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  2. I found a good reference and my owner manual matched that reference too Since I have no generator installed, per paper my net carry capacity will be about 700#. My new to me Rig still in the shop for all the oil changes. I will report back once I have chance to weight it.
  3. nice! i stuck with the stock trans so all my lines are already done, did you figure out what you are going to do about the alternator bracket? i took a quick look at it today but will diving into figuring the accessories out tomorrow and starting on the wiring as well. did you end up getting a conversion harness from toyonlyswaps or going to be figuring it all out on your own?
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  5. No overheating at idle? Before you run and replace your radiator, make sure that you're not leaking coolant, and make sure that your water pump hasn't failed (look @ the weep hole) - either of these things could cause what you've described
  6. My 87 Sunrader has the POS magnetek boat anchor. It no longer just cooks batteries, it has completely failed. I couls use one of the more modern units, but I have a different idea. I have a number of APC Smart UPSes kicking around. I have been watching yt videos of folks that take these things, hook larger external batteries to them and use them as inverters. Seems to me that such a unit could serve dual purposes. It could work as an inverter when unplugged and a converter to keep the house batteries charged when plugged in. There is just one catch. The 750 uses a pair of 12VDC batteries in series for a total of 24VDC. This makes recharging the house batteries from the alternator a bit tricky. I was thinking that by adding a second inverter to make 120vac from the truck 12vdc, you could charge it that way. Of course such a system wouldn't be very efficient. Another issue would be tapping into that 24VDC bank for 12VDC. I guess you could set it up so that coach 12v system loads used one battery or the other. Any thoughts?
  7. Yes, but I believe Walmart also sells the Hankook RA18 but at closer to $100/tire. EDIT:
  8. Thank You That's great James, motor is in !!!!!!! yoohooo. I made some good progress today. I finally figured out how to get my trans cooler tubes routed. I did not have to bend as much as I thought I would and they pretty much take the old route just with no clips or ties holding them in place. I started laying out and hooking up all the cabling. Two of the connectors, one supposed to go in to the ECU and the other supposed to plug in to the body harness(by ECU area) connectors are different so going to have to search the yotatech swap 3.0 to 3.4 pages for that tomorrow. I guess I will have to use two of the 3.0 connectors and figure out all the pin placements. Ed
  9. walmart does not charge shipping if you select ship to store. The total price for the chinese evergreens is less than the price for the korean hankooks.
  10. never heard of a walmart that could not mount these tires - there is nothing special in that regard. Once I did have a walmart tell me they could not balance the tires - upon further investigation, the employee did not know they had a cone that fit the large opening on the wheels.
  11. Battery tray looks great! Never saw anyone mod it like that, I like your style, I paid $50 for some custom one that will likely not be 1/2 as nice
  12. Got it all torn back apart today, reseated the TC, took note of the alignment of the TC/flex plate bolts holes while I was mating everything back together, this time it was a much easier. Got everything bolted back up and got the motor/trans bolted back to their mounts. That motor is in! On to the next battle...
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  14. My pressure varies by load. When I head out fully loaded I set the pressure so that the rear is about 1/2" high from level and level side to side. There is no magic.
  15. I regularly get about 13mpg in my V6, but I stay close to 60mph and keep tires between 55-60psi. I only turn O/D off on hills, and if I leave it off for long, mileage will drop to 10 pretty quickly. So... you're not far off the mark.
  16. One of the things air springs are good at is transferring less vibration and such to the frame so a hard bag defeats that. I use a pressure which keeps the unit level from side to side and is just taking the load off the springs and or keeping the unit from sagging. The stronger the leaf springs the less air that is needed. Usually the driver side of mine is a higher PSI than the passenger side. If going off paved roads onto roads that are rough I fill them right up to the max of 90 PSI to keep the rear end up and then deflate when I return to blacktop. So according to Jim there is no correct or one size fits all pressure and takes a bit of experimenting. This is only my opinion and how I do it, not expert or professional advice. Jim After I posted this I did a search, Google is our friend.
  17. I keep mine at 55 or 60 on my tiny Sunrader. 30 lbs is way low. Not giving much support at all Linda S
  18. BIKEMIKE &WME--what amount of air pressure do you run, same on each side ? curious as i have air bags and not real sure how to utilize them correctly. now i have 30lbs in each. my manufactures instructions state do not go below 20 lbs. any comments/advice appreciated. joe from dover
  19. i returned from two small trips taken over the last 10 days. both trips were NON INTERSTATE I AVERAGED 12.5 TO 13MPG
  20. Wish you had not taken the photos down. Out of order and sloppy is better than none for months . . .
  21. See if Walmart will price match!
  22. Lots of Walmarts no longer have the equipment to mount our tires. Best to check ahead of time. Linda S
  23. I bought some GoFroms from tire easy. My tires will sit and rot and not get worn out so I am not going to spend big money on tires. Because a tire is not a recognized brand name (heavily advertised) in the US does not mean it is a bad tire and may be a premium tire in Asia or Euorpe. I have put 10,000 miles on the GoForms and have no complaints. Speaking of Wal Mart. I went to have new tires put on my truck. The first service guy's english was so bad I could not understand him. The second one told me that the tires on my vehicle were "too worn" and they would not remove them. As I stood there in stunned disbelief, I did not demand to see a manager or raise a ruckus I simply left and went to another Wal Mart who had no issue with my worn out tires. I have become accustomed to poor service and idiotic morons but even Ripley would not believe this one. Jim
  24. Guess this is a sleep-on-the-floor model, pretty rare
  25. I had the same results but I could just barely see one of the bolt holes and put an ice pick in it, pried it to align one hole, and then continued on.
  26. Hopefully I didn't damage the trans oil pump, I didn't force anything together so I don't think I did... I guess time will tell.
  27. Blargh bit of a set back today, got everything tightened up on the bell housing/engine last night, went to bolt up the torque converter today and the TC bolt holes weren't lined up with the flex plate bolt holes, tried to spin the flex plate with the crank but both the flex plate and torque converter were spinning together so I couldn't line them up doing some research on the internet suggests there should be a 1/4-1/2 gap between the flex plate and TC, if not then it's likely the TC isn't seated correctly, so back apart it all comes at least I'm getting pretty familiar with all these bellhousing bolts!
  28. Is that something shop should have noticed when doing valve adjustment?
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