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  1. Hey all -- I'm in the market for a sunrader, and love the early 80's 18' models. The downside of these is that they just have a lap belt, and I'd be far less photogenic after I get an imprint of the steering wheel across my face. Anyone have any ideas how one might upgrade to a shoulder harness or a 4-point?
  2. So it turns out I was mislead, I'd seen pictures of the exterior and talked to the owner on the phone, but his response of yes to "do all the interior appliances work?" lead me to believe the interior was close to stock -- turns out it'd been completed gutted, paneled in luan, and very poorly rebuilt inside. Definitely a no go. I shouldn't have gotten hopes up so fast haha
  3. Hello all, first post here! I've been considering a camper of some sort for a few months now, and for a month or two have been watching the market for the perfect Toyota based camper after deciding they're without question the coolest little rigs ever built. So far I've been to see two Winnebago Micro Warriors (a 91 and a 93), an 80 Sunrader, and an 80 Mobile Traveler. They're all fantastic, but I've decided the Sunrader is my favorite, so I'm on the prowl. The 80 one I found got sold right after I went to look at it, and I've currently got my eyes on an 82 Sunrader for a delicious $1000. He says it runs and drives, camper systems work, but needs some TLC. Looks like its got some rust on some front body panels, but nothing terrible. Most importantly, he says it doesn't have any leaks. It definitely has the stock rear axle from what I've been told, which is a shame but I can upgrade. As stands, is this a good deal? Given how rare these things are I'm not sure I can manage to say no. Going to see it early next week, but its nearly 8 hours away so it'll take a solid trip. Should have some more pictures to include in the next day or two, waiting on those.
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