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    Traveling. Well paying work that pays for the traveling.

    Small motorcycles that fit inside the Toyhome and riding them.

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    1988 Toyota Itasca rebuilt in 2012 rewired 2014

    1991 Toyota Warrior currently undergoing full restoration. Had a pine tree fall upon it.
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    Located in Midcoast Maine
    Located in Downeast Maine
    Located in Central Florida
    Located In Rhode Island

    First time buyers looking for advice

    If your spending 5k the rig should be in the higher functional range and everything should work and be road worthy. Things that should work: Fridge 3way Furnace Water pumpTh Stove/Oven Propane Tank (how does it look? Rusty able to be filled?} Tires? (how old are they?} should be fairly new. A new set of tires could be a thousand bucks. Batteries? ( how old?) Check to see if everything functions but if something does not function it is not the end of the world. If the three way fridge does not function properly 5k might not be the price point. These rigs always leak around the front windows and water collects in the overhead sleeping area and rots the wood framing and plywood in the cab over sleeping area. This rots out the flimsy materials used. So look for water damage every where . How does it Smell? (mouse,rot,,mold)? If you really want a fun way to move around on this planet. Then get a Toyhome... It is a motorhome that can park most anywhere and handles like aT sports-car... Take it for a long drive. If your not having fun in the first few miles this rig may not be for you.