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  1. Nothing like two people living with a 100 pound something that needs constant control and pick up after it. In a toyhome that is what like a 120 square feet of space. That is a nice link Derek. Thanks It gave me a chance to figure out how to contribute more to this forum and take the time to learn how to post some pictures maybe a video of my toyhome travels without needing a reason other than I enjoy my cat and toyhome. So I am Uploading a bunch of pictures and a video to just to see how It works. I am featuring my Kat Ziggy The Traveling Kitty.. She is comfortable everywhere we travel . The first pic is in Goodard Park in East Greenwich RI. Second is a Quonset Point Ri upon our return. 20171016_155626.mp4
  2. You can jack the roof up very easily to get the doors to open. Just use a some two by fours and a floor jack between the drivers seat and passengers.. Then support the thing with the right height two by fours . Or even less scanting lumber. 1by 1 or 1by 2. Your rig can be saved by you..
  3. Congrats on Your new Toyhome. Oil is important. Just change it once in awhile. Keep it topped off and check it on a regular basis for something "irregular'.. Then drive your Toyhome into the ground. Adjust the valves (I leave them so they clatter a bit at idle ) . My 1988 Rig just got 13 mpg over the last 1500 miles driven. The average weight was 6500 pounds. 300 mile trip got 15 mpg over the last two trips running route one downeast Maine.. Just change the oil/basic maintenance and drop the pedal to the floor. If something unusual happens then this is the place to figure it out . Welcome.. Drive the wheels off that new Toyhome and be safe...
  4. So I deleted ADBLOCK and the next time I logged in here odd ads show up everywhere. Question is: Do these ads benefit this site in any way????
  5. So the Lobster Festival Weekend is here. If anyone is in the area and wants to spend a day or two. Please see Kevin or Greg at the marina office on the pier. They will set you up with a site in the upper parking lot. 35 per night. Saturday night is the annual Lobster Bake for the marina and everyone on this site is invited. It is a Potluck (bring a side or dessert if possible) with a bargain price to cover the costs of Lobsters and clams. This is a fun event that is full of people who love to travel and share their travels. So everyone should fit right in. I have been traveling to Calais Maine from Rockland every other weekend to help an Elderly friend (boy do I hate driving five hours and still be in the STATE O MAINE). In my long travel Downeast I have seen 1 or 2 toyhomes each trip and happily flashed my headlights and waved. Sometimes this is returned as ToyPeople are sometimes surprised to see another one and just gawk. That was my response for a long time upon encountering another Toyhome. If you want to stay in the Walmart parking lot and attend the Marina Party then you are my invited guest. If your off having a good time traveling this great STATE O MAINE then please do your thing. If your coming give a heads up (P MAIL?) I will offer to host this next summer. Happy Motoring Dale
  6. I battled the wild temperature gauge for a number of years. Replaced everything even installed a brand new ebay cylinder head... Had several defective radiators confuse the issue. I blew a head gasket when the temperature was twenty degrees. Pulled the head it was still flat so I installed a new gasket. I put the thermostat in water on the stove and it would not open. Defective.... I put the last three thermostats on the stove and they were marginal at best. So I purchased a new thermostat and drilled three 1/8 inch holes in it before installing. In the last ten thousand miles I have not had any problems with overheating. When it is really cold there is a problem with lack of heat. My thoughts on this is that our rigs are grossly overloaded before we even load the first thing in them that when we get some miles on them the thermostat is constantly cycling beyond its design standards.. My conclusion is that the thermostats available cannot withstand the stress put on them. Since I have put 10k on my rig since installing a thermostat I have never seen the temp gauge go to a place that caused concern. The temp gauge sits in different spots in different temp zones but no wild swings. If I installed another thermostat I would try just two 1/8 inch holes or three 1/16 holes just to provide more cab heat in lower climates. I spent years trolling this forum trying to solve this problem and tried every thermostat available... The only thing that has made any long term was drilling the holes in it. Your experience may vary..
  7. Lonerock I am so sad this is happening to you. I have encountered several bad towing situations myself with my 1988 toyhome.... Call the insurance for a tow and be left beside the road as a toyhome has dual wheels and the towing companies want more money for towing our rigs... Long story short I have State Farm Full Coverage Policy for less than 500 per year. The stated value of my rig is 10k (including contents)... My agent told me to pay out of pocket and She would write me a check... So going through tripple a my insurance and having five towing companies look at my toyhome and speaking personally with the assholes who where driving the trucks. I called several professional tow companies and spent 700 dollars in towing fees that day...\ When I got home and presented the bills to my State Farm agent... I received a check for every penny I spent....
  8. So to bring everyone up to date... I HAD ONE HELL OF A ROAD TRIP WITH MY 1988 TOY-HOME AND JUST HAD TO MINOR MAINTENANCE ALONG THE WAY.... 8 Thousand mile trip and the only breakdown has been loosing a fuel pump in my driveway at my home base. I had run the fuel down to zero twice before the pump failed. Pumps need fuel to cool them..
  9. I have done this repair in my 1988 Toy-home seven years ago. My best advice is rebuild from the inside out. Then you have a base to rebuild the roof. I am currently rebuilding a 1991 toy home that had a pine tree drop on it. Lets talk about rebuilding the over cab the move on... Just take everything you can get out with a shop vac then clean with a solvent...
  10. We have an upper parking lot to use at anytime... Just go to the Landings Marina and speak to Kevin Taylor. He is a most gracious host and a friend to the traveling community.. Any RV is welcome at anytime. If you need some pics Google earth will give you anything you need to see. I am working on making about a dozen RV sites that are on a private beach here. I am planning a bonfire for Saturday night and there are plenty of bars in crawling distance. So this get together should be friendly to all groups. A huge event next door and the City has the welcome mat laid out. It should be a really huge bonfire... The Marina has two really nice boats available to me so I can give "Free Harbor Tours" One boat is fast the other is slow. I have a beloved Cape Dory Typhoon named DESIDaRTA https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiF4pHTy4PjAhWOTt8KHRElAY4QFjAAegQIAhAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmwkworks.com%2Fdesiderata.html&usg=AOvVaw3FPJz4IMbwOSOBqEbGCxD_ On the vhf radio I call her" sloop 122" as that is easy to relate and needs no explanation. I may launch her this summer. I might be wrong but I think Candi en money might be at Par for this weekend.
  11. So I came home on April 29th to find that leaving the heat and water on was a huge mistake. 379,784.00 gallons had run through the meter. Got it under control now and no condolences are necessary. It has been an unusual experience just focusing on myself and the repair of the damage to my situation.... I make my living taking care of other peoples projects. Enough about me.... Lets talk about the Members here whether one owns a Toyhome or not (all are welcome) and how we can get together and enjoy the Coast Of Maine this summer. The Landings Marina throws a party for the Lobster Festival that starts July 31 this year. I am willing to be the Host for a Toy/Members rally that weekend.. The infrastructure is already existing ; bathrooms, showers, laundry, and working on a dumpstation. We have a lobsterbake at the Marina on Saturday night and the more is always the merrier so a big fun get together is assured there. If we have a nice turnout I can build a bonfire on the beach.... Hell if anyone shows up I will build a bonfire on the beach. I have been seeing Toyhomes all over the state hope to see you and yours here. Any questions or concerns?
  12. Dan I cannot imagine what your going thru at this time. I have experienced many losses and they were mine and mine alone. I do know loss and my heart goes out to you and yours. You have not said why you want to part with your Toyhome? The cassidas look like nice rigs but I have never seen one that compares to a Toyhome. Thank you so much for your participation in this forum. I believe i have read everything you have ever posted.
  13. My cat Ziggy (aka Kalamazoo) and I threw everything we could lay our hands into the toyhome and left Maine on the 16th. Drove to Peabody Mass the first day and spent the evening with my son Jim. Took him to our favorite Chinese Restaurant SuChangs in Peabody. Really amazing food and service. Went to bed at nine and hit the road at 2am on the 17th. Stopped at Hollywood Casino in Maryland and played some Texas Holdem. Had some luck. Then drove to Dale City just below DC and stopped in the rest area there. This is a great place to stop as Dale City rest areas are patrolled by the State Police and is RV friendly. I stage my pass through DC around these rest areas. I would rather hang in a rest area than sit in the gridlock that exists there. Stopped a Kenlys in NC and purchased a silicone seat cushion that has made my hips really happy. Stayed in Waterboro NC at a Walmart that night. I spoke with the Store Manager. She was very pleasant, helpful, and allows anyone to stay. It was a crowded parking lot. I did look at the crime rate for the area and it appears to be at 167 percent above normal. Everything you need is around there though autoparts, clothes, food and fuel. Went to Jacksonville Florida the next day. Played Texas Holdem at a really nice poker room there and donated the luck I had in Maryland. Stayed the night at a Walmart on Beach Road in Jacksonville. I was beat. I went in and spoke with a Manager.... She was pleasant and welcoming but concerned about when I would be leaving in the morning. I explained that I just needed some rest and a restock of my food in the morning and I would be on my way. She said that would be fine... But security gets nervous when anyone stays beyond 10 a.m. I left around 9 a. m. and was really amazed that I could have stayed at any Walmart in the area. Stayed one night at Gamble Rogers in Flagler Beach (one of my favorite parks) but the place is booked solid and the only hope of staying there is to catch a cancellation as I did. I could not get another night so I had to leave Ziggy behind as she did not want to leave.I went back and picked her up two days later. She did not want to leave and gave me the cold shoulder. I stayed three nights at a campground(110 dollars) beside the Saint Johns River on route 40 and tonight We are staying at the Lake Dorr campground in the Ocala National Forest for at least three nights at 12 bucks per night. I will be buying the America the Beautiful pass tomorrow as it would only be 2 dollars per night. (hint when in Florida do not leave the screen door or anything open at anytime. What an interesting collection of flying bugs I am killing tonight.) PERFORMANCE AND FUEL MILEAGE? Before leaving Rockland I always run the Toyhome over the scales at the dump. This years weigh in was 5600 pounds with me the cat and a 200 pound motorcycle. in previous years it weighed 6200 (12 to 15 mpg) then 7800 the next year (10 to 12 mpg). This trip at 1700 miles into it I have ranged from 9 mpg to 15mpg and currently averaging 13 on the Flat roads of Florida. The 9mpg was the one tank of gas that I ran through the carolinas with the overdrive off and the cruise control set at 70mph. I stuck with it for a full tank of fuel. The cruise stayed very nicely at 70 but I could actually observe the fuel gauge move in a distressing way. The next tank of fuel with the cruise set to around 62 it got 15 mpg (I was so disappointed with the 9mpg that I just set it and did not hit the throttle at all and we were now in two lane highway so I just stayed in the right hand lane)... I knew it could do better. Time for bed more to come. If your not happy now. You are missing one hell of an opportunity.
  14. "What battery should I choose? Any suggestions? It needs to fit into the current battery location, which is a standard size battery under the hood. " The Starting battery "under the hood" is really sized to just run the truck. Not enough amp hours to run any rv furnace for long and you may find yourself stranded with a dead battery. Every Toyhome I have seen has a house battery or two. When you plug the shore-cord in the charger tops off the house battery. If you do not have a house battery then adding an rv battery or two six volts for the house will provide extra power. It will still be questionable if you can get enough amp hours to run the ;furnace for any period of time without either shore power or a generator. Maybe your real question is how to heat a ToyHome? Even better how to survive heating a ToyHome? A good circuit tester should be on the shopping list. (this is a decent one) https://www.amazon.com/Gardner-Bender-GFI-3501-Receptacle-Extension/dp/B00170KUPC/ref=asc_df_B00170KUPC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309819400004&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=397671077230100967&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9002847&hvtargid=pla-437068953998&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=60510211606&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=309819400004&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=397671077230100967&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9002847&hvtargid=pla-437068953998 After plugging in the shore cord look at the tester to see if things are wire right. On any RV I always touch them with the back of my hand before proceeding further. If you feel a tingle that is stray current that needs to be addressed before going further. Congratulations on your purchase, You are going to have to look it over with a fine tooth comb, then have many years of adventure to come. Hope to meet you on the road in the future.
  15. Moving on.... The owner marina also owns other properties that are available to myself (local quick lube) that can be used to look over on our rigs on off hours. So.. Lets get together and have some fun this summer.
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