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  1. All ready for next trip
  2. All ready for next trip
  3. Hi there I would pull each plug out check it for color and do a compression check. That will give you an idea of what's really wrong. The colour of plugs will show you which cylinder has leaked coolant in it. Compression test will let you know if valves are working. Put a little oil in cylinder and it will let you know if the rings are broken. Scary stuff been there myself. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi guys looking at picture certain things come to mind. Is that a 86 axle on a 82. If it is the springs could have sagged over the years. May need a replacement. My 83 now has the 86 axle in and had to get the springs re arced. It sat so low I thought it was going too bottom out. Is there side skirts?
  5. Well 150 dollars later new regulator. Everything working great again. Thanks for the input. I was used to delco alt. Again thanks
  6. Thanks guys will look into it tomorrow .up in Halaburtion Ontario will find a parts store. Thanks
  7. Got 3 new jell pack batteries one reg red top and 2 yellow top deep cycles. All charging too good. What I mean is there charging at 15.5 volts. How do I reduce the charge to 13.5 volts I have a 1983 sunrader 22r engine carberated. I have a solar panel which is turned off while driving. 280 with it's own separate reg.
  8. Hi guys and girls. Expect to pay 1200 for axle get with rims and leaf springs. Might be a better set. Sway bar as well. Its different for the 6 bolt. This i know. The guys had to MacGyver my 5 bolt sway bar to the 6 bolt axle. They moved perch pads shock mounts etc. Brakes will need to be replaced 1100 if everything has to be replaced.drums brake pistions, shoes and springs Find a 4x4 repair shop. Lots in your area. They love doing axle swaps. Mine cost 1100 seems thats the going price. Great people here as I just had mine done last month. Note be careful on the width of the axle. Hope some of This helps you decide
  9. Pulled it apart, fresh grease ,new diff oil, didn't pull 3 member, but drained it out overnight with lots of brakes cleaner ,brakes were still in good shape. Made brackets up for shocks ,replaced some brake lines.perch pads spot on no mod needed there.. In baton rouge now a couple of hundred of miles before I dump diff oil. with new oil. regards Robert
  10. 1200 to get the axle moded and installed. Drives like race a car now .No sway going around corners now. No need for passenger to hold oh shit handle. Solid work done. Thanks again guys for all the info
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