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  1. AC works well. It's just the generator in question at the moment. I'm still undecided.
  2. My Toy has the 7100btu Coleman 6727 AC. Draws 1400w max, 1180w in typical conditions. Cooling is a concern but if I remove the outside plastic cladding on the inverter (which would have to happen to get it to fit the compartment) I think it may be ok? All is up for consideration at the moment. I did make progress getting the Kohler to run better. The surging has pretty much gone by tweaking the carb a bit. I think it was a touch lean. It now runs at oo high RPM, I think that may be the governor. I still have the exhaust issue to consider.
  3. Interesting, mine has a separate system. They are still available for $2000! Not a good investment in my mind. I'm pretty much certain that I'll go the inverter route but not sure if I'll mount it in the camper permanently or use the gen cabinet to store it when not in use.
  4. I agree there is a problem with the exhaust. I am planning on extending the exhaust so that it exits at the same location as the stock generator. I'm still undecided about just storing it in the compartment or modifying it to fit. That would entail removing the casing, fuel tank etc and adapting the mounting points to the current gen mounts. And moving the controls so they are accessible in the new location... might be a fun project though!
  5. Thanks Bob that's the direction I'm leaning. I've found a 2000w (surge) / 1600w (running) Honda copy generator at a local pawn shop for $200. I think I'll get it tomorrow and see if I can adapt it to fit in the space. I'll give up the internal controls and electric start and also the ability to ruin both AC and microwave but I'm not sure those are concerns. In return much quieter and less gas. Good trade off I think.
  6. No opinions on this? Has anyone replaced the stock gen with an inverter generator? TIA Neil
  7. My 1993 Itasca Spirit came with the Kohler 2500 gen powered by a Tecumseh TVM140 motor. It runs and generates power. I can run the AC on it which is a primary requirement here in TX! However it has a couple of issues: - it does not hold rpm. It hunts for want of a better term. Same under load or unloaded. I can see the control arm on the carb moving around (I think that is called the governor?) - the muffler is rusted to pieces so it's too loud to use in a park or with anyone camped nearby. And it must leak exhaust under the camper which cannot be good! So it's not very usable right now. I'm guessing (but would love to hear from those with experience) that the first issue may be cured with a carb rebuild, I can do that easily enough. The second issue maybe a visit to a local muffler shop. But I'm thinking that these would total $200 or so. Doable but I'm thinking about other options... I could replace the gen with a 2000w inverter. It should power the AC no problems. The AC spec states 1400w in "desert" conditions, the gen 1600w running. I could remover the old gen and use the space to store the new generator, taking it out of that space to use it outside the camper. Or I could take some time to strip the gen out of the plastic case and mount it into the space so it remains in place while being used. This might be a bit of a project as the exhaust would have to be routed correctly but I think the better option. Plumbing the gas line would be interesting as it may need a small fuel pump if I cannot reuse the one on the Kohler. I've seen a Honda clone at a local pawn shop for $200. It runs but likely needs a carb clean as it also hunts a bit. Might just need clean gas. I do like the idea of an inverter as it would use a lot less gas - less than half the Kohler, and a lot quieter too. Thoughts? Any been there done that?
  8. Thank you! I have a _lot_ of questions right now but have also answered many by reading the owners manual, studying the brochure and googling stuff. One that I have yet to answer is the roof construction? Any one know what they are made of on this year / model? Any thoughts on required maintenance?
  9. I've been lurking for a few weeks now, soaking up the knowledge here (thanks!) while I've been looking for an RV. I really wanted a Toyota based model but could not find anything I wanted around here (Austin TX). Let's just say I looked at a few rather over priced, very neglected campers. I was getting pretty disheartened but decided to search further a field. After some searching and calling around I put a deposit on a 1993 Itasca today! We fly out to pick it up from Minnesota next week. Should be a fun trip with my fiancee provided the weather is not too nasty. I'm super excited about the RV and the road trip home. The camper looks to be in nice shape and has had recent maintenance so I'm hoping for no problems along the way - but have an extra day or two in the plan... just in case!
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