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    Classic cars, Harleys, camping. I love taking something old and making it spot on.

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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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  1. So I bought a new blower motor for my dolphin. It wasn't too hard to pull the old one out and install the new one. I thought I would share my re-oiling of the old one. I was told the wicks inside get dried out. I used a large flat head screwdriver to twist the tabs back see pic. Once all tabs were twisted back the top came off. And on the underside you could see what looked to be a wool wick. See pic. The picture is after I oiled it. I used some 10w30 oil. I then turned it over and did the same to the other side. See pic My brushes appeared to be in great shape. I cleaned and blew out all pieces including cylinder. After both sides oiled I put on the side without wires first. I used the screwdriver and hammer to tap the tabs back in. I then slid in the Armature and lid back in see pic. I then buttoned up the other side. Fairly easy. Something to consider is what's the best oil? I wonder if this one will work now. I'll keep it for a back up. If yours is squeaking and you don't want to spend 70 bucks this is a cheap fix. Hope this helps you all.
  2. The new ones will not be attached to the leaf springs. They will be vertical with the top of the axle and the frame.
  3. Yea my 86 was tapped at the bottom like wtf🤔
  4. I just wanted to add to this. for I've been deep in my Generator and getting it pulled out. My Dolphin came with the Onan Genset 3k with the line tapped into the gas tank and I can tell you its at the bottom. I too would have thought they would have mounted it up on the side so you cant run your tank dry but you can. I also kept my fuel line in the box where the generator was I added a petcock to the line. gas will flow most times when above 1/3 tank due to pressure. I figure if I ever get a little Honda I could use the hose and petcock to just add some gas if needed.
  5. I'm curious to how many other folks on here are located in Reno, Sparks or Carson City. I have my Dolphin my buddy just picked up his Sea Breeze I have another friend looking for one and a coworker. we are thinking of starting a little group and meeting up once in a while have some drinks food and share our rigs and ideas.
  6. yes the that t-9 perch you will need to cut that off. my grinding wheel cut the welds fairly easy. the new load lifter air bags will come with new bolt on mounts for the top. you will drill a hole in the framing and use the equipped self tapping bolts. it will also come with brackets for the bottom and those beckets fit under the U-bolts holding the leaf springs. if its something you plan on doing soon id go under and start spraying those U-bolts with penetrating oil to help loosen them up or they could be a bear to get even worse breaking then you need new u/bolts. some folks will say even loosening the U-bolts means they should be replaced but I've never had a issue. also make sure you have some heavy duty jack stands for we are dealing with a lot of weight.
  7. Thats what the old perches looked like that i had to cut out. Those sat right above the rear axle
  8. I had to cut out my old airbag perches because it was for a outdated t-9 system. all in all it wasn't too hard. I ended up runing the new airlines to the old location for that's where my tag was regarding the airbags. I did not go with a onboard air compressor or paddles. I just fill my bags to about 50lbs and make sure the coach and lever from left to right. I will say it makes for a much nicer ride.
  9. so I have my furnace out of my RV currently to replace the blower motor. like a lot of us mine squealed so loud every time it kicked on it would wake me up all night. (very frustrating) I ordered a new motor that should be here Friday. I was looking at the side of my furnace and it has a 3 or 4 inch circular plate I think is for ducting has anyone ever ran the ducting for a vent closer to the front of the rig? or am I mistaking what that is for? I have attached a pic of what i'm talking about. this is just a furnace I found online but same design as mine.
  10. 86Dolphino


    I just pulled my Onan 3k Genset out. there is a hole on the bottom inside the cubby to vent out the hot air and to allow the exhaust pipe to come down and out the bottom. it weighs close to 200lbs. for that reason I wont be putting mine back in. I've been told its worth roughly 300 because its the onan. Maineah is right about solar don't give up. it took my some time to get it right but now that I got it I love it. I can run everything all night long and come noon the next day I'm fully charged. its nice.
  11. Thank you Linda, Ive owned it since I was 18, 18 years now. I've taken it to HAN every year for almost 18 years now and I've never seen another one. everywhere I go people just love it.
  12. My 59 Rambler American wanted to say hi haha
  13. You can see the generator box on the top end leaning out. But it wont move back in
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