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  1. Linda S. Thank you for your reply. I think I just figured out that the taillight unit screws onto the base. I originally thought that the base and light were one unit. I think I found a Bargman replace that should fit. Was thinking about led but it seems from comments on this forum you must modify somethings that I don't want to fool with so I,ll go with incandescent. The mirrors are the same size and it looks like the ones you gave me will work. Thanks for your help. I'm just learning.
  2. I purchased a 1994 Winnebago Micro Warrior last April from an older couple in Florida. It's in great condition but I'd like to update some things and would like to know where I can get some of the things I want to update. I started to replace some of the side markers and those on the front and back. What I found when replacing was the original unit has the wires offset where the new unit has them out the middle. I did install a few that were bad but it involved having to cut the offset hole so the new unit would fit. I don't want to do this unless there isn't any choice. Does anyone know of a new unit where the wire coming out is offset. 9 Would like to replace with Led"s) Next I would like to replace the original taillight triple w/off white base. As you probably know, the off white base is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top. I was looking at a Bargman # 47-84-005 but it appears the base is flat. I was wondering if that would work or if someone has a suggestion as to a suitable replacement. The originals work but I just wanted to update. Along the same line, I thought I read on this site that if you replace with LED's, you need to add something else. Something about the brightness when brake or turn signal is on. Something about a new flasher. If anyone knows if that is true what do I need and where can I get it? Each side has two smaller flat mirrors. I would like to replace them but keep the original framework the mirrors attach to. The company of the originals is Velvac but I can't find the original replacement there. Does anyone have any suggestions what I might replace the original with. For now, I'm looking for AC filters for the original Coleman air conditioner. The size listed for replacement is 6in x 14.75in x .5in. Can I get these or will I have to order another size available and cut to proper size. Thank you for your help and expertise on these great little motorhomes. Ports
  3. I go by Ports. I have a 1994 Winnebago Micro Warrior that I purchased last April from an older couple in Florida. Me and my wife might be interested in the Rockland Rally. I will continue to check your post. Would be great to around other toy owners as I am trying to learn as much as I can so I can do as much as I can. Ports
  4. Thanks to all who responded to my topic. I purchased my 94 Micro Warrior last April and I am trying to learn as much as possible so can do most of the work. No better place to learn than from experienced toyota motorhome owners who are willing to share their knowledge. I will keep in touch. Ports
  5. Darrel! Thanks for the information. I bought a set of airlift 5000 and the mechanic told me one of the bags would hit and rub the gas tank. Does the tailpipe go from the muffler out the side. Thanks again. May be asking you more questions in the future. Ports
  6. I am looking to replace the brake light, backup light, and turn signal light on my 1994 micro warrrior. Any idea where is the best place to find a replacement. Also looking for a tailpipe and where to find one. Looking to replace airbags. Any suggestions on what brand and where to find. Does anyone have info on where the best place would be to find parts for my Toyoto Micro Warrior just in case I need something. Thanks for your help.
  7. I would like to thank all who shared their experience with air bags. Not exactly sure if I will stick with the T-9's because everything I read leads me to believe that firestone or air lift are the most used bags. Thanks again.
  8. Would anyone help me answer the question which type of airbag system is best to use. I have T-9' on now and would probably be easier to use T-9 repair kit but don't want to waste money if some other system would be better. Thank's for your help.
  9. ports

    Metal roof

    I don't know what peeling back is.
  10. I found that my newly purchased Warrior had T-9 air bags. Didn't know until I drove it home. Put air in each side and it kept air for about 3 days. I have two questions. I searched the archives and found some info. Can a small leak in T-9 be fixed with a patch or would it require a replacement kit? If I need to replace, should I go with the T-9 replacement or as I read in the forum the Air Lift Loadlifter 5000lbs or any other bags you may recommend. Is this a difficult fix. I am not a mechanical engineer but am somewhat handy. If I can do this I would certainly like to save the money, however I don't want to mess it up. ( If I can fix the t-9's already on my motorhome that would be great and save some money). As usual, thanks for everyone's expertise and help.
  11. Are all you telling me this will hook up and work with the two wire ( R&W) hook up from the original thermostat heat only? Thanks
  12. Trying to locate the original thermostat that was in my unit. Suburban but made by Robert Shaw model D87011. Found a pic of one listed on amazon but the pic didn't match the thermostat they sent. Does anyone have any ideas about a replacement thermostat that would do the job. Starting simple with furnace issue before I have it looked at.
  13. ports

    Metal roof

    Thank you to all who replied. It is appreciated. Trying to learn as much as possible from those who have much experience.
  14. ports

    Metal roof

    Thanks for the advice. Pardon my ignorance but what do you mean when you say you resealed? Were you talking about the caulk around the edges. Do you get cool seal from Sherman Williams?
  15. Being new to all of this, I have a metal roof on my Warrior. It is in great shape. Do I have to coat the roof with anything? If so, what is best for a metal roof? Thanks for helping me through this process. Have an appt to have my new purchase serviced and checked out in early June to clear up my fridge issue and have everything else checked out. Hopefully it won't be long before we get on the road. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about my little gem so I can do more of the work myself.
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