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  1. I have released the pressure in the tank. There's water coming from the valve, although I have only let about a cup or so out not gallons? Would that help? I'm interested in the check valve that you mention as I have not seen this - it is located in the top of tank? Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand this - could you elaborate please?
  3. Exactly. I didn't want to pay a premium for the latest tech. And this one does all that I need, and for a decent price. I'm pleased with it so far. I have not used it at night, but day time performance is good, a huge improvement on not having a rear view that works!
  4. I recently installed the one linked below. I've been pleased with the performance so far. It's not the fanciest but does the job well enough. It has more capabilities but I primarily use it as a rear view. I do let it it record the front and rear cams when travelling in case of a wreck. Installation was fairly straight forward. The main hassle was running the wire from front to back. I hooked into the rear marker lights for power and mounted the rear cam on the central red marker light by drilling some small holes for the bolts through the red lens. Wiring into the rear light proved unnecessary as the camera is always on - I thought it would act more like other rear cams I have installed and only come on with power at the rear connection. This model seems to draw power for the rear cam from the front wiring. Still works well the way I did it. Let me know if you have any questions! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MHK6JRJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. So I managed to mcgyver a solution to the low point drains. That's the good news. Unfortunately I managed to create a leak on the shower supply lines while doing that. So no camping this weekend. I'm pondering how to repair that problem. I'm guessing that you have to pull the shower controls to access the top of the plumbing lines, reinstall with new lines that you have pre-mounted at the top end. And then reattach the lines underneath the stove at the low point drains. As poly line is no longer sold I'm guessing I need to convert those lines to PEX? Part of me says I should just replace all the plumbing with PEX but that would be a lot of work. And I seem to create as many leaks as I solve when I do plumbing work!
  6. Google found me a couple of thread here with some ideas: So maybe I can save the weekend with a trip to the plumbing supply in the morning...
  7. I need some quick ideas as I have a camping trip planned this weekend. I've (finally) found my leak - the low point drain valves that are under the stove by the water heater on my model. I cannot seem to find a suitable replacement at Home Depot or Lowes online but may go to the stores for ideas. Does anyone know what to look for - especially the size of the threads? 1/2" NPT is my guess but it's just that. I suppose worst case I can just bypass them. I'll go get a photo and post it in a few minutes. TIA
  8. Sounds like that was the issue. Most alternators will put out about 14.4v but I haven't checked my camper.
  9. Have you checked the belt is tight enough and in decent condition? A slipping belt would give the symptoms you noted. Otherwise as stated likely a diode in the regulator, one of the windings or the brushes are failing.
  10. I've looked at the schematics. The valves that I found by the fresh water tank are labelled as drains. Ok, I guess I'll use those in future! But there are two pull ring valves under the stove right by the water heater - I used these to drain the system recently so they certainly work too! These do not seem to be on the schematic from what I can see: Shower / stove area: this area: they are labelled "header" But still no heater bypass to explain the cold water being hot...
  11. There is no sign of a heater bypass, I just took a good look. I did find two additional pull ring type valves next to the fresh water tank. I am guessing that they are additional drains - the other two are right by the water heater near the shower. I thought I had all the docs from Winnebago but I don't have the plumbing schematic. I'll go look that - thanks for the tip! The pluming in my camper must be haunted, between the untraceable leaks and the mysteriously hot water!
  12. I have not seen one - that would be a pipe between the inlet and the outlet to the water heater, correct?
  13. Both the taps at both sinks run hot water. The cold water is less warm but still pretty hot. Any thoughts why this is? Thanks!
  14. The one I have is brass. In fact I think I have another one that I found in the camper after I bought it. I'll try that one out and see what happens.
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