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  1. I see you've fixed and installed a lot of the truck parts. Seems like it almost finished. Nice work! By the way, any new updates or additions to the renovation?
  2. Tozee

    "Local Trip"

    I love dinosaurs when I was a kid. The 10-year old me could have been feeling giddy if ever I visited that place.
  3. that one looks nice.
  4. Tozee

    First time trip since axle upgrade

    that's a nice photo you have there
  5. Tozee

    Baja and/or mainland

    How's the trip? Planning to go there and I could use some tips
  6. Tozee

    1986 Wanderlust Project - Wanda

    This project is coming along well. Keep up the great work
  7. Tozee

    Upside down install

    I'd definitely get that wrong too