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  1. Thanks for the info. on rubber roofs, as you all said, good maintenance is needed no matter what. The Oddessy I saw in Maine was great, but luckily I saw it in a driving rain storm, and the back cushions in the rear dinette were so wet that my shirt got soaked when I leaned back. But the engine and all the other mechanical stuff was spotless. I was just afraid to take on this kind of project. I think it sold for $12,000... On the printed material, thanks Derek, I'll just keep digging through internet sites and going through posts on this site in particular. Be safe-,
  2. The issue I've seen on the few I've looked at was that with not great care they weather then leak, more than the aluminum or fiberglass roofs I've looked at. It's too bad because the rear dinette models have that great back window....
  3. Thanks Derek, that's too bad, based on the interest in these you can argue that Toyota rvs can be called legendary, certainly collectable, and it seems that a lot of vehicles less in demand have their own buyers guides, and books written about them. If members of this site sent in some basic information about their Toyotas, dimensions, production figures, quirks of the model, that thread would be very valuable for people looking to buy, and just a hoot to read for the other members (almost bought an Odyssey Americana until I looked at the rubber roof, had I known it had one I could have saved a trip to Maine)...
  4. This site has so much information that I may have missed it, are there any published guides giving general information for the various coach builders, or for specific builders, with some history, model features, specs., buying information and tips for maintaining/ fixing specific models? If my search for a short Sunrader fails, I'll be back to square 1, and this info. would give me a place to start a new search. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Derek, all of the members of this site seem helpful and informed, but you and Linda seem to know everything worth knowing. The fact that the difference in length is in the kitchen and the dinette and bathroom are the same is great news, and makes me think that the 18 foot model is what I should be looking for (a lot like saying that I've decided that the smaller unicorn is the one to find). We just got back from Nevada, where I actually saw a 21 foot Sunrader and a 21 foot odessy americana parked together on the street, both with california plates. That was a dream, even though they weren't for sale, now we are back home in upstate New York, so great 18 footers will now show up out west. Thanks again, Nick.
  6. A "larger" Sunrader just came up on this site, the person is asking for advice on what it should sell for she is in the San Francisco area(?). As Linda said, the small one is definately small, but to be sure you know what's what maaybe someone can share with you the dimensions for the small and larger Sunrader, and measurements, for the dining area in the Rear dinette, the bathroom dimensions, sleeping areas, if both the smaller and larger ones are the same width, this should help you get clear on what to look for, having said this, I'm sorry, but I don't have these dimensions, but maybe other folks on the site can help with this. Good hunting-
  7. That sounds like great advice, there actually was a sunrader for sale in Las Vegas a few months ago, missed it, will just have to keep looking...
  8. Hello Linda, thanks, sorry if I seem gunshy about the water damage, I've seen so few Sunraders for sale where I come from (Upstate NY) that I want to be as prepared as I can be when one comes up. The one Toyota I looked at last year seemed great, no stains, but luckily I saw it in a downpour and the seat cushions in the back dining area were soaked, I'd guess from the window gaskets, surprisingly there were no stains though. As you said, once all this clears up I'll start looking. Also your saying that small areas of water damage can be dealt is comforting. Derek-thanks for the additional places to look, they all seem logical once someone mentions them, I'm just hoping that any water damage will leave tell tale signs, but I'll try to get an RV place check the roof out if I see one that checks off the other boxes . Stay safe-
  9. Hi Linda. So if the walls don't show any staining, if we still either smell something a little funky or see any roof sagging or nasty looking seams around AC or vents, should we plan on checking the interior of the roof? Can we see enough if we remove the interior cieling panels? The idea of having degraded, moldy roof panels is not the way we want to start out our great Sunrader adventure. Thanks-
  10. How can I locate the beams to be sure they are there? Are they enough to handle the roof air conditioner? Thanks-
  11. Thanks, didn't even know about the Indiana plant, when did the added supports start being added? Thanks-
  12. Thanks, They look so much better than the non-wrap around ones, and I bet you can see so much more with the wrap around ones. Also don't these come on the newer years, so with wrap around ones you get all the other updates as well?
  13. We are looking for a Sunrader (been for awhile), and was wondering what years have the wrap around windows in the section over the cab, and if these windows weaken the over cab area more than the smaller windows which don't wrap around? Thanks!
  14. Hello Derek, thank you- do you have any thoughts on the Nova Star quality compared with a Sunrader or Oddessy? Thanks again!
  15. Thanks Cody, your RV looks great, the nova star construction information derek sent me looks impressive, but the Sunrader does look a bit cooler, but I think I would be really happy with either one if the quality was similar. Hope you have a great time with yours...
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