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  2. A previous post on how to remove oxidation on fiberglass showed me how to refinish Casper, my '87 Sunrader. I am posting pre pics and will add to this as the project is finished. As a note of interest I tried WD40 and a plastic ice scraper to remove some of the silicone overage around the windows and it worked! I have ordered another product specific to this purpose ReMov Silicone Adhesive Polyurethane & Gum https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=ReMov+Silicone+Adhesive+Polyurethane+%26+Gum I'll let you know how it works. I also ordered plastic scraper for the job https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HLWB0BM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here are the "pre" pics. The 5th picture down shows where I removed silicone overage with WD40 on the lower corner of the window.
  3. 83 Rader remodel coming.. tail and running light suggestions

    I noticed you've listed Knoxville as a place of residence. I just bought a 1984 Toyota Sunrader that I plan to remodel over the summer and fall. If you plan to do the remodel in Knoxville, I'd love to share labor, tips, tools, etc.
  4. ... if it was made on the west side (disclaimer) - there were some differences in the Monterey Leisure version's construction. Still a great blog even if they did get rid of their toilet. If you have kids you will want to keep that toilet fo sho.
  5. Before you start read this post/blog...ALL OF IT http://www.boundfornowhere.com/blog/build-out-week-1-2 Lots of answers and even more cool ideas. This will show you how your Rader was built and what to expect.
  6. Hi all after two years of camping full time in my 18ft 83 rader im doing a full remodel. im very interested in what you guys got going on in yours. tips, pics ect.. looks like this is the best time to swap out all the running/tail lights too.. any suggestions on what i should get.. id like them to be bright as i do lots of night driving. is led recomended?
  7. fixed it was the slave cylender it froze up... off it was fairly new.. im moving now.. thanks for the help as always you guys save my butt constantly.
  8. OMG Ray has his website up again? It's been down for years. He told me it was too much trouble Linda S
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  10. Hahah. Yep. Totally explains the Sunnys! Haha. And OH MY that website!!!! No excess of funds (plenty of paranoia though, so extra rubber on the 195s makes up for no excess $). But that website! One day...
  11. Ah 195 that explains the Sunny tires. If you have both an excess of funds and a double helping of paranoia , you need to visit these Guys..https://www.customandcommercialwheel.com/vw-wheels-1/ They make a 5 bolt to 6 bolt adapter. These and 3ea. 6 bolt rims and you have one spare that fits everywhere. Plan B is find some in your shoes and share the cost of the pair of adapters, each person gets 1. Then the deal is you get a 6 bolt rim for a spare. If you have a flat in the rear ( its ALWAYS an inside tire) just bolt the spare on. If you have a flat on the 5 bolt front, you bolt your adapter on and install the 6 bolt spare
  12. Chiming in regarding the stripes: if someone places a group order, holler at me please! Or if the shop gets an etsy or some way to distribute, I would support thier business!! Although I’m weeks and weeks away from that part of the process with my Sunrader.... Love the progress Boundfornowhere!! So impressive. You guys rock. And thanks for sharing it all. I’ve only just started the journey of fixing my Sunrader but it’s nice to see what’s possible.
  13. Thanks WME for further clarification... at some point in this thread my brain froze (somewhere around lug nuts) - I was grappling with getting a tarp over the RV by myself in the wind (gave my neighbors some comic relief w/ that) plus pricing shocks (and 5 thousand other things). I appreciate everyone’s patience on this particular learning curve. I used the link you posted WME but bought 6 “Sunny” tires, not Hankook (tight budget here). But I DID get Bilstien shocks today (yay!). Linda that sounds scary as hell - 250 miles on a spare!?! The rear axel of the Ford van snapped in 2016 - that was terrifying. Fortunately I was slowly approaching a red light. About to get on the freeway though, so I was VERY lucky. Tire tips frm everyone are appreciated, and I may dip back in here if getting them put on proves hard (they’re shipping out now). Otherwise, see y’all on the next query!
  14. No play or just a little play? A tiny amount is good. The clutch spring has 3-400 hundred lbs of clamping pressure, you ain't moving it by hand The adjustments are at the pedal push rod, pedal push rod free play between the pedal and master cylinder is .04 and .2" The total system free play ..2-.5" You SHOULDN'T need to adjust these if only changing the cylinders. After replacing both cylinders you will need to bleed the air out. Takes 2 people. You MIGHT be able to do a gravity bleed. Fill up the master and open the bleeder valve on the slave and WAIT untill fluid runs out. Let it drain until the fluid is clear. This will work sometimes, if it doesn't then its 2 people time.
  15. Might as well ask for 'quantity pricing'. 10 sets? Someone wanna set up an Etsy?
  16. so i am currently replacing the slave and master cylender. im noticing that the clutch fork has almost no play at all. i cant move it with my hand. this isnt normal right? anyone encounter this?
  17. It's a tiny Toyota. No room for extra spare. No I have no spare tire for the rear. I do what WME says and drive it to where the tire on the 5 lug wheel can be put on the rear 6 lug wheels that blew out. I was too cheap to buy a tire in the middle of nowhere once and drove my Sunrader 250 miles with only one tire in the back. Rear and front blew out from metal in the road so spare went on the front. I do remove the blown out tire though. Flapping rubber and steel belts can cause damage Linda S
  18. This post is from a befuddled mind.CRS and all that. Tire rule #1 weigh your Toy, front axle weight and rear axle weight Some of the replacement rear axles MIGHT have left hand threads on the driverside rear. Proceed carefully. You will reuse the lug nuts you have, so you don't need new ones or a split set.. Best original tire becomes the 5 bolt spare, a flat in the rear means you remove the flat tire and wheel, inflate the remaining tire to 65 psi and proceed CAREFULLY on 3 rear wheels. A single tire is rated at 1850 lbs, in a dual capicity they are rated at 1650 ea (round numbers). So with 3 tires you have about 5000lbs of carry capacity. Remember rule#1
  19. Yes I'll take 2 sets. Cost? Make sure you tell them others will want them too. I won't put the word out until I hear from you. Yes I do indeed have 2 18 ft Sunraders that could use new decals. Did they take pics of the Sunrader logo too? Linda S
  20. Oh that would have been amazing! Such a good idea. We actually went there for a spray gun to paint our propane box and a few other goodies. Can't beat their prices.
  21. Yeah! I'm sure they could. If you'd like I can inquire for you.
  22. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    Sure. Just give me a few days. I don’t have many photos of the inside and its parked at another location at the moment. Be happy to show you some!
  23. Thanks for the info Linda! But what about the difference in lug nuts? Wouldn’t I want to keep a spare for each set of lugs? One spare for the rear dually 6 lug then 1 spare for the 5 lug nut wheels up front?
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