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  2. gas buddy app

    I check gas buddy daily while travelling and can really save a pile of money. Sometimes you can drive a block off of the interstate and save 20 cents a gallon. While travelling through Iowa, & Nebraska, I sometimes will fill up at 100 miles and then can skip the higher priced towns.
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  4. lpg non-operational

    I think WME's explanation is pretty good. In any case, For testing purpose, open it 1/2 way , then you can be sure is is open. You do not want to run it this way - these valves are designed to be all the way open or all the way closed. BTW, the comment on a lot of air in the lines is accurate.
  5. gas buddy app

    Curious if anyone else uses the gasbuddy app. I use it on my android phone - it really helps planning fuel stops.
  6. 4x4 Sunrader

    Here are links to the last 2 Sunrader conversions Both were left hand drive, V6 Petrol , Auto trans, 2WD Now they are both 4wd , 3000cc turbo diesel 1kzte type engines, one was auto , one was manual box, both now right hand drive. And many other upgrades for freedom camping etc in New Zealand http://www.cmooremotors.co.nz/91_sunrader_18ft.htm http://www.cmooremotors.co.nz/92_4x4_sunrader_auto.htm Cheers Cary
  7. Ck engine light went on again. Back to 4 & 5 codes. Just wonderful. Also, I'm still feeling an intermittent hesitation shudder at about 30 mph. I guess I need to learn how to remove and check the injectors myself if this is going to keep on. Going back to the boonies tomorrow - Dolphin permitting.
  8. lpg non-operational

    The propane valve opens and closes just like your outside water faucet.
  9. Thanks for the info @Ctgriffi ! This is exactly what I needed as my 94 Warrior also went kaput. If you get a chance, post your picture. Cheers
  10. lpg non-operational

    The LP tank fittings turn backwards not the valve!
  11. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    Janet Yellen votes 401k.
  12. you are always welcome to take yours there and watch that process play out. The easiest way to nullify the toggle is to go in and just ask for it to be tested and THEN let them know its theirs, after the FAIL registers
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  14. lpg non-operational

    The valve should open “counter clockwise “. Clockwise closes the valve.
  15. Not sure what year you have but there should be a label or plate in the engine compartment that lists the engine size,trans type and rear axle I.D. Sorry, just noticed it’s an 88.
  16. It looks like I need a new transmission. Its been acting up lately, and recently its gotten to the point where I hope I can limp it to the repair shop. Problem is - I don't know what transmission I have, and the vehicle VIN picked up a manual for some reason... I have a 4 SP auto (OD), but not sure what model was used in these trucks. Any one got some knowledge? Boz
  17. lpg non-operational

    The previous owner told me she had never used the lpg in three years of ownership. She could not figure it out. However, the valve opens clockwise and is indeed open yet no gas flow...
  18. Ok Sports Fans, I completely removed the battery and cleaned up all of the old corrosion from before lurking underneath and on the hold down bar. Then I noticed that the new battery terminal I got for the positive side of the battery had an N on it. Why? Yes, I see that the post on positive is 3/8 and the negative is 5/16, but the threaded bit I needed was the correct size on the one labelled N. Doubtful that it would be any different (both cast lead with brass wing nuts) I dutifully put on the one labelled P. I had to use the smaller threaded bolt. Not sure if the disconnect from the battery or the dumb terminal was at fault, but there are now no codes flashing. Later today I'm going to Costco and we'll see if they kick in when I actually drive.
  19. a ) there is no clock and I don't use the radio because it is so bad. The tape deck doesn't appear to work either. b ) just changed out the whole battery so if a simple battery disconnect were all it took, that would've been done already c ) cables are clean will shorting the cables also short the driver? And sorry, WME, someone already beat ya to the punch on the Hee Haw song. More info soon...
  20. lpg non-operational

    The tank was an attempted fill yesterday.....It would only take one gallon.....
  21. Nope, pretty common procedure. All though there is not a great deal going on in a 30 year old vehicle but there is residual voltages in capacitors clock and radio memories (we are talking milli amps here) but touching the cables together you are assured that there is nothing left to keep alive a hard set code. It's pretty obvious if the problem is not repaired the code will come right back but hard codes are not necessarily cleared by pulling a fuse or disconnecting cables granted it's more of an issues in a more modern vehicles because of the number of code possibilities and electronics but it can be so even in an old toy home it's the only real way to total clear codes. Removing one cable and turning on the head lights would produce the same results but it might be a good time to clean the cables any way.
  22. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    I vote original. Like the way the speedo numbers are in alignment.
  23. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    Well the best gauge I know of if something has been driven a lot is the seats. No sitting on the plaid stuff for 140,000 miles without it getting some holes or that slightly shredded look. Didn't get a real good look at the drivers seat but what I saw looked pretty perfect. I vote original mileage. Even if they had covers on them the whole time the center of the seat would still have that sunken butt area if 100,000 plus Linda S
  24. lpg non-operational

    sounds obvious, but..... make sure the tank is open. Mine has to be turned CCW to open, which seems counter to me. I have before had the guy filling open the tank and I came behind, closed it - thinking I had opened it . Other possible items - bad regulator, no propane, bad component being used (stove top)
  25. shorting the cables?? Never heard of such. Disconnect the power, wait a minute then reconnect.
  26. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    trying to think of some car part/ system that would be a good indicator of mileage. I a thinking drivetrain.
  27. lpg non-operational

    If the tank ran out or the appliance hasn't been used in a good while there is probably a lot of air in the lines and it may take awhile to purge it. A sniff test works pretty well live it on for awhile and see if you smell propane then turn it off and wait till it dissipates before trying to light it again.
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