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  1. Hm, do you suppose it would be better to place something on top, or to cut out the bad portion and replace it?
  2. Please Help Me! As title suggests. I am looking to see if anyone has before "patched" their roof, or anyone who has any ideas for me. My situation is this. After a hot and very dry May in Florida rainy season is finally here. Come to see I have 2 leaks at the rear ceiling of my Toy. Water is coming in around the screws where the ladder is attached to the roof, essentially just screws straight through the sheet metal. PO must have done some sort of half whit cover up to years of water damage. Now the thin aluminum roofing is totally rusted, oxidized and flaky. In no state to stop water, even though the roof above and the ladder attachments have been totally resealed, seems like the sealant doesnt stand a chance with nothing solid underneath it. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I am wondering if it is possible to DIY patch this with a smaller piece of sheet metal, or perhaps use a 1x6 or so board to elevate this area and avoid water pooling in the first place. Is there any possibility of a better sealant up top stopping this for any amount of time, or would that just be a temporary bandaid at best? Luckily I have pretty much the entire camper torn apart at this moment, so im open to most ideas. I've even considered sawing off the top portion of the ladder (I dont use it, and I highly doubt this rotten sheet metal is providing much stability when I do) to make some sort of patch job more permanent.
  3. Nice. everything looks fresh. Sticking with the original upholstery and interior?
  4. Thanks for all the info. Sorry I’m new to these 22REs but sounds like it’s pretty easy to check out the trans? Also what exactly do you mean by using the engine to break? thanks also for the snapshot. I’m thinking moccasin creek park actually as im slightly familiar with the area and enjoyed the place on recent trip and want to check out Tallulah gorge.
  5. Interests are anything really, I love to see beautiful nature and like fishing or outdoors. Looking forward to eating out a few nights in Portland too. And sounds like an interesting place to watch. What is that campground called?
  6. Best sites to see? we're heading to Portland actually as a final destination before heading back home to FL. Anything you recommend in western Maine?
  7. Thanks all, Ill be sure to keep it in 2nd gear when things get steep. Mostly worried about Virginia and not Ga, which I am a little familiar with. We're trying to go near Mt. Rogers if anyone is familiar, there's a campground called Grindstone something or other.
  8. Recent owners of a 1987 Gulfstream Toy. We have plans to take our MH up through Georgia and into Virginia, stopping at some campgrounds in the forests on the way up, mostly close to the Appalachian trail. Can we make it without any trouble? Anyone with tips and tricks for driving an auto tranny up hill would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Is the "full lift gate" you describe a door that folds up to open and is hinged at the top? Just look up " Sunrader rear hatch" and you should be able to find plenty of images and some resources if you dig. also search up "Nissan Mirage motorhome" and see if that matches yours better. Sounds like it might. Truthfully I dont know much at all about the all fiberglass shell toymos/nissans, but there are plenty of folks around here who do.
  10. Going through a rebuild of my 1987 Gulfstream right now, there are a few smaller sections of ceiling (interior) we need to replace from water damage. Looks like the original make was using a mixture of glue straight on the metal sheet and sparse galvanized steel flashing to hold up all of the rigid insulation, ceiling board and everything. Im looking for the right glue to use, but came to wonder, is there any type of double sided tape that is sufficiently strong and durable for this type of application? or is there some sort of quick drying or spray glue that would be much better to use? Thanks guys.
  11. Where did you get the foam? Looking at doing a bench seat in place of my dinette and Id like some good material for cushions.
  12. No, I wish! so youre telling me the roof has overhead aluminum tube framing and also the rear wall has some aluminum tube framing? this sounds like great news.
  13. Thanks everyone! That's what im looking for. thanks!
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