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  1. I'll have to look. I thought the same, that maybe there was like a rod or something, so I looked at holes up above on the coach itself but didn't see anything obvious.
  2. I'm working on restoring my 1978 Toyota Keystone Micro Mini. This bracket is mounted to the rear bumper. Can anyone tell me what goes there?
  3. It's like buying a house AND a car at the same time. You'll save a lot of money if you yourself identify what you need and take it one step at a time. My recommendation is to start with the "car" part. It will probably need at the very least: A battery, all fluids changed, tires (look for the code to see how old they are, in case they look good they may be old and dry-rotted), belts, brakes, coolant, spark plugs, wires, air filter, all that stuff. For that, treat it like a car and just have someone handy look into it and buy parts for a 1980 Toyota truck (there is no need to buy "special" RV parts at this point). I'd start with the car because once your RV is mobile, you can take it wherever it needs to go to get stuff fixed, it will make it easier if you can drive it safely. Once it drives, stops, runs, does not overheat, and works as a "proper" car, then tackle the "house" part. You should have some safety stuff at the ready, like a fire extinguisher (if you don't need it now, hopefully, you will want to have it with you anyway). Start by identifying everything that pertains to that: Refrigerator, furnace, stove, LP tank, water heater, fans, AC, water tanks, faucets, etc... Try to turn EVERYTHING on (but not at the same time), to see if it works or not. Smell around, especially for gas, rot, "electrical" smells, anything weird. Point your nose to where the smell may be coming from and take appropriate action. You'll likely need a deep-cycle battery to test some of this stuff out, be very careful working around electricity, AC or DC (but especially AC). Plug it in to an AC outlet at some point and see what happens, be careful as you do all this. Fill the water tanks, LP (very careful with this), and try running what works (faucets, toilet, etc...) and note any leaks. You'll need make a list of everything. My recommendation is that you use your smartphone's "notes" application (rather than paper) to make a note of everything and ADD pictures of stuff, and especially write down numbers of items that you see, they will help you find stuff on the internet by looking by part numbers. Then tackle one thing at a time, come to the forum, search for what you may need help (example: "toilet smell", or "coach battery", things like that), and if you don't find and answer, post specific stuff and people will help... a lot! That's my 2-cents worth of advice, but just for today, it's completely FREE!
  4. My '90 Dolphin suddenly smells. Like, bathroom smell, and not all the time, just sometimes, and seemingly, after I drive. It's random, does not happen all the time. I don't know if it's related but it started after I did two things within an hour of each other: 1) Going into a park I didn't see a speed bump and ran over it and everything inside my RV jumped, this leaves me thinking something might have come out of place. 2) While in the park (and before the smell started), I also fixed the clamp/bracket that holds the discharge drain pipe (this one being a weak link in the Dolphin's design, in my opinion, because the support area is flimsy, causes the 4 screws to come off and causes the discharge pipe area (where the drain valve is) to hang down and leak). So, I ran over a speed bump and possibly knocked something out of place or (maybe unrelated), I fixed a leaky drain pipe by securely attaching the drain pipe and then the smell started. I checked the vent hose coming from the grey water tank and it seems to be okay, nothing in the pipe seems to be out of place. The toilet bowl holds water, no problem. If I close the bathroom door, the smell seems to be confined to the bathroom (rear bath) area. And if I sniff around, it seems to be concentrated in the toilet, but again, the water in the bowl remains, causing me to think that there is not a problem with that seal. That brings me to what I think might be the issue, and that is a wax bowl ring issue. Problem is, I know house toilets use a wax ring but I don't know if RV toilets use it. What seals between the tank and the toilet? I want to remove the toilet to check, but I thought I'd ask first, to see if someone has encountered/fixed this issue before and maybe be prepared with the part so I can fix it in one shot. Thanks!
  5. Agreed. I've been driving my '90 Dolphin in cold weather (Idaho, Oregon, Washington) and all of a sudden the parking brake light would stay on for some time after I released the parking brake, and then seemingly at random it would go off. I thought it was just cold weather causing the switch to stick. I even checked the brake fluid level and it was in the "low" line, not a big concern. A few days later I stopped and got some brake fluid and topped it off to the the "full" line and the light no longer stays on, problem solved.
  6. The way I measure my mileage (and also save on gas) is by using the GasBuddy app on my phone. I use it religiously, and I log every fill-up on there, it keeps track of your MPG, and it gets more accurate the more fill-ups you log. But there are some things to keep in mind: - It is (in my experience) 100% accurate as far as the prices, BUT, some gas stations (ARCO's, notably) give you the lowest CASH price, but then when you use a credit or debit, the price is higher, and often higher than other stations CREDIT prices... doh! - While in AZ and CA, I had it set for "Regular", but as soon as I crossed into UT, and I went to the first gas station, I noticed that regular had become 85-octane, and now regular was "mid-grade" 87-octane, and in some parts (Idaho, I think), they had TWO midgrades, one at 87 and one at 89, so a total of 4 grades... doh! Keep this in mind if you set it to search "midgrade" gas prices. - Without fail, the best prices were always at Costco, so.. yeah. - You get points by contributing to the app, either entering prices that you see or confirming the prices. What are points good for? Who knows?
  7. Great experience, thanks for sharing! My experience is similar, with my '90 Dolphin V6. Drove this: San Francisco - Sequoia Nat'l Park - Las Vegas - Zion Nat'l Park - Denver - Casper, WY - Yellowstone Nat'l Park - Salt Lake City. Took about 3 weeks because of all the stops and camping. Drove on interstates, primarily and stayed around 60-65 MPH (didn't have a parade behind me but everyone passed me, speed limit in these states is 80 MPH!), but it was a very relaxed drive because I didn't care who was behind me. I could have pushed the RV faster but didn't want to. Averaged 16.5 MPG (and I have the log and receipts to prove it), even climbing the Rockies. It was EXTREMELY windy (headwind) in Idaho, lost a solar panel - I only realized it at the next stop, so I couldn't check to see where it fell off. No oil consumption at all. Only ran the cab AC while driving around town, but it was peerless! On the freeway I had "2-50 AC" (2 open windows, 50 MPH) but hardly needed to. Next trip will be: Salt Lake City - Boise - Portland - Seattle but with many stays in the national forests in between, 2 weeks.
  8. I just keep a high pressure bike pump like this one: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bell-Floornado-750-High-Pressure-Floor-Pump-With-Gauge/244813275 I got it from a Walmart for like $17 and I top off the pressure on the airbags every 2-3 weeks, it just takes a few pumps and the pressure gauge is very accurate. Having an onboard compressor really is unnecessary. You need the high pressure bike pump; I initially purchased a regular pressure pump and quickly blew it out topping off the air in my tires. The high pressure one with the thinner cylinder works much better, and as a bonus you can use it to top up pressure on your tires and bikes, and whatnot.
  9. I just installed these KYB's on my Dolphin and I'm happy with them. Doing an empirical study (installing the $300 Bilsteins and then installing the $150 KYB's and comparing them long-term) is just too expensive, so my vote is for the KYB.
  10. I'm thinking about removing the visible floor carpet in my '90 Dolphin, and just painting the floor or adding some stick-on tile. My question to you in doing what you did is: What did this do to the noise level whilst driving? I think the OP was worried about that as well, in relation to removing the carpet.
  11. I hate that I'm giving you this advice because I generally don't like to go to RV repair places; they are EXPENSIVE, but in this case... I had my 1990 Dolphin worked on, and my light fixture/grab handle looks exactly like yours and all I needed was the light lens (not the entire thing). It's just a cover that snaps on. The RV place got me one for $12, I don't know where they got it, and then wanted to charge .25 hours to "install it" (pop it in in one second). I'm sure you can just have them order it for you, so maybe that's an option..? Just call an RV place nearby?
  12. I also got those for my '90 Dolphin - they are a bit cheaper on eBay and the item is the same. I got them from these guys: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Air-Lift-57113-LoadLifter-5000-for-1986-1994-Toyota-Motorhome-Micro-Mini/141980652746?epid=210179477&hash=item210eb4d4ca:g:qI8AAOxyfDZSZ-XB
  13. I have a '90 Dolphin V6, 21' (I think), and I get 14-15 MPG on a windy, hilly day and close to 18 MPG on a good day but I also have a 1978 16' Keystone that I'm working on and so I am interested in your experience with your '79 Champion. So, here are a couple of questions, if you don't mind: 1) I want to keep mine as original as possible, but I am seriously considering adding a Weber. How much was it and did you install it yourself? Is yours a manual, and if so, is it a 4-speed or 5-speed? What is the slowest speed you did, and what gear, on the steepest hill? (asking because I'm out west and the Rocky Mountains and the high winds of Utah and Wyoming will be the test of fire for mine) 2) Do you have a 1978 Chassis (four headlights) or a 1979 Chassis (two headlights)? Do you have the 20R engine? Thanks for any feedback.
  14. It's probably a Mexican truck. We see these, and the Nissan Frontier come across from Mexico quite a bit. In Mexico, both of these (especially the Nissan) are used a lot as delivery vehicles so many of them are have flat beds, cooler boxes, etc... Mexico has not had the Tacoma, only Hilux, and they have had the Frontier (AKA Navara) new body style for a few years. That style is coming to the US in the 2020 Frontier.
  15. https://prescott.craigslist.org/pts/d/sedona-toyota-wheels-for-upgraded-one/6894744307.html Or try the nearest Craigslist to you. That's an option. Good luck!
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