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  1. 1985 Odyssey

    It's not an Americana. The Americana has a fiberglass exterior.
  2. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Also, in case anyone is wondering it is possible to build your own fiberglass shell over an existing RV body; however it would require a ton of prep work and construction time and the cost by my initial estimation is north of $5000. I don't recommend this route to anyone, and I'm fairly crazy.
  3. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Thanks Linda. You're most definitely right regarding the time required to find the right motorhome! I will to remain patient and wait for the right one to enter the market.
  4. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Interesting... it might be possible to increase the height of the Sunrader interior without cutting the fiberglass if you could raise the attachment points and enclose the bottom portion... Still a lot of work, but a lot less than it would be to expand the actual fiberglass shell. I'm surprised more people aren't modifying these things, but perhaps that's just my bias showing. I need to make sure I don't buy a sunrader... great RV's but it would take me a year to get it all setup the way I want!
  5. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Dang, I wrote a long response and then I accidentally lost it... I will write an abridged version. Here is where I found info claiming that it has an aluminum frame: http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/4629-aluminum-framing/&do=findComment&comment=27596 As far as strength goes, if you are referring to the Specific Stiffness, which is the material's youn's modulus normalized by weight... Fiberglass is stronger than steel or aluminum. My previous comments may have lost some accuracy for the sake of brevity. My concern was specific to dynamic vertical loading from a heavy load being transported on the roof. I could definitely reinforce the fiberglass structure to negate this concern, but it would be a bit annoying... Ideally I would gusset the corners and add some form of ribbing to the underside of the roof, but I would prefer not to deal with the headache. Thanks for all the info Linda... I think for now I will continue looking for Americanas, but I suppose if I don't find one by July, I will consider modifying a Sunrader... Derek might be a bad influence on me Edit: Does the sunrader have a fiberglass bottom/sublfoor? I'd love to see how they built that portion, and how it attaches to the frame. If they chose to bolt through the fiberglass that would be most impressive!
  6. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Out of curiosity, do you know how the two halves of a sunrader body are joined together?
  7. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Yea, I'm not putting too much stock in their marketing jargon, but from an engineering perspective aluminum framing does have some tangible advantages!
  8. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    That is a good point... I think at the end of the day I would end up with a similar RV in terms of specifications, but at the expense of a lot of additional time that I'm not sure is worth it. I do also wonder if the Americanas are a more durable platform due to their aluminum framing. As far as I know the Sunraders don't have real framing and instead rely on the strength of the fiberglass, which I am not a fan of.
  9. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Those are very cool as far as class A's go, but I really like the cabover bunk and the fuel economy of these toyota RVs!
  10. Wow, great work! I'm curious to see what your fuel economy is with the new engine!
  11. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    That's a bit easier than my idea of cutting it horizontally under the roof like a belt
  12. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Don't tempt me, Derek! I have thought about that.. the issue is that the Sunrader is not only more narrow, it's also shorter. If I only had to extend the body in one direction I would probably be looking at Sunraders right now haha.
  13. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Thanks, Linda, that's an excellent idea!
  14. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Exactly! Great RVs, but super rare... Almost like owning a piece of history... So many great non-fiberglass RVs out there... If I could think of a way to reasonably create my own fiberglass shell I would totally do so, but I think it makes more sense to remain patient and wait for an Americana to pop up. Damn, that must have been right after I started my hunt! That's a bit steep for my budget anyway. I would rather find one that needs some love, and completely restore it myself. That way I know everything is built properly. I did not realize that! It's hard to find all the necessary details on these things... I did see that someone had put a new rubber roof on theirs, but was unsure if that was how they were originally built. And I do want the odyssey for the extra size. If there was a Sunrader XL, I would be all over that!
  15. Why is it so hard to find Odyssey Americanas?

    Damn, that's not too far from me! I've started searching through all Toyota motorhomes in hopes of one turning up, but it hasn't yet. Thanks for the info, hopefully something turns up in the next few months. At this point I might consider buying a badly damaged RV from another brand, and constructing a new body for it.. I would much rather find the perfect Americana though.