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The rules are pretty simple, no porn. If you see a photo that offends you let us know and we will decide if it stays or goes. You the user are responsible for any pictures you upload to this site. If you have pictures with people in them it is your responsibility to get their permission to upload their image.

Upload as many pictures and or files as you want. No limit like yahoo.

Pictures larger than 800x800 pixels will be reduced in size automatically to 800x800. But remember images that are really big will take along time to down load for those who have slow connections. All images will have a thumb nail created automatically.

There are two different types of folders. One is an image only category and the other is an album only category. In the image only categories you will only be able to post images but no albums can be created. In an album category only albums can be created then your images uploaded into the album.

To post images only in an image only category: Go to the category you want to post in. Over on the right side above and below you will see upload images, below you will also see bulk upload.

In album areas you will see ?create new album in this category?. Simply create the album and you will be taken to a page where you can upload multiple images.

All albums created will show up in the members album area no matter where you created the album. You can also create an album that will show up in the members album area only and no where else. When in the gallery main area select ?my controls?. On the left you will see ?My albums?. If you have created any albums you will see a list. At the bottom of the list you will see ?create album?. There is one catch to creating an album this way. Once created it can not be moved to a category. If you want an album created in a specific album only category go there first to create the album.

Toyotamotorhomes.com assumes no responsibility for images or files posted by its members.



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