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  1. I posted it on facebook motorhome page a while back or maybe cruzing around nor cal?
  2. Thanks! I love toyotas here is the last one in my fleet 86 runner with 85 drive train. Originally an auto converted to 5 speed. All thats left is to make the yoterhome fuel injection planning on this next winter. Thanks Jeff
  3. This is my 85 toyota I built 15 years ago before I had seen anyone with one. It has an 86 toyota dually with 1/4" spacers between the rims not much room but they don't rub. It has 4.56 gears in it as well as motorhome I use it to tow a landscape trailer daily. Thanks Jeff
  4. My rig weighs about the same as yours the rotors come off landcruisers and you use ifs calipers. I'm pretty sure 4cyl and v6 are same size just smaller pistons, so clearance issues are the same for both. I got rid of the lspv valve and just use an adjustable one coming out of master cylinder. The vented rotors really help with heat and brake fade. I have front wheel spacers on each setup. Hope this helps/ makes sense. Thanks Jeff
  5. Hey thanks for the reply, the brake swap definitely gives more stopping but almost to much for the small tires i have. I have same setup on a flatbed dually toyota with 30" tires and it is better. It is perfect on my 4runner with 33"s they are all set up the same v6 brakes with 1" master cylinder. Hope this helps only thing i would change is might just use 4cyl calipers on the smaller tire rigs. You probably have to run wheel spacers up front to clear larger calipers just a thought. Thanks Jeff.
  6. Hello just updating everyone on how we just finished our 2wd to 4wd solid axle swap in our 20ft Dolphin yoterhome. We used all toyota pickup parts from an 85 to keep it stock height as if it came from the factory. Just recently installed a 5 speed and tcase with an oversized turbo aisin clutch. Also installed v6 4.56 gears front and rear, this combo with with 27x8.50 general grabbers gives it the rpms to go up grades better. Upgraded to a v6 radiator to help cool the 22r and using v6 brakes with vented rotors up front to slow it down. Its been over 2 years of remodeling and swapping to get it where it is now. Been in the family since new in 84 and hoping for another 35 years.
  7. Back from Lewiston Lake, CA. Great trip, dream come true already planning the next one. Here is a few more photos of the rig if anyone is interested.
  8. My grandparents had the axle recall in 1993 and i believe they put more arched springs in the rear so leaf over would have been really high as compared to most. The dealer put a v6 rear end in it when it was done, also i added a stock rear sway bar and wanted to keep it. So maybe air bags we will see just want to use it this summer i have put way to much time into it. Let the good times roll!
  9. Yeah it could come up an inch or so the frame is level its just the way the camper sits. I left it spring under and added a couple leafs didn't want to do spring over it would have been sky high. When i put matching tires on rear will bring it up a bit and look a little better then maybe a longer shackle.
  10. Hi fellow yoterhomers, I have been a long time lurker but have never posted before, I just wanted to share my 1984 Toyota Dolphin that my grandparents bought brand new in 84. I inherited it 2 years ago and it was in pretty rough shape. My wife and I repainted it and did a interior remodel. lots of water damage so it was a full blown redo but worth all the effort. It, of course, was 2wd and I put an 85 solid axle in it. I wanted to keep it bone stock height so it would go down the road nice (which it sure does). Still need to put the tcase in but that will be next winter. We are getting ready to go on a weekend trip to lewiston lake area in trinity county ca. I'm a big toyota guy, I also have a 85 dually flatbed 4x4 and a 86 runner with a solid axle swap so this yoterhome has been a dream of mine for over 10 yrs and it finally came together. Will upload more pics soon. Thanks, Jeff
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