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  1. Okay People! This may sound stupid, but i’m Working on the Bandit’s pop up roof. I relieved it of a 90 lb. RV air conditioning unit. That created a significant depression in the roof, but that is on the list to address soon. Today’s big dilemma is HOW DO YOU CLOSE YOUR POP TOP ROOF AND HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU NEED? The springs and turn buckles are tightened to pick the roof up to where the vinyl has minimal sag. However, even with almost 200 lbs of pull on the interior handles, I can’t budge it downward. Im suspicious that perhaps the springs were swapped out with heavier ones to hold the AC unit, but they don’t quite even push the roof to full height, looking at the vinyl and mechanism tracks. Perhaps the roof isn’t supposed to be pushed to full height? And if you have a poptop, how many springs per mechanism? Mine has top and bottom on all three mechanisms. So to this forum I ask the above questions. Other question - if you replaced your pop up vinyl, what fabric did you choose? How happy are you with it? I’m familiar with canvases from VW westfalia’s, and the choices for those at present are German OEM canvas, other canvas, and Sunbrella.
  2. 1984 Toyota Bandit. Charlotte, North Carolina!
  3. So only 250 Bandits made, is there any guess re: how many are still on the road? does anybody have a manual? Are there brake, axle, or other mechanical upgrades Bandit owners have found useful? is there supposed to be a bunk above the body of the camper, below the top, above the built ins? tell me anything you want to share about Bandits. I was thinking there was not a lot of discussion, and now I know why.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Does the stable factor apply to the carpeted walls and ledges?
  5. Hi Gang, newbie me again! this is a very important topic for me. My poor Bandit carried a full-size RV a/c unit on its roof for who knows how long. Of course, being made of plastic, fiberglass and foam board, (and they cut the roof thru a 1x4 crossbeam to “support” it), it has taken on water in quantity over time. Damp, nasty, mildew are three good words to start with. How much water for how long? when I pulled the table top from the above cab cabinet, it was swollen to about 3x normal thickness. I’m seriously wondering if I may have to remove everything and put down a new subfloor. And I really feel compelled to remove the carpet from those wet places. I know preservation is important with magnificent vintage campers such as these, but boy! Howdy! I must do something about this nastiness. May I also add that there was a mouse nest in with the wet. I’m willing to put carpet back in, but those surfaces need to be addressed. so. - any expert advice on removing the ruined carpet? Advice on “unsagging” the roof? And has anyone gone to the subfloor replacement extent?
  6. Thanks! I have read the multi page summary several times, and I came away uncertain each time. 84 appears to have been “critical” in the time break of dealing with this, and the bandit I have just doesn’t look like many of the others (TMHs) i’ve Seen pictured.
  7. Hi All, Newbie here. I saw and obtained an 84 Bandit (pop top) and i’m Learning there is much I don’t know. It has single wheel axle in the back. My question is how to start the process of figuring out the situation about the axle?
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