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  1. roadtriprachel

    Full coverage insurance for old campers

    Glad it all worked out with the insurance DanaAtTheCape but really just grateful you both survived. That looks horrific...
  2. roadtriprachel

    Full coverage insurance for old campers

    Hi Oldgriz, I have a 1984 Sunrader. I do not have insurance on the RV for “full time living”; it’s insured for recreational / part time use. Regardless of my intended usage, every insurance company I contacted tried to insure my Sunrader for the amount paid. I only paid $2400 for my RV, so I insisted they insure it for the actual market value, NOT the purchase price. They all said that was impossible (most agents had never heard of a Sunrader before, and all of the agents said it was insane to think an RV from 1984 would appreciate in value). Meanwhile, a 4x4 Sunrader had JUST sold in my very own county for over $14,000!! So I refused to back down. I asked the last agent I called (at GoodSam) to insure it for the current market value. He argued like every one before him. I asked him to please just do an internet search for recent sold prices of Sunraders. He did and then begrudgingly insured it, at my asking price, of a totaled out amount of $9000, what my RV could possibly fetch in this market. The policy is through Progressive. I have had difficulty with filing claims on the Sunrader however. I had a windshield repair last month that was painful & protracted (needlessly so as I have full glass coverage at a zero deductable). I started a claim for March water damage - due to weather / terrible storms here - causing leaking from the roof vent pipe - and Progressive made the process absolutely miserable. They asked to speak to the previous owner, asked me to show proof I had indeed paid for the policy, and more... I finally gave up in May and dropped that claim. That’s my insurance journey so far! I’m not in love with Progressive, but I AM excited for the amount I got the Sunrader insured for. Like Linda said - don’t give in on the value it’s insured for. Good luck to you!
  3. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Hello all! Thanks for the replies! I’ve been traveling in the ‘Rader for weeks now, massaging at sports events. Soaking up the CA scenery (Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Santa Cruz and more), wkng my butt off, camping and playing when I was able, and still thoroughly stoked that I bought the RV! Derek up North - thanks for the suggestion but the issue is I don’t know how to reduce the image size. LOL at my perpetually tech challenged self... Aaron - I replied to your private message, plus found your topic thread and replied there too - my apologies for the delay; busy working on the road in places with no reception... Anyways: I paid $2400 for my rig. Then maybe another $1000 for tires (DO NOT USE tires-easy.com), parts, and all the labor.... I haven’t had the time to add up receipts, but I think I’m at about $3500 total so far? GOOD LUCK on your journey! I do hope it wks out for you; the pics look great. MUCH better condition than mine (RV portion). But all I cared about were the engine, wheels, and axels... Speaking of engines: Hi Boots! Thanks for the welcome! It’s good to be here. I have a 22R engine, 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual trans. 1 ton floating rear axel, dually tires w/ 6 lug nuts. Head gasket + radiator were replaced by the previous owner. (He rebuilt the trans & put in a 5th gear plus a new clutch). Still, it’d be AWESOME if my rig qualified for any recall work! I’ll look into that!!
  4. roadtriprachel

    1986 Sunrader 21ft. Help

    Hi Aaron! My apologies for not responding sooner to your email message: been dealing with some health issues, plus have been traveling (in the Sunrader!!!) and working in places with no cell service (Big Sur, etc). I’m an enthusiastic “Newbie”, an artist, photographer, baker, etc. By NO MEANS an expert on these rigs. My expertise in life has nothing to do with Toyota mini motor homes. Haha. These folks replying to this thread - THEY are the ones to answer technical questions. Anything I have learned thus far, it was from them / this forum... I found my Sunrader on SLO County (Central Coast/CA) Caigslist. I paid $2400. I then bought 6 new tires (stay away from tires-easy.com !!!!!!! They sold me “new” tires all date coded 2011 & 2012 and stopped returnjng my calls when I discovered thier “bait and switch”..). I then bought 4 new Bilstien shocks. Found a backyard mechanic in my area who did all the work for $550 + parts I bought: oil change, new oil pan gasket, front end wk (ball bearnings, ball joints, tie rods, etc). Then went to a tire place in SLO to have the “new” tires put on, plus an alignment. Had a final “safety check” plus the rear shocks installed at a very reputable place in my town (Morro Bay). Got the green light to hit the road, then I rolled out! Probably $3500 spent - total - thus far? Hope this helps! And GOOD LUCK!!! ?
  5. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    All the upload attemps have failed except the above photo: took the RV into Monterey, Santa Cruz and Big Sur. Have more pics but they won’t load. Anyways, she made the trip just fine!
  6. roadtriprachel

    Boondocking anyone?

    Hi Sandie! I’m a newbie too, and VERY new to owning a Toyota mini motorhome (bought an ‘84 Sunrader in Feb). But I traveled / lived in a 1979 Ford van off and on for 18 months and 25,000+ miles... (2016-2018). I LOVED staying at truck stops - I felt safe and always had access to showers/restrooms/food (my van just had a bed and a cook stove). My last cross country trip I had an 8ft trailer on the back of the van (17ft van) and I would skip the regular pkng lots and park alongside the 18 wheelers! Ha. Probably not “legal” but I did it a bunch. My only issue with truck stops / travel centers was how noisy the car pkng lots could get. Parked in a public (car) lot in front of a Denny’s or fastfood or gas station part of the lot (the only option in some travel centers) meant sleep was elusive. So many folks coming and going at all hours. Especially on a Fri or Sat in a rural area where there was no where for [young] people to hang out... But if you’re a heavy sleeper or can use ear plugs it works. Rest stops were sometimes great, sometimes sketchy. It all depends on the rest stop. I’m a solo female traveler so I had to be extra careful. I only stayed once in a totally deserted rest stop (somewhere in SD or WY). I was falling asleep at the wheel and had no choice. It was ok in the end but I wouldn’t suggest staying over in an empty rest stop, for anyone... there’s safety in numbers. But I typically loved rest stops as I could set up my cookstove and make coffee/bfast before hitting the road. Never had trouble with noisy / rowdy folks. (I have overnighting in Walmarts). I do wish I had planned ahead a little better and searched for open rest stops along my route. Sometimes the closest rest area is hundreds of miles away and then it’s CLOSED. That happened a lot to me out West... I found that Walmarts in CA - from Rhonert Park to Central CA to SoCal are impossible to boondock at. Many of them hire private security that make you leave / will not allow sleeping over. This has been true for me in Oxnard, NorCal - literally every CA Walmart I tried. (I have driven all over most of the US and found this is a California thing. I never encountered a WalMart in any state that made overnighting illegal UNTIL I drove into CA...). In CA when driving long distince I go find a Kmart. If traveling through / near BLM &/or National Forest land, look into “dispersed camping”. I learned about that when I started my journey and landed in the National Forest in MO. The rules vary from state to state and even regionally (within the same state), but dispersed camping is FREE. And typically peaceful and beautiful... here in Morro Bay the “dispersed camping” is literally the cut outs / shoulders of the road along the 41 Highway. Unless it’s on someone’s land (signs posted). Again all my experiences are based on “vanlife”, but it still translates. I therefore can’t speak to the dumping question. Good luck to you! And please share your route once you decide how to get to TX and back; I am going to VA from the Central Coast in late May and am beginning to plot my course now. Still open to different routes (although driving through the Mojave and through Needles is not a fave of mine).
  7. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    WME - if there’s rear axle problems with a 5 speed conversion (even with the floating 1 ton dually 6 lug nut), can I simply avoid 5th gear until I can afford to swap out axels? As I didn’t realize she could go into 5th, she never has (on my watch).
  8. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Hi WME - I’ve been tryin to review this thread since I posted the discovery of the 5 speed vs four: weirdly the post you made (and a few replies frm other members) is perpetually covered by pop up ads. I keep cancelling the ads then refreshing to read the hidden text underneath, and a new ad pops up in its place, blocking the text...
  9. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Maineah I never found receipts for timing chain repairs - so it’s good to hear again that the 22R is such a beast. (Still trying to decipher the second sentence - haha! But I’m definitely not a gearhead, learning as as I go - 1st from my ‘79 Ford van, now the Sunrader). I need to keep hearing this over and over though - how solid this engine is - as my family back East keeps saying “You bought WHAT?!! It’s HOW old?! Do you really think it’ll make it to VA in June?!”
  10. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    Hey guys, it IS a five gear manual afterall!! Haha. I KNEW the seller said that back in Jan... but there was so much covered I second guessed myself. Esp w/ the knob showing only 4 gears... I had to call the seller about something and he reminded me it’s a 5 speed manual - that he added an extra gear when he did some repairs.
  11. roadtriprachel

    Bought a 1990 Sunrader

    Hi! I’m not an expert by any means - totally new to the RV world. But I wanted to welcome you. This forum is amazing and the folks here are really helpful. I too just bought a Sunrader (in Feb, it’s an ‘84), and am also a photographer!
  12. roadtriprachel

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    Thanks everyone! This is all super helpful. Never thought of the old panty hose trick WME! And thanks WME and all of your for the links included in replies!! Derek up North I didn’t realize that was odd - all the matching. These photos aren’t high quality; the cab is more of a computer paper white whereas the fiberglass is more of a cream. Super subtle and lost in the photos. And yes, waiting to mess with Ugly Patch until I know exactly what direction the paint is going, only used soap and water there, not BKF. markwilliam1 I will ck out “Grannie got a face lift”, thank you! Linda I will look into “shiny Zep”, and Donnie I appreciate the color match suggestion. I may get a wild hair and paint her purple or some crazy color. Dark purple fading to black, with an irridescent, opalescent top coat?! HA! But, I really should be practical I suppose and think about re-sale value... Maybe I’ll get wild with the stripes? In the meantime, barring a wild purple paint job, Linda’s suggestion of a no color matching needed “Ford Wimbeldon White” is the direction I will go. Zero budget to pay anyone $ to do it. I was a Fine Arts major in college so the paint job is one Sunrader project I feel confident I can do well without hiring professionals! (The engine is another matter...). Then the Zep after the paint job. (Or shiny Zep?). As for the cab, the front R fender is a dented, rusted mess so I will tackle that last.
  13. roadtriprachel

    The Magic of Zep Wet Look Floor Polish

    markwilliam1 - YAY! - I found it! Thanks for directing me to this thread!! WOW. Such helpful info. And killer photos - of yours (congrats!) - and everyone’s rig. Gives me hope for Lil Putt. She’s a diamond, but still in the rough. (Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous on the Central Coast so I got out the BKF and scrub scrub scrubbed!). 1st photograph is when I bought her, 2nd photo is after untold hrs scrubbing, 3rd is a close up of some weird patch job / odd discoloration on the fiberglass. Included the close up in hopes you / anyone has ideas on how to address that. Wondering if I should be thinking of painting the shell as opposed to ZEP. Or ZEP waxing after a plain base coat gets applied? Even considering an enamel based paint...? I’m weeks away from that step btw. Just wanted to ask while I’m in this thread. Thanks!
  14. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    oh - WME: he’s including a front wheel alignment in the 1st round of repairs... Thanks again for al the help!
  15. roadtriprachel

    Bought a Sunrader - SO STOKED!!

    WME yes, good call - it’s a 3 inch stack going back 13 years, so I will make time to read them all asap, looking for anything re timing chain / timing kit. Linda also higly reccomended Bilstiens. (And Linda I promise to buy the correct weight oil this time!). There is so much to tackle - I keep forgetting to ck tire year, we need to replace some hoses, and then the RV interior’s a mystery... The mechanic did say ball joints have to be replaced. Oil pan gasket - he said it was most likely a seal he can get to w/o difficulty. He said Lil Putt needs a lot of work (the to do list is painfully long) but the engine’s in great shape. He chatted with me for quite a while about how awesome this 22R is. Asked me where all I was hoping to go, ALL OVER I said, and he said this RV will get me there and back. He’s Guatamalean and said Toyotas are everywhere back home - Lil Putt can make it to Canada, South America and back to CA once we’re done fixing everything. The list is long (we’re not tackling everything Mar 17) but my 1st “big trip” isn’t until May, so I’m happy with the pace.