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    The Myrrkat will need some mechanical tune-ups and a little more TLC and new booties all around, her camper will be a DIY renovation due to some water damage but I'm up for it. I figure 1 to 2 years on the DIY-not in a hurry.

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  • My Toyota Motorhome
    1984 Toyota Huntsman, Class C, RWD with 6 lug axles, I am 2nd owner (just got for a steal--$1,000.00)
    2.4L L4 SOHC 8V 22R motor with 260,000 miles-don't laugh she runs well, 4 speed manual tranny
    GVWR 4825; GAWR (f) 2050, (r) 2905 -this is before rear axle upgrade I believe
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    Douglasville, Georgia
  1. Meandering Myrrkat

    1992 National RV Toyota Dolphin Owners Manual

    Thank you Mark for this PDF....this is the closest I have been able to find to my 85 Toyota Huntsman...Derek Up North provided an old Huntsman brochure which has been very useful. I have 2 manuals for the Toyota but have had very difficult time locating anything about the Huntsman or a manual. In everything I have looked at so far, the Dolphin is the closest in spite of being National RV...imho
  2. Hey Totem...newbie to this site but came on board because of my toy home. I am 2nd owner 1984 Toyota Huntsman, 22r motor, 4 speed manual with 253,379.7 actual miles and she runs albeit she needs tuneup and tlc not to mention coach water damage to repair. The only replacement done by 1st owner was the rear 5 lug axle (1/2 ton) to the 6 lug axle (3/4 ton), no overhauls or replacements to motor. Located about 20 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia
  3. Meandering Myrrkat

    Anyone have a manual for a 1983 Toyota Huntsman?

    Derek Up North...Thank you soooooooooo much for this...this is the most I have been able to find for my 1984/85 Toyota Huntsman...the spec sheet was especially helpful since I will be replacing outer walls and roof