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    The Myrrkat will need some mechanical tune-ups and a little more TLC and new booties all around, her camper will be a DIY renovation due to some water damage but I'm up for it. I figure 1 to 2 years on the DIY-not in a hurry.

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    1984 Toyota Huntsman, Class C, RWD with 6 lug axles, I am 2nd owner (just got for a steal--$1,000.00)
    2.4L L4 SOHC 8V 22R motor with 260,000 miles-don't laugh she runs well, 4 speed manual tranny
    GVWR 4825; GAWR (f) 2050, (r) 2905 -this is before rear axle upgrade I believe
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    Douglasville, Georgia

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  1. very small bath will be converting to whole room to wet bath with composting toilet
  2. Inside over cab bed above driver door, water damage from bathroom vent fan and faulty repair
  3. Water damage to outside over cab bed wall from bathroom vent fan leak
  4. Myrrkat is a 1984 Huntsman Mini-C built on a 1985 Toyota chassis with a 4 cylinder 22r motor, 4 speed manual trans, rear axle replaced during recall by original owner. Bringing her home day
  5. Thank you Linda, I try to ask first...the way the poster went about repairing his cab-over bed is much the same I need to do with mine. Happy New Year
  6. My 85 Huntsman has similar water damage in cab-over bed on the driver side...appears to have been leak from damaged air fan in bathroom as well as roof leaks. These are great pics...may I print and use as reference?
  7. Thank you for this...as I am getting ready to tear out water damaged mildewed areas in my rig I have been considering disposable coverall options...appears to be what I will need...
  8. Thank you Mark for this PDF....this is the closest I have been able to find to my 85 Toyota Huntsman...Derek Up North provided an old Huntsman brochure which has been very useful. I have 2 manuals for the Toyota but have had very difficult time locating anything about the Huntsman or a manual. In everything I have looked at so far, the Dolphin is the closest in spite of being National RV...imho
  9. Hey Totem...newbie to this site but came on board because of my toy home. I am 2nd owner 1984 Toyota Huntsman, 22r motor, 4 speed manual with 253,379.7 actual miles and she runs albeit she needs tuneup and tlc not to mention coach water damage to repair. The only replacement done by 1st owner was the rear 5 lug axle (1/2 ton) to the 6 lug axle (3/4 ton), no overhauls or replacements to motor. Located about 20 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Derek Up North...Thank you soooooooooo much for this...this is the most I have been able to find for my 1984/85 Toyota Huntsman...the spec sheet was especially helpful since I will be replacing outer walls and roof
  11. Hi Truth Traveler, I am glad to see this thread started for all of us especially newbies. I have spent the last year or so scouring You Tube and began researching tiny homes; however, I soon discovered that was not what I wanted. I stumbled on RVing as a way of life and poof I found myself deciding this was what I wanted. There are many You Tubers out there who post informative videos about their travels but here is short list of those I am subscribed to because I feel they give great information from choosing the "Wheel Estate" to diy repairs and where to find supplies, camp sites, etc. I have just purchased a 1984 Toyota Huntsman and will begin renovations and repairs in the next few months knowing this 'project' is no minor undertaking, I am hopeful to have her road ready in about a year or 2-I'm taking my time and doing things as I save the $ to do this. So here are my top 5 even though I have more that I follow just for travel content: #1 Bob Wells: CheapRVliving; #2 Carolyn's RV Life; #3 Campervan Kevin; #4 kevin carlton (because of his Toyota diy videos); #5 RVgeeks (also because of their diy videos) Hope this is as helpful to you as it has been for me
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