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  1. I understand that this thread is 6 years old at this point, but I'm about to tackle the same project in my New Horizon. I'm thinking of working this project in the same way Giant in a Shoebox did, but my question is, how has this held up over time? I will begin a new thread with my project as my New Horizon has a different layout, with bath/kitchen in the rear, thus different challenges to overcome.
  2. I was able to bypass the lockout and my overdrive kicked in! Works amazingly well with the 4.88 gears. I can now climb hills and also cruise down them at 60mph at 2500 rpm. This combo is a game changer.
  3. Thank you for the link WME but this thread doesn't specify which two terminals to jumper, other than the top two. I've taken my best interpretation of that and have jumpered the blue and black with yellow stripe. Crossing my fingers that this is correct. I'll report my findings to the group.
  4. Hello all! I've owned my 86 new horizon for 7 years and I've relied on this sight for soooo many things, so thanks to you all! I finally pulled the trigger and had a true 1 ton floating axle and had the pumpkin regeared to 4.88. Just climbed from Reno NV (4500 ft) to Mono county (7500 ft) and couldn't believe how the RV climbed the hills with the new gears. The problem, as I'm sure you've guessed, is my top speed. I am cruising at 55mph at 4000 rpms. Due to the elevation my overdrive doesn't work. I've searched other threads but have not seen a pic of the altitude lockout. Here is a picture of mine, which two wires do I connect? Do I remove the connector and jumper or leave it connected and jumper?
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