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  1. I am still searching. Mostly been trying to not go toyota. As to keep a more robust search for parts in the future if anything breaks. But also been traveling alot for work so had to put the search on hold. Trying to research the 14 bolt as alot of the junk yards round me are not the most helpful.
  2. Linda you are a real saint. Anything helps right now. hahah finding an axle is a real hang up.
  3. Hey Greg, Any word on how this has been going? I started looking into finding the correct geared Dana 60 full float. The junk yards around VA are giving me the run around not super helpful. Just wondered your luck
  4. Definitely interested in info as that sounds really interesting and definitely looking for something different. Also always like closer to drop in swap. Plus still struggling to find that right axle to swap out! Also freds conversion was solid info also
  5. Hey All, I am still having trouble locating the correct fit. Is there other dually options (find one from a dodge/ford) I realize that probably would make it a 8 lug. Still trying to figure out what other problems I will run into. Or what other options others have done when still trying to find the dually. I have read you can go to a single wheel but I feel like that would cause this top heavy guy to be a bit unstable. Thoughts?
  6. Understood. Just wanted to make sure if I got a 6 lug full float 1 ton from and toyota truck from 86 - 92 I could swap out (with some modifcation of course.) As Im calling these yards
  7. Hey Linda, In a previous post I had seen people talking about axel ratios to make sure it lines up correctly for the body. Are there problems I would run into or specific questions I should ask the salvage yard. I tried to find the info from my truck but sadly it looks like someone painted over the plate in the engine housing.
  8. Hello All, I have been doing a dive into reading all about an axle swap and learn without asking the question again. Sadly I'm just not as quick on the draw as I'd like to be. Truck is 1978 and appears to have the 5 Lug dually (foolie) As the truck is so old what i have gathered is their may be some additionally fabrications rather than just finding a used axle from something older. I understand it to be switching to a 6 lug 1 ton floating axle to handle the weight. There are a few shops around willing to help, I am just searching in and around a days drive to see if I can locate the right donor part/vehicle . Also if to expand my search if something off of a Landcruiser or equaling would work for this and the problems ill need to bring up for my shop? Sorry to ask the same old questions, I know this is the route I need to go to be safe so I want to know the path of least resistance. I understand it will take time/money but the specific info would be wildly helpful. Thanks for listening.
  9. Guys I really appreciate the passion and trying to help make this easy. I think the bigger problem then I am trying to rectify and learn as this is my first foray into larger vehicle repairs. The Lights that the old owner installed are these https://www.amazon.com/PerfecTech-White-Amber-Integrated-Lights-Running/dp/B019XL2YIM. They aren't just screw in LED. If I am to return to incandescent ill need to remove, Track down taillights that fit this rig and rewire them in. The front headlights/flashers are still incandescent. Any idea if working in the electric relay will cause other issues with the front Lights?
  10. GMG, thanks so much this is super helpful!
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. I recently purchased this from a guy who was rehabing it to live in, but ended up having a child and so money priorities shifted! He had been working on it so there is still a bit of mystery around the changes. The car was starting perfectly fine not even a lag in turn over. Got cut off and stalled out and the car wont start consistently. The mechanic had the same problem and could get it to randomly turn on. So I'm not sure if the clutch isn't engaging or if its electrical. I guess a truck this old probably doesn't have the switch. Fred to your point there were LED break/reverse/turn signal lights installed The front are still standard. The flashers work but cant seem to get the turn signals to trigger. Would you have another suggestion as to how to fix that or would I need to look into replacing to regular lights instead of LED. https://www.amazon.com/PerfecTech-White-Amber-Integrated-Lights-Running/dp/B019XL2YIM
  12. Hey All, I recently bought a 1978 Toyota Sunrader as it has been a dream for a bit. Interior is great redone on most of it. Water runs great, converted a bunch over to Solar for lights and other smaller items. However recently I have run into trouble with my Clutch pedal Switch and trying to source the correct one to buy! Any chance someone knows I can find alot of info on it for 82-90 but not so much on the years prior. Also the previous owner purchased LED lights for the break lights and turn signals that dont seem to respond to the turn signal lights. Work with hazards though. Trying to figure out how to change the relay? Anyone got thoughts or advice.
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