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  1. Google is not helping. With my old truck the 12v batt is conected to the 12v transformer and the load. So if i plug to shore power the batt charger will try to charge the load out. On the controller. Is this ok? The easy way is go straight to battery with the solar. but ill miss all the advantages of the controller. No auto dim or low batt cut off. How have you guys delt with this? Relay is one option. Or simple off switch if we remember. 2 100w panel. Free and in bad condition. Flexible and sat on boat for years. 100/20 victron controller. 1 12v batt. If you have a simple way to explane 2 6v bats or a 24v system. Would love to hear about it.
  2. The crack around the release valve section. At the bend. I was thinking fiberglass but that wont hold long. Out side of flex seal is there a magic ointment to fix it? Its the mark 8 mini cruiser. Only one tank. Question 2. Easy one.what size screws for haning curtains? 3. When i switched to led bulbs. Its to much light. Anyone found a surfice mount dimmable led fixture?
  3. Deep socket added to list. And 8 feet of vacuum tube. Leak on distributor vacuum advance. Could also cause the same symptoms. According to google.
  4. Just going to buy a bunch of filters. And keep changing them. Magnet on the tank makes me feel better. Might help. Not ready to go home yet. 120 miles no blockage. Wont idle any more but thats carb. New max speed is not much better. 55 60 if i push it. No hesitation. Just no power. Is this the truck? Or is the carb way out. Around 8mpg. Mostly from one bridge. I could watch the needle go down. That was pushing 3rd gear. Cruising 45 uses little gas. . ill never get up to the blueridge or Colorado with this power.
  5. Looks like the new pump was able to get a clug of debris out of the line that the old one could not. Looks like rust. No luck with mechanic so im sure it will happen again. Hopefully i can find a hand pump or somthing to manually free up the line. Do they make a plastic tank for this 1980 20r? Thanks for all the help. Back on the road again. For now.
  6. Fuel pump in hand. A local napa had one. In an old dusty box. English and Japanese stamped on it. That took 24 hours to get it 20 miles to the napa i could get to. And found a mechanic that was excited to see a 20r. " try back this time tomorrow, mabey i can take a look" ill do pump in the am. But dont think dumping my tank in the Everglades is the best idea. Thanks for the video link. Or look for us on the news when we block 100 miles of 1 lane road leaving the keys at 45 mph.
  7. Checked the post after looking for a pump. This is not a datsun. Thanks. Was going to keep looking for the pump. Hopfully somthing is open tomorrow. Flush tank. Think im running rich. But to cause this would be smelly rich.
  8. 1. Its a new cap. Does not mean its build for an old truck 2. Yes . from a very busy station. 3. Should i hear it prime when i turn the key? Last truck , datsun 720. That was the first sound i looked for when turning the key to on. 4. This was my thought. Also the one thing i didnt want to deal with. Luckily there is an old vw bus in the campground. They always have any tool i need. Thanks
  9. First trip. Did ok in 30 miles of stop and go. Hit 55 for 10 min and started sputtering and coughing some backfire. Pulled over shut down a few min and good for another few miles. 3 miles at a time for 100 miles. Long day. Any ideas? No over heating. Fuel filter looks ok. Not great. Its new. Thanks. At least we got stuck at a nice camp. Bahia honda in the keys. Thanks. Happy hollidays
  10. Trucks about 35% ready for a trip. Good enough for us. Hoping we can find an amazing mechanic that knows the truck to look at it. My guy is good.when he shows up. 25 yo and i dont think he can drive stick. Luckly his uncle knows what a carb is. I read a post from a 4x4 college kid in this site about a guy that put his hands on the engine and said good. Looking for that person. The one that knows better then factory. The one that says" throw this ball of lint in". And it works. Im looking for a 20r god. A michanic that knows this truck unlike any other. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. out side of the battery. Something was here. Missing 2 things from driver side as well. 2nd ? Running a 6 wire altinator. Not a 5 wire as called for. Whats the difference and can i make this new 6 wire work for me? The fun of other people's projects. Thanks
  12. Thanks Derek up north. I have been trying to find those. Looks like i have a mark 8.
  13. Before a long description of our mess. Hi. We are Kristina and alex, from Miami Beach. After years of motorcycle tent travels. We decided on somthing more complicated and expensive. With walls. The wife is afraid of bears, wolves and rednecks. After looking for a automatc Mirage with cab a.c. and 4wheel drive. We ended up with a 1980 r20 RBR mini cruiser. 4speed. No a.c.. 17k miles or 117k miles. Thats about all i know. Not alot of info out there on them. Its in usable condition. Cab is 70% bondo and aluminum sheets. A fair bit of "fixed"water damage. Still leeking in the cab over. Fairly sure it has the bad axle. Converted to full time shore power. Stove and fridge replaced with 120v mini fridge. No furnace or hot water tank. If it had one. Window ac in rear window spot. Front window replaced with more aluminum. 2016 tires. (3 hold air)but dont know the class. Guessing the cheapest ones. In craigslist terms its "like new" What weve done. Got the breaks to work. Replaced all steering bits. Took out thermostat. It was running hot on highways. Got the 12v system half functional. Its not charging yet. Some one had grounded it to the gas tank. Under the hood on the driver side im missing somthing square. Guessing the battery isolater. And somthing round next to that. Today is new altinator day. Its puting out 11.7 to 12v . Then i will play with the charging. What id like to know. Do i have an aluminum frame or wood. How can i check the condition of the roof with out falling threw. Can i reinforce the roof. Whats behind my walls. If i start pealing them back. What is the outer shell made of? Where can i find a wireing diagram or any more information on rbr. There seems to be some debate on the axle on the small rvs. But id like to stick a motorcycle on the back. Will the axle from the old toyota box trucks fit? Thank.
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