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  1. Thank you very much everyone! It sounds like if I go down the internal generator path it might get really expensive. Just out of curiosity, do you guys know a company or someone who could do that reliably in the Bay Area? But I think I will either consider an external generator or a different route to Chicago.
  2. Thank you! I think the only 2 places where it could fit is either where the oven (doesn't work and don't really need it, only the stove) is or where the furnace (if the AC would heat too) is. I'm not handy at all, so I would have to look for someone to help me with this in the Bay Area.
  3. Hi, I recently got an 18' Sunrader from 1984 and I'm wondering if it would be possible to build in a rooftop AC that is powered by an internal generator. Does anyone know where the generator could be located on the inside? Are there any alternatives? I'm not sure I want to have a rack on the back bumper with an external generator chained to it. I understood that there is not enough space on the roof to power the AC with solar panels? I'm totally new to motorhomes and travelling in a RV. I had initially planned to drive from San Francisco to Chicago, going through the South Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee in August. I know it will get insanely hot and humid and I'm wondering even if I would install an AC, would the generator shut off in that heat? And would the AC even be able to cool down the Sunrader? Thanks a lot for your advise upfront. Raul
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