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    The Myrrkat will need some mechanical tune-ups and a little more TLC and new booties all around, her camper will be a DIY renovation due to some water damage but I'm up for it. I figure 1 to 2 years on the DIY-not in a hurry.

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    1984 Toyota Huntsman, Class C, RWD with 6 lug axles, I am 2nd owner (just got for a steal--$1,000.00)
    2.4L L4 SOHC 8V 22R motor with 260,000 miles-don't laugh she runs well, 4 speed manual tranny
    GVWR 4825; GAWR (f) 2050, (r) 2905 -this is before rear axle upgrade I believe
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    Douglasville, Georgia
  1. Best Youtube Channels About Van/RV Life

    Hi Truth Traveler, I am glad to see this thread started for all of us especially newbies. I have spent the last year or so scouring You Tube and began researching tiny homes; however, I soon discovered that was not what I wanted. I stumbled on RVing as a way of life and poof I found myself deciding this was what I wanted. There are many You Tubers out there who post informative videos about their travels but here is short list of those I am subscribed to because I feel they give great information from choosing the "Wheel Estate" to diy repairs and where to find supplies, camp sites, etc. I have just purchased a 1984 Toyota Huntsman and will begin renovations and repairs in the next few months knowing this 'project' is no minor undertaking, I am hopeful to have her road ready in about a year or 2-I'm taking my time and doing things as I save the $ to do this. So here are my top 5 even though I have more that I follow just for travel content: #1 Bob Wells: CheapRVliving; #2 Carolyn's RV Life; #3 Campervan Kevin; #4 kevin carlton (because of his Toyota diy videos); #5 RVgeeks (also because of their diy videos) Hope this is as helpful to you as it has been for me