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  2. hey there, when i had a new roof put on my 92 winnie warrior, i chose to eliminate the forward roof vent. i concluded it would just be another source of potential leaks and i did not feel the venting benefit was substantial enough to make a difference. i also did not choose to have the TV antenna put back into the roof for the same reason, potential leak source, and i am not a big fan of television, the rear vent (bathroom) with the fan was replaced new. just my thoughts... possibly the p.o. had the same idea and therefore only one vent. good luck, outside of rig looks good! all the best. joe from dover
  3. OK I'll try simple. 2 batteries in parallel the voltage stays the same and the capacity doubles. So 2 12v 100AH batteries electrically become a 12v 200AH battery. Parallel is + to + and - to -. 2 batteries in series the voltage doubles and the AH stays the same. So 2 6v 200AH batteries electrically become a 12v 200AH battery. Series is + to - and the load is connected to the - of one battery and to the + of the other. The standard 6v battery is a CG-2 or a T-105 they a 200AH capacity. There is no standard 12v battery, depending on the RV you may have a GP 22=55AH, a GP 24=80AH, a GP 27=90AH, a GP30=110AH or a GP 31=125AH. It all depends on space and the P/O's budget. A 200w solar panel setup will support 2 batteries You would not normally use 2 12v batteries in series. That would be a 24v system. Next problem. 200w of solar is a goodly amount for an RV, so if they do work you're golden. Most solar controllers have a 10 or 15 amp load limit through the controller. IF your total 12v load is below this limit then you can make use of the LVCO. If your total load is more than this you have to connect the load to the battery and just leave the load terminals on the controller empty. If you have an original 1980 converter they are a very poor design. It may say 35 amp converter but that's the 12v load power. The battery charger is usually only 1-2 amps. A modern 35 amp controller can charge the battery at a full 35 amps. If your running 12v power (lights, TV, fan) then the battery charge rate is 35 amps - the load. So a 10 amp load means that you have 25 amps to the battery. A battery will only take the charge level it needs. So if it almost charged and even if you have it hooked up to a modern 35 amp converter the battery may only take 2-4 amps. The same thing applies to your shore power system. If you have a 15 amp plug and use an adapter to plug into a 30 receptacle its not going to force 30amps into your RV.
  4. Google is not helping. With my old truck the 12v batt is conected to the 12v transformer and the load. So if i plug to shore power the batt charger will try to charge the load out. On the controller. Is this ok? The easy way is go straight to battery with the solar. but ill miss all the advantages of the controller. No auto dim or low batt cut off. How have you guys delt with this? Relay is one option. Or simple off switch if we remember. 2 100w panel. Free and in bad condition. Flexible and sat on boat for years. 100/20 victron controller. 1 12v batt. If you have a simple way to explane 2 6v bats or a 24v system. Would love to hear about it.
  5. It seems on rare occasion the Zep can have issues. I have paid attention and think most of the failures are due to poor prep work. Many insist on using TSP to wash. TSP can easily leave a residue. I would not use TSP on the outside of my Toy for any reason, and if someone did would require diligent multi rinsing. Some say sitting if full sun deteriorates it, but it is used on boats in Florida with little issue. Some insist a weak solution of TSP can be used, not on my toy! Trisodium phosphate, or TSP, is a cleaning product composed of soda ash and phosphoric acid commonly used to remove difficult stains and rust. You shouldn't clean glass with TSP, however. It can etch the glass or leave a stain behind, which makes the glass looking cloudy or white-colored Others appear to do everything right and still have a problem, but like I said is rare and I see no reason for it.
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  7. I had a similar issue with some peeling Zep and I used the Zep stripper. It works amazingly well at removing the Zep wax. It dissolves it quickly and easily and then you rinse it off. I was very pleased with how fast and effective the stripper is. It left the gel coat surface ready for re-waxing with no need for the BKF. I supposed I could have touched it up with BKF, but the surface looked really clean and even with just the stripper. Then I re-waxed with thinner more even coats and it looks better and is holding up better than the first time I applied the wax (which I put on too thick on each coat).
  8. Never having been a school custodian, I have NO idea how effective BKF would be at removing ZEP. This might do better. https://www.zep.com/product/zepcommercial/heavy-duty-floor-stripper-concentrate
  9. Unfortunately I worked my butt off cleaning Grannie with Barkeepers Friend! Took Days. I made sure all residue was completely removed and applied 6 coats of Zep. That was 3 years ago. Last year I noticed the Zep was peeling of in little spots! I couldn’t re-coat with Zep due to the uneven nature of Zep pealing off. Long story short had to apply Barkeepers Friend Again over my whole rig to strip off the Zep! I now apply a good formula wax. Will never use Zep again! Others have used it with much success but I’m now concerned about Zeps longevity! Thoughts anyone?
  10. That's awesome. Funny enough I bet they're still getting tons of annoying questions and inquiries. Free is free, get it and go!
  11. Apparently this one is up for grabs in Colorado, posted yesterday in CL: https://denver.craigslist.org/rvs/d/byers-ft-toyota-coachman-rv-motor-home/6869702433.html "ITS FREE TO THE FIRST PERSON ABLE TO TOW" 1984 21' "Coachman" Wow, this is a pretty cool deal for someone who is willing to put the work in to get it back into good shape.
  12. This must be the one in Colorado: https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/rvs/d/loveland-toyota-sunrader-rv-18/6843200704.html It needs a lot of work. If you are not a mechanic or DIY person then you should most likely stay away from this rig.
  13. What is your general location? There a bunch of web watchers here that are always looking for Toy MH's that need a new home. In the search for Toys, a 200mi+ drive is not unusual.
  14. Thanks! If it would just stop raining for a minute........
  15. As with anything hyped on the net I was hesitant to try the BK and Zep wax. I tried a small area with the BK and was shocked at what a great job it did! It does require a lot of elbow grease, so I did one side at a time. Some insist on using microfiber cloths to apply Zep, normal applicator is a mop. If using micro fiber be sure to wash first as color bleedout can tint zep! Zep has been on there over a year and still looks good. I will likely do a good wash and add another coat this year. If you are in the south some of the grime may be mold, try using a mild bleach solution next time you wash.
  16. Don’t get impatient, I waited about a year to find my current rig. They pop up every month or two locally and even more often if you don’t mind making a drive. The right one will pop up in comparison to ending up over your head!
  17. Last week
  18. I appreciate the comments, really! I decided to pass. The work involved with getting it to useable shape seems a little crazy. I love the Toys and have been looking for a while. A friend of mine who bought a great one spent two years looking for the right one. I love the sunrader but I like the chinooks too, and I heard that the 1978 chinook Omega had a fiberglass frame as well. So the search continues!!!
  19. Don't do it! Even if you were mechanically inclined, given the information provided I wouldn't want to spend over $2,000 on that rig.
  20. You’re looking at at least $2K to upgrade to the 6 lug axle. The home sounds like it’s been stripped to the bones. If you have no mechanical experience best to walk away. Spend a little more and get something complete.
  21. Hi there everyone. New to the Toy world but getting acquainted fast due to the Sunrader following. I was wondering if anyone could help me. A guy I know is selling his 1984 sunrader for $4400. Needs to be updated to 6 lug axle, water damage in the roof, almost completely stripped inside (except fridge and toilet- which I'm not sure are working or not), and has 153000 miles on it . Is this a good idea to buy or am I biting off more than I can chew? Mind you I am not a mechanic or even a basic DIY'er. It would all be pretty new to me on how to's. Thanks!
  22. $7,500. Selling my 1986 Toyota Sunrader Adventure 2 canvas pop-up. Very rare! 4 cylinder, 22re, AT, 106k miles, 6 lug full float rear axle. I’ve owned it for about 3 years and am not using it as much as I should. Needs some TLC but it’s all there. Runs and drives good. Rear bath. Registered until March 2020. Needs to find a new home. Located in Petaluma, CA. Have been told it’s easily worth $8-$9k, maybe more. Asking $7,500 but I’m flexible for a fellow Toyota enthusiast. Let me know if you have any questions or want more photos.
  23. Thanks. I read the thread, and seems mixed opinion. I'm getting the vibe that it would sharpen up a somewhat dulled fiberglass outside, and would not ruin it at least.....might not be the 'best' product, but likely, for my 1991 Dolphin, just the ticket. Thanks. I've ordered the cleanser, and once i get that done and used the Zep, I'll take a photo and post it here. Cheers!
  24. My grandparents had the axle recall in 1993 and i believe they put more arched springs in the rear so leaf over would have been really high as compared to most. The dealer put a v6 rear end in it when it was done, also i added a stock rear sway bar and wanted to keep it. So maybe air bags we will see just want to use it this summer i have put way to much time into it. Let the good times roll!
  25. Does my vehicle qualify for a smog exemption? Smog inspections are required unless your vehicle is: Gasoline powered 1975 year model or older https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/dmv_content_en/dmv/vr/smogfaq
  26. Yep, maybe a bit much! Plus hard to level your fridge.
  27. This is a great testimonial to the customer service of Airlift. I checked out the cost of this bag package, $285 shipped. I've wondered over the past couple yrs whether I should install airbags on our camper, 86 Micro Mini. No bags on it now, never have been from what I can tell. Currently there is no rear squat either. Am I pushing my luck or is the truck fine to go on with just leaf springs only? Would appreciate advice on this topic.
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