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  1. Thank you! I have a _lot_ of questions right now but have also answered many by reading the owners manual, studying the brochure and googling stuff. One that I have yet to answer is the roof construction? Any one know what they are made of on this year / model? Any thoughts on required maintenance?
  2. I've been lurking for a few weeks now, soaking up the knowledge here (thanks!) while I've been looking for an RV. I really wanted a Toyota based model but could not find anything I wanted around here (Austin TX). Let's just say I looked at a few rather over priced, very neglected campers. I was getting pretty disheartened but decided to search further a field. After some searching and calling around I put a deposit on a 1993 Itasca today! We fly out to pick it up from Minnesota next week. Should be a fun trip with my fiancee provided the weather is not too nasty. I'm super excited about the RV and the road trip home. The camper looks to be in nice shape and has had recent maintenance so I'm hoping for no problems along the way - but have an extra day or two in the plan... just in case!
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