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  1. When I got my Huntsman, the original owner had left this exact manual in the camper. This has been an EXCELLANT resource for me as I tackle the engine compartment and begin the tune-up/replacement process as well as a refresher on older carbed pre-computer engines....love this
  2. Hi Freestone...I would strongly suggest NOT using foam insulation due to flammability and off-gassing issues. I had considered foam spray for my insulation replacement but after researching the product decided against using it in the Myrrkat. As for the steel wool pack it in anywhere there is access into your camper, ie all plumbing and propane lines, black and grey tank flooring points, all electrical runs from the engine compartment all the way to the tail lights, etc...mice and rats can compress their bodies down to the size of their skull to wriggle through the tiniest spaces and steel wool is one thing they can not chew through. My Dad used this trick in an old house we lived in when I was a kid. I have also heard of and use the bath soap Irish Spring Regular in Myrrkat while she is parked for restorations---even though the garage kitties are catching mice and moles, I have not had one single mouse or rat in the camper the 2 years she has sat in my backyard while restoring her. Hope this helps and I'm sure there are other members here who can suggest options as well, Good luck 😎
  3. Hello All...my 84 Toyota Huntsman is all aluminum-body and roof. For me this makes it easier to remove because it slides together in panels the same as vinyl siding in a stix n brix. Also, the basic construction of my walls is 'sandwhich' meaning I can deconstruct and reconstruct easily when I do the restoration of the walls. I am very grateful for the aluminum roof, I would really not like the maintenance a rubber or even fiberglass roof takes imho 😎
  4. Myrrkat is a 1984 Huntsman Mini-C built on a 1985 Toyota chassis with a 4 cylinder 22r motor, 4 speed manual trans, rear axle replaced during recall by original owner. Bringing her home day
  5. very small bath will be converting to whole room to wet bath with composting toilet
  6. Inside over cab bed above driver door, water damage from bathroom vent fan and faulty repair
  7. Water damage to outside over cab bed wall from bathroom vent fan leak
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