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  2. littleshack, I would appreciate very much if you could ask the service people where you are getting your HG replaced, if when doing a HG, replacement is a valve adjustment part of the process of replacing the HG ? I also have a 92, mine had the HG, done about 1998 with 28k miles on it, it has been generally advised to have the valves adjusted at 60k. I currently have about 57k, soooo, if I knew that the valves were adjusted at the time of the HG, I could assume, (in my case) I wouldn't need to worry about the valve adjustment for many, many, more miles. if valve adjustment is NOT usual and customary during a HG replacement, I will have the valve adjustment scheduled in the next 3k miles or so. thanks in advance for your help with my question. joe from dover.
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  4. The sensor is reliable, but ask how much to do it now vs if it dies in a year. E-bay has the sensor from $25-$200 so that is important too.
  5. 18' sunrader dimensions

    Thanks, Derek. We've gotten so much help on this forum, it feels like the least we could do to repay everyone's generous knowledge sharing.
  6. My 92 is in the shop for the head gasket now. It's been there for a few days now. It was mentioned by a fellow Toy RV owner to have them do the Knock Sensor while they are in the engine. Is this something I should consider?
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  8. Brake lights do work when head lights are on

    Hey ham, do you have backup lights? Didn’t notice any? It appears you have some type of “Reflect-O-Lite” fixture on your rig. Unfortunately they aren’t made anymore. Will be impossible to find an exact fit for a replacement fixture you have. I’d buy a replacement LED fixture like Bob did. Might have to make a backing plate if your old fixture hole is to big. I don’t believe that would solve you problem though. Like Maineah said you have a ground problem that needs to be fixed first? Good Luck!
  9. Brake lights do work when head lights are on

    So I got the side that was not working to work, but now the opposite side stopped working. I’m not going to waste anymore time or money 💰 on trying to fix this issue. Any suggestions about what led fixture to buy? I would prefer a unit that aligns exactly with the screw holes on the original unit.
  10. Where to find new curtains

    just google "RV CURTAINS", there are multiple sites to explore. hardware, tracks, clips , etc., I found a place to buy the sew in clips for my window tracks as well as the long track that the divider or privacy curtain hangs from for the overhead bunk area. not expensive at all. hope this helps. joe from dover.
  11. 18' sunrader dimensions

    I doubt anyone could ask for more. Thanks for posting.
  12. Seen on Craigslist - East Central Florida

    It says it's an 87. Doesn't have reverse duallies on the front though so chassis is probably an 86. Wheel covers won't fit reverse dually fronts but they will on an 86. My 86 came with spinners on all wheels, so funny. Linda S
  13. Seen on Craigslist - East Central Florida

    Looks like it might have "foolies". Notice the op doesn't tell what year it is.
  14. 18' sunrader dimensions

    PS We chose not to remove the bathroom for exactly the reason @linda s stated. We managed to salvage the closet/fridge frame, and the kitchen area as well. Despite that, I think the photos show that what we've done qualifies as gutting.
  15. 18' sunrader dimensions

    As it happens, @ACGreen, my friends and I are pretty far along on gutting and renovating a 1984 Sundrader 18'. Hopefully some of these images (including the drawings we made) will help you. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMi59HzdIeVLRcygvSaM4V3SWvOVLQ5-WDxbrx5lqYLLq7pVSCfEEewuci-3IQvfQ?key=MFdYNkhEdEViZk44NTJETTlCOUthVXVkbWVucXBn
  16. https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/rvs/d/toyota-by-gulf-stream/6427654146.html Saw this toy on my local craigslist .... do not know anything about it - yet.
  17. Toy Homes are Like Boats

    Been promoting the "Cozy Cabins" heaters for RV use for years despite what some might say 6 to 9 thousand btu heaters are plenty enough heat, kept my boat warm in freezing weather they don't burn a lot of propane and vent outside biggest drawback they are pricy . However no one will convince me a composting toilet in a small space is a good ideal!
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  19. Toy Homes are Like Boats

    Friends, Many of you have I think figured this out but I thought I would make a topic out of this and see what you had to say. Toyota Motorhomes are like boats. Hence, marine products and systems are often ideally suited for motorhome living. I live in my Sunrader. I have for three years now. I have come up against a few problems in that time and I have been at work improving the 1988 infrastructiure to make my life here more wonderful. One of the main issues I have dealt with is, of course, condensation and the resulting threat of mildew. I happened upon a marine supply website in one of my interweb forays and began to see that the products created for boats are perfectly suited and often times better suited for RV living. Boats are moist, cold wet environments and so battling moisture is something sailors have been doing for centuries. Case in point: Dickinson Marine propane fireplace heaters. The p9000 Marine heater - vents to the outside of the "boat" thus producing no additional moisture like my old Olympian 3100 radiant heater did. It is strong and sturdy, can operate when "underway" and offers a lovely ambiance to the space. Another product I found while surfing around on the boating forums was this mattress elevator pad that creates an airspace beneath my mattress, thus reducing the accumulation of moisture under there. Brilliant. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1%7C2276179%7C2276186&id=1818021 And the most recent inspiration I have received from the boating forums is composting toilets. Sailors have been dealing with toilets in small enclosed spaces and lamenting their odors for a long time. Like traditional RV toilet systems, Boat Toilets have used fresh water ( a valuable resource) to flush turds and pee away into holding tanks which are then emptied either at sea or at dump stations - much like RV toilets. Complicated, prone to clogs, breaks, disasters, as well as creating sewage that is toxic and dangerous to handle and remove from the vessel. Composting, "Urine Diverting" toilets are it seems the answer. No smell, (Really. No smell!) No black tank to dump, the resulting material removed from the toilet is dry, crumbly, compostable material that is perfectly safe to dispose of in a dumpster or fluff around fruit trees or landscaping. People on the boating forums site the legality of throwing diapers (child and adult) and colostomy bags into the trash and that a bag of composted and dried-out poo is no worse. I have decided to build my own urine diverting composting toilet system. The only specialty part is a urine diverter which is essentially a funnel - would be easy to cobble together such a system at Home Depot no doubt but I decided to spend the $45 and ordered a nice urine diverter from these guys: https://www.ebay.com/itm/URINE-DIVERTER-for-Dry-Composting-Toilet-Plastic-Wee-Separator-Separett-Privy/322654729019?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=511673161437&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 and will be creating my own simple urine diverting composting toilet system which will consist of the urine diverter, a five gallon paint bucket for the composting solids, a urine diversion tube that will flow into my grey water tank. If I were to buy a pre-made system I would go with the "C-head" and save myself some time. They have a "shorty" version that will fit into my bathroom without obstructing the existing cabinets and drawers in there. CHeck out the C-head if you are interested in learning more about urine diverting compost toilets. Most reviews I have read seem to agree they are the ones to go with. There are two other diesigns that get a fair amount of attention (the Airhead and Natures Head) but it seems the C-head is the favored one - created by a sailor and built with easily available parts, thus making field repairs more plausible. . : http://www.c-head.com/. I have garnered some good ideas and improvements from thinking of my Sunrader as a Boat and perusing various boating forums and product websites to make life "aboard" more pleasurable, warm, and dry. I wanted to share some of what I have learned with you all here on the forum. Cheers!
  20. Mountain passes; SLC to Houston, TX.

    I may be paranoid, but i will not road trip without a 7 gallon jerry can full. I bike lock it and the generator to ward off snatch and grabs.
  21. Mountain passes; SLC to Houston, TX.

    I 70 has 3 or 4 7000ft passes. AND the longest no gas stop section of the entire US Interstate system Salina Ut to Green River Ut. So gas up Co has a 10,000 ft and an 11,000ft pass on I 70 The interstates will have better snow control than the blue line roads. Just drive at a safe speed P.S. You should have left 4 days ago
  22. The ability to sleep on steeper and steeper degrees of slope is easily proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed. My problem is that my consumption easily overmatches the 80s refer tolerances. 😀
  23. Mountain passes; SLC to Houston, TX.

    WME: Do you know what those passes are like in the winter. Heading out this afternoon. Does anyone know what the Colorado passes are like along i 70 from slc to Denver? ...and then down i 25 from Denver to Albuquerque? Looking for quickest safest way to go, As I look out the window, i see the snow.
  24. Its all about your camping style. Are you in a tiny home or are you in a water proof tent... What good is a refer that will work at 15 deg off level, you can't sleep that far off level for any length of time. The new refers will work at 3 deg off level. That's about it for sleep anyway. Maineah has the whole picture, its all about energy density. Yes you can run an compressor refer in an RV, but Toys all ready have a weight problem. Adding a couple or three more batteries and enough solar to run a compress indefinitely and what happens to your carry capacity?
  25. They do make 12V compressor fridges they are very expensive but much better that trying to run a dorm fridge on an inverter. So here is my point for a gas fridge I can store 10X the energy in a 20# propane tank than I can in 10 batteries. Ask anyone what happens if they forget to turn off their gas fridge for a month. I'll answer having done that pretty much nothing it's still nice and cold.
  26. Folks are saying all manner of knowledgeable things about leveling. And all I am hearing now is "am i sure my need cant be met with a 12v capable compressor fridge and a large enough battery?". When starting out with an empty pigeon hole, is it necessary to put an absorption pigeon in it? Whats the experience of putting in a 12v or even inverted 110v like? Anyone tried that for long? If you have the means to charge the battery via a generator, solar, what have you, then does it matter?
  27. If you use the sealed LED also use dielectric grease in each base. Fergetabout unsealed LEDs
  28. The original clearance lights will always have problems with good connections between the bulb and the socket. I replaced all of mine 3 years ago and soldered every connection and used heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections. I have not had any problems since then.
  29. I have a marine frig in my Escaper. According to the owners manual for the frig, it can be run 30 degrees from level. I think my RV would tip over before that. The frig was salvaged from a damaged sailboat. The 3 way frig is just a unit that used 3 different ways to heat the ammonia absorption crystals. There is a heating unit that runs on electricity and also a propane flame that heats it.
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