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  1. This is useful and sensible advice. What jack do you recommend, and are different jacks used with different makes? Still looking for the rv, may as well know if I can expect that it should come with it's own, specific jack. Thanks.
  2. Linda-we have been watching the fires on the news don't you live in Northern California, and aren't there fires there?  Maybe time to take the Sunrader for a trip, stay safe-

    1. linda s

      linda s

      I live right on the coast. no fires here and it's the safest place to be right now. 

    2. rvplease


      That's good, and if you keep an eye out you can get down the coast road  and away from it, assuming it isn't all up and down the state.  My wife's family lives in Las Vegas and their sky shows the smoke and they said even some light at night.  Stay safe-

    3. linda s

      linda s

      To just talk you need to click on messages, the envelope top right,  not my profile. This is public and permanent so not the place. When I say I live on the coast it means there will be no fires here. Coastal fog keeps everything slightly damp even in dry times 

  3. Hello Linda, Hi Maineah, thanks for the clarification, and if your visitor lives anywhere near New York we would be tickled pink (does anyone say that anymore?) to get a look inside their Nova Star, or even just ask her a few questions about it, if you don't mind asking for us. Either way,thanks!
  4. So because of the scarcity (also crazy prices these days) of Sunraders and comments from people on this list whose opinions I trust we have been thinking about finding a Nova Star. But I checked the specs. which Derek posted (thanks!) they show that the Nova Star is actually shorter than the small Sunrader? Can anyone verify for me the Nova Star length? Also the Specs. say that the Nova Star interior has 6ft 2inch headroom but the outside height is less than the Sunrader. Maybe the Nova Star was actually made in a factory in the Twilight Zone-
  5. You brought up your daughter to be an honorable person, darn it...
  6. That is great information, thanks! I actually even have an active membership...
  7. Thanks for the info., I hate to admit it, but we really like the blind spot warning light on the mirror of our Honda, it would be great to have this on the rv, as well as a back looking camera. Any specific companies you know about? We are still looking for a Toyota, rear dinette Sunrader or Nova Star, if you ever think of selling your Nova Star please let us know, we would give it a good home (we are in upstate New York). Take care-
  8. Thanks, no sense just looking for the nearly impossible to find rear dinette sunrader that's not a small kings ransom, may as well look for an even rarer Nova Star which was only made for a few years. Maybe time for a reality check, since my main interests are 6 bolt front wheels. rear dinette and a not leaky roof...
  9. Hi-I hope this topic is still alive, what do folkd know about the new tech. for blind spot and rear monitoring/backup cameras? I'm hoping to find a good wireless system, but if not just something that will help me avoid sideswiping anyone etc. would be really helpful. (I just heard about a license plate holder parking camera -fensens(?), wireless and solar powered). Thanks!
  10. Thanks, googling an example of the title is perfect, insurance emailed so it's on the phone also a very good idea. Just need to find the one for us, so we can start the paperwork...
  11. So let's say you are lucky enough to find your dream Toyota (like a Nova Star owned by Jerry Lee Lewis), how do you make sure it really belongs to the seller? And how do you get it home, with it registered to another person in another state, without getting in a lot of trouble? How do you make sure you get the right paperwork from the seller? After all of the ups and downs of finding the rig, it would be a shame to have the paperwork ruin things. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. April, this is too bad, it could be a simple issue, but still very frustrating. Send me pictures, I was looking for a later model but yours is way closer than most (we are in New York), but I am hoping that you will work through this. Take care-
  13. Thanks, this is really helpful, and if anyone is near upstate NY who has a later years rear dinette toyota they are thinking of passing along at some point, please let me know...
  14. We are finally ready to be serious about getting a rear dinette toyota, and we would love to find a later model, automatic with 6 lug front wheels. To be really choosy we are looking for a Sunrader, second choice would be an oddessy americana or a Nova star . The thing is we have only seen the inside of an americana, and I can't justify buying any rv without at least seeing the inside layout. Who knows when another get together will happen, so is there anyone in New York State/the northeast with a sunrader or nova star who might let us get a look inside their rig? We will certainly be happy
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