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  1. Notlostjustwandering

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    hey everyone! i was looking into re-painting the exterior of my 87 dolphin, and the professional quote was.... prohibitive. Has anyone done the work of scuffing off the old paint, priming and repainting a Dolphin successfully, cheaply and not taking an exorbitant amount of time? I don't HAVE to do it, but I would like to...
  2. Notlostjustwandering

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    YES, that is my plan She is an old beastie, and i don't know how many years i will get out of her, but the plan is to get out and have adventures( sans carpet)! Thanks for the good luck wishes- I will post the floor once i get all the nastiness up, and if i really get a chance to fancy her up, i will share that too.
  3. Notlostjustwandering

    My New Refrigerator. No More Propane

    This is great! I would rather run off electric - i am not skilled enough or prepared enough to start converting my LP systems into electric (YET), but I am excited to get more ideas!
  4. Notlostjustwandering

    What about when there are two rear axles?

    I might be interested!
  5. Notlostjustwandering

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    https://www.coachspecialists.com/best-rv-floor-coverings-choice-tips-dallas-rv-repair-shop/ https://www.icorkfloor.com/water-resistant-flooring-cork-flooring/ I definitely won't paint the floor, and i am assuming that it will probably be uneven. vinyl might not be feasible if the floor is really uneven..
  6. Notlostjustwandering

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    THANK you! I have been researching options, and was leaning towards vinyl, but was concerned about possible moisture- have you looked at cork? Someone else used it, and it seems good on first and second review, but I don't personally know anyone who has time-tested it. I am CHOMPING at the bit to get this remodel started, and trying not to get overwhelmed by: 1. my complete lack of experience 2. ALL THE THINGS THAT NEED DOING I will most likely just start by ripping out ALL the carpet (and alll the staples) and go from there. Once I begin, I will be galvanized (assuming i don't find a black hole in the floor once I start ;p)
  7. Notlostjustwandering

    84 Dolphin Restoration

    this is inspiring! I REALLY want to do some work on my 87, but have not had the combination of time/energy/funds just yet. my biggest need/want is to get RID of the carpet- kiddo and i are both allergic to dust, and it makes it hard to sleep in the camper. I am curious- has anyone ripped out the carpet and actually camped like that, before installing wood or laminate or whatever floors?