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  1. Hmm what sold me was people using them at Burning Man. The Toy Campers have "coolness' burnt into them. People, some ,wave and smile when I lumber by. 22re has heart of a lion. Tough little rig. Most fun vehicle I ever owned, almost as good as my 33HP Kubota tractor. well better as it has a fridge that keeps my beer cold. Keep on trucking man.
  2. I looked into tankless as I have one in my cottage and am very happy but I decided after reading lots of reviews and trying to figure out where to put it and how to vent it that I went back to replace the heater I had with the same one. I got an Atwood from a place in Texas and it popped right in the same space as the old one so that was pretty sweet deal. It may not be as efficient at tankless but it went in nice like a component should do. AS for my cottage use of tankless it is pretty good but water pressure can effect it. I use a Marley and it cost 250 or so. been using it 3 years without trouble , good luck, maybe I shouldha tried it but happy enough with old school atwood it was 380 us $ oh and I dont really vent it in the cottage just point the pipe into the utility room but dont tell me wife or shed kill me.
  3. supposedly the ASME are good forever but depends who you try to fill from. Love's wouldn't fill mine. Sand it down and put a coat of paint on it and see if TSC or someone will fill and hope there no leaks or get it tested if you are worried. where are located?
  4. Where can you get this kinda work done? Like at what type of shop? I am Canada so wondering the name of good shop, garage etc in Ottawa Ontario or Gatineau PQ
  5. any chance there is wiring diagram for the Slumber Queen body as I am also thinking the AC needs a lift up?
  6. Maybe. what is the layout of parking. pics. any happy hours bars nearby?
  7. frontboat


    Fixed roof solar panel for me. I hooked two old panels I had kicking around to 3 batteries I got from a buddy which were used to back up oil pipeline monitoring station they replace them every 4 years but they are like new. Had lots power all winter long in AZ running furnace etc. Get cheap controller on Amazon and you are all set. Portable ones seem like a chore. Go cheap and don't listen to people on the internet. they are fools!
  8. check your battery terminal posts, clean or just tighten them. has happened to me before, good luck.
  9. My 87 22re rig automatic trany made it up to Flagstaff AZ which is 7000 ft above sea level then each morning for 4 days we took it up to Snowbowl, 9500 ft above sea level. The last couple miles were switchback and we often went down to 2 then 1st gear and had a line of pissed off snowboarders behind us in fancy SUV but we made it fine. It ain't fast but it made it up and back. not something i would do every day so I think your east coast stuff isn't nearly as high. Good luck.
  10. Hmm that is helpful as my backup lights don't work I just found out. I don't usually back up at all if I can help but the other night I had too and I was told no back up lights. I will use this to see what the hell is going back there. thx
  11. YEAH THX I shouldve looked before I asked. I will check out tomorrow as they are closed today. Sure hope it works. I had no mice problems in Arizona all winter but I did keep lights on at night under the rig to deter pack rats?not sure it is an issue but I saw lotsa folks doing it so rather than find out the hard way I just copied the big dogs.
  12. cannot buy it in Canada of course. what is canadian brand? thx
  13. The problems with upgrading. Pays to not upgrade in my mind. Just like our rigs.Keep the old stuff running as it is better than the new. Haha. Good luck
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