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  1. Also that site dosnt day they are discontinued, so I should be able to just buy from a dealer correct?
  2. Derek, are you saying these are good tanks to purchase and generally don’t have leaking issues or just stating these are the only options to choose from with no clue on quality?
  3. Is it true any normal sized after market tank you should stay away from? I swear a forum where people say they literally all leak? Any I believe you left a link to here... https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/1985-toyota-pickup-parts.html you said that’s the only place to buy a new tank?
  4. Hey all, The person I purchased my Sunrader from lied or had no idea what they where talking about. They Told me that it had sat for two years, with fuel stabilizer in it and that it would need a new battery. When we got it we put the battery in it, blah blah couldnt get it to start. Today was finally somewhat warm enough to pull the tank, and its SHOT! Rusty as all get out, fuel sender had a hole in it from rust. Pump is shot. So long story short. There is no way this thing only sat two years with fuel stabilizer. All this dosnt matter, but my question is and i remember seeing some threads earlier. If i am going to go down route of either cleaning the tank or just buying a new one, can I buy a slightly bigger one anywhere? I am two hours from where i work on it with my dad, i dont remember if there is room. I remember the threads said some had bigger ones, mine is a two wheel drive. Either way dont need long answers just can i toss a slightly bigger one in? If so where does one buy it? Thanks!
  5. I am Eliminating the shower, and Bathroom, so there wont be a Black water tank, but I didnt even think about over flowing the Grey water tank!! I Come from a Expedition Trailer and rooftop tent that i tow with my Jeep. Not used to grey water and black tanks!!! Now that I have more room to play with I was just curious about putting in a bigger tank, but i knew it wasnt as simple as that. I asked some people on the facebook group. Even with 21 gallon tanks behind the axle by 2ft people have bent their frames apparently. I have decided to go with the 21 gallon tank and actually move it up behind the cab of the drivers side.
  6. Has anyone put a 30 gallon water tank in their Sunrader? If so where did you put it? There is alot of room under the rear dinette, but that puts 240 pounds behind the axles in the rear of the vehicle. Would this bother anyone? 240 pounds is not much in a normal 1 ton truck, but these campers already have alot going on. Was just looking for opinions. Thanks!
  7. I have more research, and design yet. Also need this Iowa weather take a drastic turn for the better before I start. But I think I am leaning towards this route. One other thing I will be doing that I haven’t seen is full on spray foaming, legit not from a can but professionally having a guy I know do it for me. Only concerns here are figuring out the runnning of my electrical and so fourth if I ever have an issue. This shouldn’t be an issue just needs extra thought. But between both of these measures I would think I could drive this thing off a cliff and be ok!!
  8. Outside of a little more Costly , Why have I not seen people using Nida-Core Panels to reinforce their Sunraders and other fiberglass Toyhomes? Right not this seems like the best option out there? Its way more rigid, not susceptible to rot if water ever gets in, and if you do research on the product it ends up being 15 pounds lighter then a 4x8 sheet of ply wood. https://www.marine.com/store/c/796-NidaCore.html
  9. Hi all! I just purchased a Sunrader that was already gutted. I want to start designing my rebuild. I was curious if people could lead me to old threads or info on the best ways of reinforcing the walls and roof structure. I am tending to believe my roof is sagging, but not sure. From floor to ceiling it measures right at or just shy of 72 inches. Does anyone know the correct measurement? I have seen the way the Bound for No Where used cut down 2x4s as studs and fiber glassed over them on the walls for support. Is this the best method? Also Why not use aluminum studs? Thanks again!! Glad to be part of the community and learn as much as possible during this journey!!
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