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  2. It's a tiny Toyota. No room for extra spare. No I have no spare tire for the rear. I do what WME says and drive it to where the tire on the 5 lug wheel can be put on the rear 6 lug wheels that blew out. I was too cheap to buy a tire in the middle of nowhere once and drove my Sunrader 250 miles with only one tire in the back. Rear and front blew out from metal in the road so spare went on the front. I do remove the blown out tire though. Flapping rubber and steel belts can cause damage Linda S
  3. This post is from a befuddled mind.CRS and all that. Tire rule #1 weigh your Toy, front axle weight and rear axle weight Some of the replacement rear axles MIGHT have left hand threads on the driverside rear. Proceed carefully. You will reuse the lug nuts you have, so you don't need new ones or a split set.. Best original tire becomes the 5 bolt spare, a flat in the rear means you remove the flat tire and wheel, inflate the remaining tire to 65 psi and proceed CAREFULLY on 3 rear wheels. A single tire is rated at 1850 lbs, in a dual capicity they are rated at 1650 ea (round numbers). So with 3 tires you have about 5000lbs of carry capacity. Remember rule#1
  4. Yes I'll take 2 sets. Cost? Make sure you tell them others will want them too. I won't put the word out until I hear from you. Yes I do indeed have 2 18 ft Sunraders that could use new decals. Did they take pics of the Sunrader logo too? Linda S
  5. Oh that would have been amazing! Such a good idea. We actually went there for a spray gun to paint our propane box and a few other goodies. Can't beat their prices.
  6. Yeah! I'm sure they could. If you'd like I can inquire for you.
  7. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    Sure. Just give me a few days. I don’t have many photos of the inside and its parked at another location at the moment. Be happy to show you some!
  8. Thanks for the info Linda! But what about the difference in lug nuts? Wouldn’t I want to keep a spare for each set of lugs? One spare for the rear dually 6 lug then 1 spare for the 5 lug nut wheels up front?
  9. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    Can we see more pics of your interior please. Linda S
  10. I carry only one spare and I have the same wheel set up as you. As long as you have good tires, you can drive a long way with only one on one side in the back. Slowly but it can be done so you can get to a place to fix the bad or switch the spare to the right wheel. Linda S
  11. You new friend should be Harbor Freight, they have a cheap rivnut tool and nuts package. If you get to a real hardware store ask to see some Well Nuts, they can be handy.
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  13. Two parts in a hydraulic clutch system, master and slave cylinders. The master cylinder is by the brake master cylinder. The slave is mounted down on the bell housing it is the one that actually moves the clutch fork and throw out bearing Master cylinders $15 rebuilt, $35 new. Slave cylinder is about the same. Both common parts and should be in stock at most auto parts.
  14. What year rig and what trans does it have? some have a hydraulic clutch cylinder that sits near the starter motor. This is what moves the clutch fork, not the master cylinder. You could have a leak,air in the line or a bad cylinder. If you’re at auto zone purchase the Toyota Haynes manual for your year truck. It should give you step by step instructions along with a troubleshooting guide. A good thing to carry in your rig.
  15. Thanks Derek up North for the clarification! fred heath - grateful you asked that question! The front tires are 5 lug nuts, the rear 6... All of the tires are OLD - 2010 is the date code as far as I can tell... I just got home from physical therapy and am feeling spry so I’ll try to climb under and see what’s there. But such a good point about needing 2 different spares...
  16. So your print shop could probably sell some stripes here if they are interested. I sure would love some in the colors you used to have, grey black shades. Since they already have the specs. Couple of other sites I could post them on too. Not going to fit a 21 footer but I bet with measurements they could lengthen them. Mines little though same as yours Linda S
  17. Hi all. started having an issue where i was driving on the highway and the shifter became very hard to get in gear and eventually stopped going into gear. the pedal became very spongy. made it to a parts store in payson AZ thankfully. ( 30 miles in 3rd gear sucks ) need some help diagnosing. if i put the truck in gear and try to start it with the clutch pressed it acts as if the clutch is not pressed. ( bucks ) What ive tried: i disconnected the clutch master cylender and plugged it up. pedal was hard so mc seems to be working. also the clutch fork doesnt seem to move all that much when pressing the pedal. i have video of this but cant seem to get it to post. Any ideas or suggestions?
  18. In the last update I mentioned we had removed the last bit of decals from Amelia's cab and cleaned her up because she was going in to get her new ones. Well the wrap/decal shop did a fantastic job. We worked with them closely on design, making sure that we could keep the design as close to the original as possible. For the colors we wanted to go with the "sunset" stripes. We looked at some images online and came up with colors and HEX codes for the wrap/decal shop. The good thing is that they have the design on file now so if we ever wanted or needed to replace them we could just tell them and they could print it without any up front cost. Please ignore the disembodied foot. The next big project for us was installing the MASSIVE solar panel we got. It's a 280W 24V panel from Renogy and it takes up just about the entire roof over the bed. We're super excited to have that much solar coming in without having to sacrifice space on the roof racks. Our original plan was to simply use VHB tape to mount brackets to the roof, and then mount the panel to the brackets with some bolts and nuts. There were a few issues with our plan. First, because we wanted to keep the panel low to the roof, we wouldn't be able to mount the panel with nut and bolt because we couldn't reach underneath the panel to place a nut. Second, the curve in the roof in the front kept the bracket from sitting as flush as we would have liked to only use VHB. The answer to the first problem was rivnuts. I had only seen them used once before and never thought about them as an option but a friend who works on campers for a living said it's mainly what he uses for solar panels. So we took his advice and switched to rivnuts which allowed us to tighten the panel to brackets without needing to access the inside. For the second problem we decided to mount the front of the panel in a similar way to the awning. We placed G10 blocks on the inside and ran bolts through the roof to them. We used VHB tape for the rear brackets and got a really nice seal. Afterwards we used Sikaflex around all the brackets. We also left a small piece of aluminum as a spacer between the bracket and panel in the rear so we could incorporate some legs for tilting in the future if we want. Panel + raw brackets. We painted them black. DIY Rivnut "Tool". A real rivnut tool is pretty expensive so rather than invest to install 4 of them, we just made this little guy. There's a lot of youtube videos out there explaining it way better than I ever could but it worked and that's all that mattered to us! Mak sketched out a diagram of the rivnut tool to help show what it's made up of. Test fit, to see where we were lining up. Drilling holes. Have a new bare bracket in this image because we messed up one of the original ones. Whoops! G10 backing plates for added support. Used epoxy to adhere it to the ceiling and of course it's bolted into place as well. VHB tape on back brackets. Still has the protective sheet on the outside here. Getting ready to lower it into place. Peeling off the cover on the VHB tape. Lowering the panel down to it's final resting place. Up next was our new tail light set up. We had a metal fabricator create some aluminum plates for us. The plates came with no holes so we drilled evenly spaced holes in the brackets for rivets. After we drilled, we put them up to the body and marked the holes on the fiberglass and then drilled those holes too. The plates also came bare so we primed and painted them. We dropped down to two LED lights per side and also added a 3rd brake light up above our rear window. When it came time to install the tail lights we added Sikaflex (we should be sponsored by them) around the edges and on the inside as well. Before and after paint. Plates installed. Just needed to add the lights and paint the rivets black. 3rd brake light and backup camera! The backup camera uses a hole that was used for one of the clearance lights previously. That way it's right in the center. I don't think anyone will miss that one clearance light. With the lights in place we were able to install our ladder again. We used rivets and Sikaflex (of course). Immediately testing things. With the exterior starting to get shored up, work began on the cabinets for the inside. I (Owen) don't have a lot of experience with woodworking but Mak and her father do. They did a bunch of sawing and stuff and magic happened. Just kidding, I know a little more than that (but not much). It started with tons of measuring and planning. Then they got to work with the upper cabinets and counter tops. Mak found some beautiful, dark Peruvian Walnut for the counters and we got plywood for the cabinets as the plan was to paint them anyways. The constructions of the upper cabinets is tricky since it's not just right angles so there was a lot of sanding and going in and out of the camper to see how things were fitting. For the tops they planed down the Walnut to a nice level finish and wood glued planks together. After they sat, they sanded them to a nice finish. Quite the process but they did a fantastic job on a VERY difficult area to work around. Not only were there curves but they also had exposed rafter to work around as well. That's what the notches out of the top are for. Driver side counter. Test fit. Table. Sanding away. The woodworking is a major part of this journey so there will be plenty more to come. In the meantime, I thought we'd share our original interior plans so you can get some insight into what they're making. Passenger side Driver Side SO much more to come!
  19. If one of your old tires is in good shape you could have it mounted on your spare rim. Spare tires are rarely used. I’m curious, your buying 6 tires. Does this mean you’ve got the six lug rear axle? Are your front hubs also 6 lug? If not, you’re going to need 2 different spares. Or at least one that fits the front.
  20. 185R14 is the original size fitted. No need for any other size.
  21. Thanks guys!! It’s good to be back! Such an awesome community here. Does is matter that they say 195 currently? It won’t be a problem to go to 185s? Derek Up North: the tire place insisted I was reading it wrong!! Unbelievable. “I’ve been working in the tire business for 35 years and have never heard of what you’re describing.” Being a woman / solo traveler I’m used to a fair amount of push back when I try to assert myself regarding repairs/shops. But I was pretty surprised by this guy. I’ve taken other vehicles to them and not felt too much of this attitude - it’s been there but pretty subtle. Today was over the top. Which is why I plan to order online and have the guy doing the front end repairs this Sat install them... he’s a cool dude. Very respectful and kind. WME I’ll use that link - thanks! - such good prices!! If my mechanic Saturday can’t fit the tires into the repair schedule, I may just order them anyways and see if somewhere in town can put them on for me w/o charging an arm and a leg. I thought of another thing: should I also replace the spare? It’s up underneath the bottom of the RV... I can’t imagine it’s still viable... And is it like a sedan where the “spare” is just a doughnut? Meant to get you safely to the next repair place? I mean, are they usually smaller? Or full sized tires? (Having trouble gettin up under there to investigate. Figure if I’m buying 6 tires why not just buy a 7th. Haha). Thanks again guys!
  22. Welcome back to the Hood. Full tire size LT185r/14C..Load range 102 The LT means light truck, the C means commerical Load range 102 is the same as load range D or 8 ply (both are obsolete) Show your tire guy this https://www.tires-easy.com/185-14/hankook-tires/ra18/tirecode/2001939 See if they will price match
  23. Tire Idiots. Too young to know that all tires don't have a 'middle' number. You can actually buy 185R14 Load Range D tires for a better selection. Amazon currently has Hankook RA18 185R14 for $85 (free shipping).
  24. Soooo I decided to keep the Sunrader! (My For Sale ad was “live” all of 24 hrs! Haha. Its going to be so much work to fix her up but I’m too smitten to give up now). There’s major water damage inside (thanks to the monsoons here the damage became apparent then much worse). The interior reno will happen later, as I get healthier. Right now - engine, tires & essentials are being addressed. My tires are OLD (like 2010) and I’m shopping around for new ones. Including a pic of one. Super confused because there are only 2 numbers - 195/14. The tire place in town said there should be 3 numbers (like 185/70/14). I said I only saw 195R/14C stamped there. Load D. He said he never heard of such a thing... (just 2 numbers). I’d like to buy some online, today or tomorrow. Have ‘em shipped to me. Then Saturday when my mechanic does alllllllll the front end work (tie rods, bearings, shocks, etc) just have him put all the tires on too. (Btw - I bought most of the parts he requested from Autozone. They didn’t carry Bilstien shocks for the Sunrader. Still need to order shocks, and bushings too...) There’s my Sunrader update and query (need help from y’all figuring out exactly which tires to order...). Thanks again everyone!! (ps - everytime I try to upload pics it says the file is too big...)
  25. Trip from WI to Maine

    The answer is to try it If your unhappy then the answer may be 3 fold. Install 4.88 rear axle gears, a BIG trannie cooler and use a lot of O/D on the flats. Here is a gear change, trailer towing report. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9743-new-rear-end-gearing-question-456-488-or/
  26. Rear Dinette to Bed Converting

    The small table top makes a better table for eating. The folding bed support is simple and the only "problem" is storing it.
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