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  1. WenSun

    Maxxair install

    I did pull out the shroud on the vent and I found and replaced the A/C line back to the panel with a new 12G wire. Based on what some of the others wrote though, it sounds like it is more common to install a fan as opposed to A/C the fans just tie unto 12V. I'm still working out the kinks on panel upgrade choices and A/C vs. fan decisions...
  2. WenSun

    Maxxair install

    I have not yet done research on the AC units--Do the new units no longer utilize the 12/14G wiring?
  3. WenSun

    Toyota 85 Coachman "Total Remodel"

    Wow--You certainly have your work cut out for you, but it's nice to see another female on the board giving it a go! Good luck and look forward to watching your success...
  4. WenSun

    Maxxair install

    In my research, I read somewhere that Sunraders came “pre-wired” at the front air vent, as A/C was an option at purchase. Sure enough, upon tracing of wires and removal of the internal air vent cover towards the front of the rv, I found the stub of the 14g wire that I read about! It did not have a breaker in the panel, but was grounded to the bus with a separate glass breaker outside the box in the seat area. I ran a new wire back to the panel for our future install of a MaxxAir unit and am upgrading the panel soon to support it, and the new appliances. You may want to see if this is the same in your vehicle.
  5. Can anyone with knowledge of both vehicles tell me whether the cushions off of my ‘84 Sunrader would fit a ‘92 Dolphin configuration? I’ve got a bunch of cushions needing a good home!
  6. WenSun

    Sunrader Front Windows?

    Hi Aaron— I recently posted about the making and replacement of my wraparound windows. If you look toward the bottom of my post, you will see a couple of folks chimed in on the merits of a new lexan with a scratch-resistant coating. Link is in there and sounds like a great idea—I would have gone with lexan had I not been worried about scratching and fading with the regular kind. It wouldn’t be difficult to cut the sheet with a jigsaw with a scroll saw blade attached, and lexan is easy to bend as opposed to plexi. Info for gaskets and tools are up on my post or Linda has posted links to all that. Give it a try and contact for advice or info and let us know how it turns out!