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  1. I did not know that. I like the look of the rack. I had taken it off and decided I liked the look better with it on. The only wires going to it was the cable wire. I don't need an antenna and plan to use the hole for the cable wire for my cellular booster antenna.
  2. I got my 130 amp alternator installed this week. Then I sat down to make some new couplings for my roof rack. In case anyone is interested I started with a 3/4 barbed nylon coupling. Then with the help of a Dremel rotary tool cut it and shaped it to fit my roof rail. I had my rail powder coated to flat black and with new coupling installed it on my roof. Now with new Max Flo vent, bath vent and new sewer pipe vent caps I only have my solar panels to go on the roof. But, we are seeing highs of 40 degrees already so unless I can find a place to work on the Sunrader inside I may be stuck until we get an Indian Summer. You can see the new on nearly completed next to the old broken coupling. When I got it done it actually worked just fine. Next phase is to pull all the chrome and have it powder coated and reinstalled.
  3. I read through this mostly out of curiosity. Then I got to the part about dumping the waste tanks. There is no way you can seriously be recommending I quote: or at a pinch pull off on a remote road and let her drain. Maybe you mean only the gray water tank but you do not state it like that. I live in remote area and this is a disgusting thing to recommend to any one. Please do not tell them that. It is not only illegal just about everywhere and could get them a big fine, it is also very unsanitary. i would not want to be hiking along my country road and find where some jerk dumped their waste tanks. In a pinch you do not use your tanks and you wait until you can find a dump station. Then dispose of your waste properly. Never, ever do you find a remote road and let it drain.
  4. This is the label in my 1990 Sunrader. Max weight is 20 pounds. So the max weight may vary from year to year. Thanks for the lead on the hood clamps. They were on my list.
  5. We ran into the same thing in an Alabama rest area. It also looked to be an older rest area. It was a nice touch. We have just been camping in an Alabama Wildlife Area with no dumps. It was a surprise to pull into a rest area that night and see the dump station.
  6. I removed my roof rail today and found both couplings had broken. I want to put it back. Any one know where to find the coupling? They are .75" in diameter. Hoping I don't have to make a set
  7. I have. I watched them pretty much from the beginning. I have spent a lot of time reviewing other peoples builds and ideas online. There are a lot of talented people out there. We all have different takes on what we want our Sunraders to do and their purpose. I like most of what they did, like the cork floor. Which I am adding to mine. I have no desire to live with out the shower and bathroom. Plus, being from the North, and what I want to do, I have to be able to do everything inside, with heat, and not rely on cooking and other things outside. However, their overall work on the shell and interior construction was excellent. One of my favorite follows is https://www.instagram.com/yotahome4x4/. He works in a boat yard so it is over the top for fiberglass work. Still very cool all the same. Thanks
  8. I originally wasn't going to do a full tear out of my Sunrader, I bouight 1.5 years ago. I planned to do it a little at a time. However, after a few trips with my wife, she kept saying it smelled of something decaying. Bear in mind she has one of the most sensitive noses in the world. I on the other hand smelled just an old home. I also wasn't planning to do much online posting about it. Mostly because of the time and I am not good at getting around to it. But, after some encouragement after my last egg camper rebuild I thought I would try. Plus this forum has some good ideas and experience so I figured I could use the feedback as I know next to nothing about Sunraders. So, a few weeks ago I took the couch out to see what was around it and it turned out my electrical inlet port was leaking. I took the couch out and found what is likely the original carpet and the corner where the couch and the loft area meet was full of rotten wood. As I removed the couch the screws pulled through the wood. So, I knew what was in for. I decided to do a full gut and find all the leaks. Turns out they were everywhere. The roof rack screws were leaking.The ceiling supports were gone. The rear clearance lights, a couple windows and the water inlets. It is clear that at some point in it's life this Sunrader has had significant water leaks that were patched and the wood never fixed. All of the cabinet frames are/were particle board and clearly had swelled with water. So, I finished the gut last week. I like the original lay out for the most part and plan to put it back pretty much the way it was with upgraded wood and painted formaldehyde free plywood. I am going to install lithium batteries with solar panels. I know the lithiums are costly but I plan to retire in a year and think I should buy them now while I have good income rather than when I retire. I am a wildlife photographer, as a hobby, and plan to build the Sunrader to be able to go out in the winter -1F or so. I live in the north so it gets cold. Last winter we saw actual -36F. I would not be out in that. But, the batteries will need to be removed and stored. My first goal is to seal all the leaks and prep it for spray insulation. I welcome feedback. I will add to this thread as I move along. Well, here we are. Wish me luck.
  9. I called my local RV dealer with my Dometic Model number and he ordered one for me. Had it in a few days.
  10. AmyDC, thanks for posting this. I don't have a lot of background with Sunraders. Which why I joined this forum. I have looked at a lot of pictures of Sunraders and so far it seems the 21 footers with a rear door that this is the normal location for the fuel fill. I am just going to work around it. I finished scrapping insulation off my ceiling yesterday so I am ready to start prepping for building. You don't have to go through trouble of moving the chair. I have a clean slate now and will build what fits. I do like your fuel trim better than mine. Thanks again.
  11. My curiosity is whether the chair will swivel with out hitting the gas fill pipe. I planned to do a mock up when I got that far. It would be the location closest to the cab passenger. Where the fuel fill neck is of course. If you have the time I would appreciate it.
  12. Thanks I will. My gas fill looks to be colonial white. Wonder what it will look like when done. BTW: I am guessing you have bench seats in your dinette. Right? I am still stuck on seeing if I can get the lounge seat to fit. I think I hijacked my own thread.
  13. Thanks. I called a local beauty salon and they have the Salon Care 40 in stock. $4 Guess I will try that next.
  14. Amydc, does yours look like mine on the outside, or does it have a door over it?
  15. Thanks for the tip on Salon Care. I am going to try that. I am not saying my fuel fill was moved. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I am thinking that they may have moved the gas tank fill to other locations on models other than mine to allow for the door or appliances to be installed up front where my dinette is. I didn't think they would do that. I got to look at mine and the gas tank fill might interfere with me wanting to put lounge chairs in, instead of putting back my bench seats. The top of the fill tube is above the wheel well. Which I am guessing is the bottom line for the platform. So I am still trying to get an idea on dimensions of the platform and chairs to see if might clear the top of the fill that would be showing..
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