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    Classic cars, Harleys, camping. I love taking something old and making it spot on.

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    Title say 86 but date on outside wall says 10/85. So it's a RARE one hahaha.

    I bought it a week ago. 5/15/18. 21 footer all original decent interior l. Onan 3.0 genstart. Roof top A/C and in the cab, Automatic, 2.4 22RE, 6 lug dually rear end. Bathroom in the rear model.
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    Reno, NV

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  1. 86Dolphino

    quick question on 18 footers

    I see. thank you Derek Up North.
  2. do the smaller 18 ft Dolphins from 77 need the full float axle? I noticed this one has the 5 lug. but its only 18 feet. thanks for all the help.
  3. 86Dolphino

    Has anyone just blapped solar on the front of their cabover / overcab?

    I just installed a 135 watt panel right behind my upper bunk hatch on my roof. Turned out great. I can open my hatch and lift the panel for better direction. keeps my battery topped off very well.
  4. 86Dolphino

    Should I buy this Dolphin?

    here in Reno, NV Shit Dolphins go for 3k
  5. 86Dolphino

    Propane extend-a-stay

    learned something new. that's pretty cool wouldn't mind one for my little grill. It takes those dang 1lb tanks. it would be nice to just plug it in and use it. one less thing to get.
  6. 86Dolphino

    check this out

    https://reno.craigslist.org/rvs/d/sunrader-slide-in-camper/6709621296.html I didn't know they made them. Kind of cool. not sure on the price though.
  7. 86Dolphino

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    this is my Rig. Its located here in Reno. So far its been amazing
  8. 86Dolphino

    1 ton axle upgrade

    I seen this come up and thought it may be useful for you. https://susanville.craigslist.org/pts/d/dodge-toyota-ford-parts/6639253821.html he may have what you need for a great deal.
  9. 86Dolphino

    Jack knife couch

  10. 86Dolphino

    Jack knife couch

  11. 86Dolphino

    Jack knife couch

    after looking at your photos a little closer it looks like yours is missing the metal frame?
  12. 86Dolphino

    Jack knife couch

    i have that same couch in my RV. it folds the other way. It should also be bolted down. Mine wasn't and over the years of people flopping down on it caused it to keep pushing back against the wall causing my wall to bow a little there. but pull the back rest forward and it should line up perfect.
  13. 86Dolphino

    Can over bunk support

    It was an easy job to do.
  14. 86Dolphino

    Can over bunk support

  15. 86Dolphino

    Can over bunk support