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    stuff that I enjoy! Radio controlled trucks. photography. camping. helping people. I feel like a rising tide lifts all ships. also as inhabitants of the great spaceship earth we should try to steer it towards a better place for all passengers not just those in first class.

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  1. flipper the 87 dolphin

    Cost for Renovating Sunrader

    there are some really cheap easy things that any one can do. if you want to update the interior. the old wooden siding can be covered with gesso. available at any art store or online. then you can paint the existing siding with any color that fancies you. if you do not like the formica countertops you can seek out contact paper and cover the counters. there are plenty of vids on the you tube . my friend has a Minnie Winnie and he and his wife live in it full time. they took out the original curtains and put in fresh ones basically out of sheets cut into strips. this totally changes the interior look. they also removed the cabinet doors and painted them various single color blocks. small changes are easy and can be done over a weekend. if you want to add solar the systems start out about 1000 dollars and they can take more time to install. the first thing that I did was to remove the aged carpet and install vinyl wood flooring that I had gotten from the habitat for humanity restore. I used 2 boxes. got em for about 15 dollars and installed in a day. good luck and have fun with it! Best of luck.
  2. flipper the 87 dolphin

    Ecu help

    I found a fellow in Wheatridge Colorado. ECU repair dot com I believe. he charged me about 180. guaranteed it two years unlimited mileage. I am sorry I do not have his contact info right now as my rig is back in the centennial state and I am currently assisting my 90 YO grandmother in NYC. I found one in Bakersfield CA but the salvage yard was unwilling to ship but that was back in JUNE. Yoda Jims in Denver also had several units. you have the factory number 35040. and this should help you. check the ebay and ask around. this site has great folk and many minds working towards the same goal. to keep these things on the road and in our favorite vacation spots. Best of Luck and we hope to see you out there! What makes you sure that it is the point of failure? my rig had a super dim check engine light and after hunting down parts and replacements the new unit still gave me trouble until I got out the old trusty voltmeter and discovered that the ECU was not properly grounding. check the lines first. in my case the brown wire coming out of the ECU was supposed to become a white wire somewhere and once I discovered that there was a problem and tapped into the line, soldiered and shrink wrap to keep moisture out, then fresh ground. Bam problem solved! of course that is only one problem of many. I am still working on Flipper. but hope to be back home soon to sort my other laundry list of maintenance that was neglected by previous owners. Good Luck friend!
  3. flipper the 87 dolphin

    Anyone Have A Dolphin Ecu (Engine Computer) For Sale?

    Greetings all! I have had a recent bit of frustration. I got a new block for the dolphin. then after so many hours of banging my head and installing the engine. the ECU has died. I used the FSM and a voltmeter to check the unit. there were several failures including no check engine light also the Fuel relay not receiving the correct voltage. the part is available through the local parts store but the price is close to 500 dollars. so that just hurts my feelers. I did a bit of searching and found of in Bakersfield CA. and ebay the price was around 180-200 for a 30 year old used unit. I like that ideally because they are factory built components and I feel they were of a good quality. and through further interwebs research I found a guy online who rebuilds the ECU for many things out of his garage in Arvada Colorado. I dropped off my ecu one week ago and just got it back. the damage was 200 and he offers an unlimited mileage and one year warranty. so soon, oh so soon I hope to have Flipper back on the road from scenic locale to scenic locale.. I do not know what the policy is here for advertising or promotion so I will not put the contact number here unless it is wanted. would be my pleasure to help another enthusiast. also there is a motor builder out of Colorado springs Colorado whom builds the engines from new castings. but he does not want to warranty the motor because it is under tow loads from minute one. bless all and have a great day. oh and be the positive change that you want to see in the world. :)