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  2. WME


    POINTLESS INFO Setup 280w solar, one panel, 180AH of batteries Drain, Maxi fan on 90%, run all night. Battery v at start 13.5 (float v) battery v at sunrise 12.4. Love the low power drain of the Maxi Fan Battery v back to float before noon. Ain't perpetual motion kool🤣
  3. WME

    Battery bank size

    Info...https://www.batterystuff.com/blog/on-board-desulfator-battery-minder-vs-pulse-tech.html Lots of pics and stuff on youtube
  4. Pictures Please!
  5. stayingretired

    Battery bank size

    My 92 Warrior has an additional 2 batteries installed in the void under the bench seat (over the existing battery). I won't look at amperage until the sun returns and the rain goes away. Okay, I have three Trojan 27TMS 12V 87Ah Flooded Deep Cycle Marine batteries. I got them bone dry from the PO, so my guess is that they're still pretty sulfated. Getting the Battery Jesus to resurrect them is on my To-Do list. I don't run anything more than LED lights, the water pump from time to time and the stock ventilation fan, but it won't run the fan all night, so my guess is that they're on life support with the 2- 100W solar panels.
  6. JayBees

    Battery bank size

    Hello, new to this site. I have a 1991 Winnebago Warrior. I was curious as to what size (amp hour) battery banks members on this site are using. I wouldn't mind being able to do a bit of boondocking but have no unrealistic expectations as to what can be powered on a battery bank. Since these rigs are notoriously under-powered my guess is folks are trying to keep weight down as much as possible. Are you limiting bank size to 1 battery, or 2 6volts, etc? If using 2 or more batteries or 1 large 12 volt, what are some methods for increasing the battery compartment size? Mine has an outside hatch and has space for only 1 battery (maybe big enough for 1 group 27).
  7. LittleShack


  8. I'm thinking that replacing the entire outdoor shower is the best bet as the cover for it was attached with velcro when I bought my Toy. AND, there is no shower head. Amazon sells several complete replacements for under $40USD. 6" x 11". Before I get myself into this project, can anyone tell me if it's a difficult replacement or a snap? Just have to preparemyself. Part 2 of help needed...the screen door. Mine, for some reason, fits unevenly around the frame. Not sure if it's the door or the frame. It fits fine everywhere but where the door latch is. It is tight enough there that the screen door touches and you have to push it in (not alot of force, but enough that over time the paint is wearing off). There appears to be a missing latch that would have held the door closed while the coach door is open, but the pressure of the tight fit in this one spot keeps it closed. But, I can see where something has come off on the interior frame of the door. Does anyone have an Itasca (92) that would be willing to post a photo of the complete screen door set up so I can see what I'm missing here? The screen door also will not attach itself to the coach door with the little pressure arm as the plate it is supposed to snug over is broken. Any suggestions? Thanks one and all! Sue
  9. Thanks, Maineah and markwilliam1! I keep wandering out to the RV just to look at it, lol!
  10. I talked to a local front shop that was recommended by a friend who was a toyota mechanic during the head recall era. The shop handles trucks and could handle a toy. That guy quoted 2.5 hours labor. I am disabled - it took me multiple days - little bit here , a little bit there. It was not a bad job - I used an autozone loaner pickle fork to separate the lower ball joint. You need a 30mm socket for the axle nut. Other sizes were 17 mm, 12 mm an I think a 24mm for the nut on top of the LBJ. 2.5 is reasonable for the entire job - assuming you have everything you need all lined.
  11. DanAatTheCape


    Great! Did you do all the items you projected above? How much did it all cost?
  12. DanAatTheCape


    mine has tracks with multiple sliders - one for each pleat in the curtain,
  13. DanAatTheCape

    Wall separating on 92 Horizon

    I'd call that serious.
  14. linda s

    Wall separating on 92 Horizon

    Yes it looks pretty serious. Looks like the screws pulled out from the head. Wall behind must have rotted enough to give way. What's on that head side. Is there any way you can get in there to reinforce that side with a strip of wood or some fiberglass. Given your location it's very important you get that all sealed up before winter. Linda S
  15. Just started a two week road trip in the rig and noticed some serious wall separation on the passenger side. Anyone else deal deal with this? How concerned should I be? The driver side is fine. This is above the side door and rear passenger wheel
  16. WME


    1/8" bungee cord and and a small wood screw at each end
  17. Lee & Joan

    Upside down install

    I heard the Diablo Nuclear power plant near San Luis Obispo was plumbed in a mirror image backwards, but it still works.
  18. Last week
  19. I would like to know if there are any Toyota Motorhome get togethers planned for in the Northeast.
  20. Lee & Joan

    Roadside Assistance Recommendations

    State Farm has a cheap endorsement for roadside assist, a few bucks per 6 months. I also have AMA American Motorcycle Association membership which will roadside service ANY rig you own. Georges Auto in Crescent City is JUST GREAT for electronics from old farm equipment to the modern world !
  21. taking this off the other guys thread. Yup that's the one. Seems I missed your earlier postings about it. I lived in San Jose at the time and the rig was in Stockton I think. Wasn't too big of a deal missing out cause I already had my Sunrader. Just impulse wanting a 4x4. Glad you enjoy it.


  22. Freestone

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    Was it the guy in the Bay Area that was selling it in 2009? I flew down and drove it back up to Wenatchee. I love it! Since I go way back on sketchy forest service roads, the 4x4 gives me peace of mind. Plus, it sure is nice going over the pass in the winter (albeit slowly, lol). However, with zero insulation, it gets cold inside over here in the winter and really hot in the summer. I am in the middle of re-doing the headliner and roof supports. But I am kind of stuck trying to research and figure out the next steps. I want to reinforce the roof and then add some insulation, both for the heat as well as the cold, as well as add a roof fan or two. I’d also love to get it painted white because of the hot summers over here and somehow insulate the walls without removing all the cabinets. As much as I love my Bandit and never thought I’d part with it, thinking of going full-time for a while has me reconsidering. The Odyssey is surely tempting, though it would be hard to give up a fiberglass shell. But, it would be much easier to travel in full-time and I might be in a nursing home before I find a 4x4 Sunrader!
  23. linda s

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    So you've got that Bandit. I tried to buy it once on Ebay. I was the winning bidder but the seller bailed on me. Sure looks nice. Always wondered where that thing went Linda S
  24. Freestone

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    @thaiten Please post pics of the interior when you can. I am very interested and might reluctantly part with my 4x4 Bandit if I like yours. I am thinking of going full-time for a while and that would be hard to do in my Bandit.
  25. With an engine with known valve clearance issues a job well done!
  26. There is a frame cross member the 2wd has but the 4x4 doesn't to make room for the transfer case. Rear axle has to be relocated under the frame instead of above it. A 4x4 Tacoma would require a frame extension which is major work. A full sized Sunrader owner here was attempting a 4x4 conversion but dropped off the radar before we could see the results. I'm thinking it probably didn't go well and he gave up Linda S
  27. thaiten

    Thaiten's 4xOdy

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