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  1. Is the "full lift gate" you describe a door that folds up to open and is hinged at the top? Just look up " Sunrader rear hatch" and you should be able to find plenty of images and some resources if you dig. also search up "Nissan Mirage motorhome" and see if that matches yours better. Sounds like it might. Truthfully I dont know much at all about the all fiberglass shell toymos/nissans, but there are plenty of folks around here who do.
  2. Going through a rebuild of my 1987 Gulfstream right now, there are a few smaller sections of ceiling (interior) we need to replace from water damage. Looks like the original make was using a mixture of glue straight on the metal sheet and sparse galvanized steel flashing to hold up all of the rigid insulation, ceiling board and everything. Im looking for the right glue to use, but came to wonder, is there any type of double sided tape that is sufficiently strong and durable for this type of application? or is there some sort of quick drying or spray glue that would be much better to use? Thanks guys.
  3. Where did you get the foam? Looking at doing a bench seat in place of my dinette and Id like some good material for cushions.
  4. No, I wish! so youre telling me the roof has overhead aluminum tube framing and also the rear wall has some aluminum tube framing? this sounds like great news.
  5. Thanks everyone! That's what im looking for. thanks!
  6. Interesting. I definitely have some over the overhang, but not sure otherwise. Did your odyssey have aluminium framing for the back wall as well?
  7. Thanks Linda! I actually came across that brochure from my own research but wasnt sure if my earlier model still had the same stuff. Ill keep looking, if no one seems to know. Worst case ill just rip the wall out !šŸ˜‰
  8. We finally took the plunge and recently purchased a 1987 Gulfstream Conquest Toymo. As we are going though the complete interior overhaul and replacing a few water-damaged areas, Iā€™m noticing aluminum tube stock on the bottom floors and in the cracks of some wall board. Does anyone know if these things have an aluminum frame for the Coach? Update: By this time we've torn out almost everything in the coach. I can confirm there is complete aluminum frame all around, with only a few wooden frames around roof elements and windows. I will be posting a full build and teardown series when we're all finished!
  9. Wanted to say thanks for all the helpful info in this thread. This is a great community. Our buyer backed out but we are now looking into an '86 Dolphin for a little more $.
  10. Do you have a link where I can buy the correct one online?
  11. Thanks, I appreciate your detailed post, ill definitely check out the fridge and furnace, as I wasnt thinking about those. Assuming no water damage, this MH has 69K miles on it and new-ish tires, and supposedly runs great and is driven occasionally. So it seems like a pretty good deal from what I've been looking at. Only thing Ive been told is wrong is the master cylinder is starting to fail, but thats not an expensive issue.
  12. Title says it all, Im new to the forum and have only been browsing so far so excuse me if this is a common question. My S.O. and I have never bought an RV/Motorhome before, but we've been searching for one and we've settled on a Toyota MH for a few reasons.I found an '87 Coachmen that looks pretty clean inside and out not too far from me for 5,000$. In a few days we're going to meet the guy and check it out. we'd very much appreciate any advice on where to look and make sure everything is in good shape. Looking for roof leaks, im guessing its best to try and look on top for any repairs that have been done, smell of mildew? Im pretty sure being an '87 we are clear of the "bad axle" era, but ill be looking for the 6 nut Hub on the dual rear wheels anyway. Are the coachmens considered good motorhomes? seems like most people on here praise the sunraders and dolphins most. Anything else I should be looking for? Thanks all!
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