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    Classic cars, Harleys, camping. I love taking something old and making it spot on.

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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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  1. well based off of those photos if that's the extent of the damage i would buy new foam board the purple stuff from Home Depot. and and make sure to use a good piece of support wood/metal for the spare tire mount.and start rebuilding. when it comes to the cabinet above the bathroom sink you have 3 option salvage the old one, use the old one to copy out a new one, or go to Home Depot and buy a new one. they sell small cabinets that are 12x12 and different lengths unfinished. if you have more issues out side the rig and it all looks like that bathroom I would start buy pulling a wall completely off and rebuilding it. (Just remember its a lot of work) my brother and i just did that to a 1990 dolphin pulled the whole driver side wall off and the back bathroom wall off and rebuilt it all. it turned out great and the wall is stronger than ever but many man hours.
  2. I found out too its cold at night in the winter and my heater was going all night trying to keep up. I ended up going to home depot and buying this https://www.homedepot.com/p/R-Tech-1-in-x-4-ft-x-8-ft-R-3-85-Insulating-Sheathing-320821/202532854 its cheap and cuts easy and you can Velcro it to the windows. i put shiny side out. now that it is getting warmer i noticed it keeps my rig cooler inside. my curtains cover the foam board so you dont see it and from the outside it looks like foil. I may just keep it up indefinitely My furnace doesn't run all night now either.
  3. I ended up just pulling the rotors and calipers, caliper bracket and dust cover. I did put in all new bearings and races.
  4. well i did the swap last weekend and it turned out really good. I did take photos just need time to get them all together and put up. I will say this, you need to pull of the rotors, hubs, calipers, caliper bracket and the dust cover must be changed. the only difference i could see is the the calipers on the 1 ton are larger and the caliper mounting brackets mounting holes are slightly different and the dust covers look the same but they are not and need to be swapped out or ground down some. but over all the job was pretty easy and if you have changed rotors on a vehicle this job should be easy for you as well. when i have a little time i will add photos.
  5. For my Samsung open camera hit the cog and it's the first option
  6. That's a nice looking insulator. Makes mine look inadequate. Lol. But I dont have problems yet so I'm leaving it.
  7. There is a size limit to the photos. When taking photos for this site I reduce the size first
  8. I ended up replacing the whole top j rail with a gutter rail with a groove for the dometic bag awning I picked up. I really like how it turned out. I was originally going to use a 7 or 8 ft rail but decided to go longer roughly 14 foot or so. That way if I really wanted I could move the awning down some or maybe even have two.
  9. I have had bad altinators pass the test at orileys. And in fact it was on my toyota dolphin. But my scenario was a little different. Mine was over charging 17 to 20 volts. That too will cause your battery light to come on. I pulled it out bench tested it at orileys guy tells me its fine, I said I don't believe your machine. I'll take a new one. They are pretty cheap. Fixed my problems. And it came with a lifetime warranty.
  10. The gentleman is Kurt and he is actually turning into a 4x4. He had to pull these parts to put in a solid axle. He does have a automatic transmission for sale. But the rig itself he is keeping
  11. Well I got the whole front assembly off a 90s sunrader. With 3 rims/tires for 200 bucks. Once it warms up a little here in Reno I'll be putting them on. I hope to get some detailed photos to help the next guy.
  12. Thank you WME. Im picking up a front assembly from a 1990 sunrader. Do you know if that will bolt up to my 85 ? I want the bigger brakes and all matching tires/rims
  13. No one knows huh. I been asking hard questions lately I don't ever get much of a response
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