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  1. frontboat

    overdrive transmission

    I added water to my radiaotor as it was low and the manual said the sensor or a sensor had to reach certain temp as in hotter for the OD to kick in and so it worked from Tuscon oer to Phoenix and all way to San Diego and back to Phoenix, well not up hill but downhill and on flat road with tailwind. 60-65 had to add transmission fluid in Palm Spring on new years day there was a small leak and I guess it just got low. All good now.
  2. frontboat

    overdrive transmission

    My 87 r22e mh automatic tranny was working great with overdrive on down side of hills and with good tailwind but it just stopped going though Texas. lil rig got me to arizona in 3rd no problem. just wondering what my options are? like will tranny eventuaqlly die or can i run it without OD? should i take it to transmission guy om Phoenix- any recommendations? thx
  3. frontboat

    Pilgrimage of Amos

    Follow Amos on his trek for trandsendentalism.
  4. frontboat

    Slumber Queen

  5. frontboat

    Roof Questions for a 1987 Escaper

    I used Gluvit on the seams as it worked on my aluminum boat. My 87 Slumber queen roof looked good but i noticed couple leaks. Hopefully this cured it.