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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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  1. Yes I'm going to. I've been watching some videos and seen the shark bite fittings.
  2. I think it was off a thread possibly. when I pulled the fitting off I could also see the seal inside the fitting was all mangled. I cut the end off, but now how to hook it back up? I don't have a pex crimp tool and really don't want to spend the 50 to 60 bucks for a single use. can I use like PVC fitting to make this work? or any other ideas possibly?
  3. WME thank you. I cant stop taking my brain. Thought I'd ad Renogy has a monitoring program and I can set peramaters? Should i just leave it alone or is there a way to correlate the peramaters with my specific batteries?
  4. I hate to fire this topic up, I really want to put it to bed. I noticed my battery will charge good all day. I'll check it and my charge controller will show lol 13.9v to low 14v The controller will also show the batteries at 100% all good until the sun goes down. I'll be at home everything off nothing on tripple checked. And my batteries will slowly drain down to like 12.8 by midnight 1 o'clock. My volts maybe a little lower at times. Come morning it will charge it up to the low 14v. I now have everything unplugged from the batteries except the solar system. I'm still getting a drain. My batteries are new two Duracell Pro 6v batteries. (Bought them at batteries Plus) Any ideas what's going on here?
  5. Its leaking at the threaded fitting
  6. hi all, Hope all of you are having a good Friday night. Wife and I just finished all you can eat sushi (Bomb) So 2 trips ago my water pump was leaking out the top half of the housing. I pulled it out and the bolts were way loose that hold the top half together . I used a little, and I mean a little water pump gasket maker to seal the top half up and retightened the bolts with a little Loctite. last weekend I take it out and the rig and my water pump was leaking again, but now at the pressure out side at the threaded fitting that screws into the water pump. I used Teflon tape on it too and it drips. can I cut the pvc pipe and push on a slip fitting with a clamp or do I use more tape or maybe putty and ideas would be nice thank you
  7. I just wanted to say the 4th charge controller was the charm. My family and I took it out to Pyramid lake last weekend and the solar worked perfect. one of the nights was windy and cold so we held up and watched movies with two TV screens running a light the furnace. volts never dropped below 12.5 come morning by 11:00AM batteries were full again. I'm very happy. I wasn't to thank Maineah. WME, both of you are a great help.
  8. I pulled out the renogy ( still reading .001 just prior to pulling it) put in the one I got from ebay that I replaced the lcd screen on and boom. Reading 2.1 Amps out and that's at 530 in the evening. Tested Amps from panel and it show 2.1 so its working. Sent the renogy back for exchange.
  9. WME I notice my response last week about my start battery didn't save. My MH fired right up after a charge.
  10. Man so my luck with solar is so bad. after 2 bad charge controllers from ebay I was done with that and went with a Renogy Rover 20amp mppt controller. it arrived last week. I get it all setup. my two new 6v Duracell pro batteries showed 12.5 on the controller after a few days it still showed 12.5. I check my panel it shows 19.5 volts. I checked the Amps from the panel and its 6.7 to 7.2 amps ( I got a new volt meter that checks amps) the charge controller is only putting out .001 to .003 amps (nothing) multiple calls with Renogy they want videos of it all and then they want me to mail it back so they can test it themselves WHAT A JOKE. basically told them to pound sand and got the ball rolling on a replacement from Wal-Mart (where I ordered it online). I cant believe the problems I've had. the 2 charge controllers I got off ebay, I still have the seller did not want them back. the first controller had a broken LCD screen. the second one had a return label from Amazon (reminder I got it from ebay) saying this unit is broken. I took the good LCD screen out of the one believed to be broken from amazon and replaced it with the first one I got. so I believe I have one good working charge controller I'm thinking about hooking it up and see if my amps out to battery change to 6.7 to 7.2
  11. Thank you Linda, that's sounds pretty easy and cheap. I also feel like I've seen that at Wal-Mart at the "Seen on TV" area
  12. That's after I put aluminum tape over it for it may rain here today
  13. last night pulling away from a parking lot apparently I turned to sharp and threw my rear end of the coach back in and tore like a 2 foot long gouge down the side of my RV on this car port. its at the very end on the passenger side and its like 2 inches from the top. its bad but it could have been worse. It can be fixed if take off the J-rail and pull off the top dark brown 3 inch top trim, for it tore into that only any ideas if that is still available? or maybe someone has a idea on how to fill the gouge? lesson learned is when you turn out sharp it slides your behind end back in. breaks my heart to do damage to my rig
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