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  2. It's got the hard to find front 6 lug hubs but no rear axle. Can't imagine why someone would buy the diff and axle but not want the wheels. 200 for is is a decent price Linda S
  3. For So Cal folks (not mine): https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/brea-1988-toyota-1-ton-pick-up/7199875420.html
  4. The governor assembly is supported by the drive shaft tail bushing if it's toast it will trash the case with the governor sealing rings. I'm guessing they still make a case bushing kit for the governor bore. All forward gears involve forward clutch pack. Reverse does not. Everything is connected to the output shaft from low to reverse depending on what is selected. The higher gears will be the first to suffer because of the torque factor same goes for the forward clutch pack because it is always engaged moving forward. Kind of sounds to me like it was just time for an OH. The MH alone is a bur
  5. A thought from my deep, dark past as a no budget hot rodder. We used to over fill an automatic when we flat towed to and from the races. Do you think there would be enough splash lube to save the front pack in an emergency tow??
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  7. So I did the autopsy on the 1991s transmission today. It turns out the answer to the question of what gets damaged when you flat tow a vehicle with automatic transmission is that the parts that are hooked to the output shaft. In the A340 series has the forward/direct clutch package locked onto the out put shaft. It is the only section of the trans that turns when flat towed. This sections turns without any lubrication and in this case just got so hot it turned the metal blue and caramelized the transmission fluid. Since everything is extremely ov
  8. Hello, does anyone have part numbers (6 lug FF) for the the cone washers, washers and nuts that hold the axle shaft on? Does anyone know if the studs that go into the hub and help line up the axle have a part number or are even replaceable? I currently have 1 missing and 1 broken. Also, maybe the correct part number for the gasket that goes between the shaft and hub? My new axle didn't come with any of these and I found a diagram with what I thought were OEM part numbers. Everything I received today seems to be one size too big.
  9. Ok you have special requirements A 5sp by its self wont help. Add a rear axle ratio change and you can go up hill in a higher gear or a steeper hill in a lower gear. Going up hill in 3rd instead of 2nd means about a 5-15 mph increase in mph, depending on the hill. A parallel thought with a automatic and just a gear change, remember that O/D in an automatic is 30% and a 5 speed is 20%. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10175-410-to-488-third-member-change-need-real-life-feedback/&tab=comments#comment-95076
  10. Oh man it's been awhile! Time has just slipped away! Things have been going ok on the rebuild although I've slowed down a bit, I think after all the major repairs and construction I was just a little burnt out on moving straight into redoing the whole interior. But I have got a few things done. Getting the dining area closed in and insulated, and I've built some temporary tables and countertops so I'm able to use it now while I continue to add things in. Solar is almost done (just waiting on a new battery) and then I'll be moving onto adding the fridge back in and setting up the prop
  11. Bottom line that is a very old engine.. Toyota did man up and repaired they for a long time.
  12. Was looking for something else and came across this. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10145756-9999.pdf
  13. Here's some good info about awnings, types, fabrics, pros n cons... https://campersmarts.com/best-rv-awning (despite the ads, the info is good). You'll have the same challenge I have, how to avoid door-to-awning interference. I'm probably going to mount a slightly shorter one, to the side of the door instead of directly over it. I haven't decided in my case either, so I'll be curious to know what you do! Post pictures & thoughts after you install. ....I am likely to go with a somewhat cheaper "bag awning", check http://www.shademakerproducts.com/bag-awnings.
  14. I guess with the 5spd im looking for more gears to quiet the engine at highway speed but also geared low enough that, living in Washington, i can still pull the passes and maybe even make it up to the mountains in the winter. The 4spd in it needs to be rebuilt (slips out of 3rd) anyway, so im just doing some soul searching. Also, i added a picture of it in my profile
  15. Last week
  16. Ohmm, grasshopper your truck is fitted with a (sorta) balanced system. You need to maintain the balance. If your not changing the HP rating, and you want to change to a 5 sp, then you need to change the rear axle ratio to maintain balance. You can still maintain a lower rpm than with a 4 sp. W56 W59 R156 all are good starting points, no idea about lengths and bolt patterns RPM in 4th gear 4.10 (stock) ratio 60 mph 3200 rpm RPM in 5th gear 4.56 ratio @60 mph 2970 rpm Rpm in 5th gear 4.88 ratio @60 mph 3075 rpm Just a random thought, you do realize that t
  17. I have a friend who did that exact switch in her 81 Sunrader. The W50 only lasted a short while and now she's kicking herself for not keeping her 4 speed. She never got the expected fuel savings or really any benefit for the 5 speed. You also will have to move the shifter because the W50 is back farther. A former member here used a W54 and said it fit perfect. Has better gearing for the weight of these rigs and the shifter is in the same place as your original. Don't know if he needed to make any alterations but he said he didn't Linda S
  18. So I now have the trans out of the the donor T100 ( I call it Rusty Blue) and the Trans out of my 1991. In addition I have stripped use full parts and the computer out of Rusty Blue. I was going to drop it off at the scrap yard first thing this morning but it still has parts that are desirable. I am thinking about that 130 dollar pump in the fuel tank. The differences in the transmissions. So once I got Rusty Blues transmission out I cleaned the id plate and it is a 30-40 LE which is the same id that plate that is on my 91. It has a different de
  19. I guess what do you expect to gain? Both transmissions are direct in 4th gear (1 to 1) the 5 speed gives you a slight overdrive So with a 22R do you think it will pull the load in OD? Most people with the automatic do not use 4th (overdrive). Now if you regear the diff to like 4:56 then maybe you could use OD. This gets expensive fast.
  20. So if i have a 1981 2wd toyota dolphin 500 series (basically a toyota hilux with a 1 ton dual axle) with an L48 4 spd in it, which 5 spd transmission can i directly bolt into it? The W50 would have too high of a 1st gear ratio from the sounds of it?
  21. Front crank seals are a very common issue with 22R series engines and very hard to see. Have a good look underneath at the front of the engine behind the lower pulley. The oil pump is in there too so the sealing ring on the pump should be replaced at the same time.
  22. Thanks you two. I will do those things. I have had two separate compression tests done and compression came back very good. Which has always been encouraging and why we have continued working away on him.
  23. Hello, I recently purchased a 1985 Toyota Dolphin and was thinking about putting an awning on it. What type of awning or specific awning would you recommend? Thanks AJ
  24. You offer great help and it's appreciated!
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