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    Classic cars, Harleys, camping. I love taking something old and making it spot on.

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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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  1. I have a set of calipers for a 85. I pulled them off my 85 dolphin when i did the 1 ton swap. let me know if you need them
  2. how hard is the job? I just got off the phone with my brother who also has a 93 dolphin 550 model and asked him how many miles he has on his. He has 93k and doesn't know if the belt has been changed or not. we have a mechanic buddy who said the job is a real pain in the As*. looks much harder than my 22re lol .
  3. i thought the smaller models didn't need to 6 lug FF
  4. let me add not high by much, id try to hustle him down to 5k and that's if when you walk through it its as nice in person as the photos.
  5. one thing I found when looking at Toyota RV's is a picture isn't worth a thousand words. since I've bought mine 4 years ago or so i've looked at many and my family and friends have bought 4 of them. pictures are deceiving. you really need to be in person, and when they say everything works no it don't. it worked years ago lol. I always asked when was the last time you used the fridge or the water heater and so on. because if its sat for a period of time likely something isn't going to work right. with being said to me from Reno 6500 seems high.
  6. I wanted to chime in here. I have a cold air intake I put that on first about 6 months ago. I cant say I didn't noticed much of a difference in power or gas mileage. I also just installed a LC header long tube. I can say with absolute certainty that it does give you noticeable power. from take off to top end. It also helped with gas mileage. I just took my rig up to Emerald Pools this last weekend and it scooted right up those hills. for once I found myself gaining speed lol. I was stoked. I was loaded too. I will add this. LC Engineering claims to have a drop in header which they do in a way but for 500 bucks it should fit better. I will have to do some tinkering because under certain load conditions (Rarely) it will tap the frame at the collector. if this would be a perfect fit with no problems id tell everyone to install one. especially if you have a 4 Cylinder the extra power is really priceless in these rigs.
  7. Yea I know. I go 24 to 36 hours beforehand
  8. Fired up my 3 way fridge again on Wednesday. Come this morning ice cold. Haven't changed anything. Parked in the same spot. Running on AC same as last time when it wouldnt get cold. Dont understand.
  9. I have photos of the whole job, but the picture are too large to upload here
  10. Well problem is fixed. So he brought the furnace over and we tested the solenoids they would open and close fine ohms were in range. We did notice with solenoids open you could blow through them for about 3 sec then it would clog up. I put some compressed air through the gas line and it took air for about 3 sec and clogged up. Did that a few times and then we heard something shoot through, and air could flow. Even blew out a lot of dust at that point. Hooked it back up and it works great. Something got clogged in the gas line.
  11. Well thermocoupler has been replaced with same result. Lights up for 2 seconds and then shuts off. So its safe to say it's not the thermocoupler. Any other ideas? I'm starting to wonder about the board and the solenoids.
  12. That's what I thought at first. My brother 1993 550 dolphin was doing that until he replaced the batteries. He currently has it plugged into his home.
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