. No leaks.
  13. My '85 Dolphin is all aluminum, sides and roof.
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