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  2. I saw a guy take a spring leaf and forge it into a sword on one of those shows he said toyota leafs make the best weapons.
  3. with some modification to the area originally designed for a "factory" gen set, i was able to utilize this area to hold my honda eu2000i generator. to make this work required cutting out the steel floor or platform that a factory genset would have been mounted to. then a 26 gauge galvanized "box" was fabricated. the box was inserted into the opening from the bottom up, then attached with self tappers. the metal panel that created a partition to store the shore power cord required cutting out as well to tilt the honda genset into the cavity, because the honda was about an inch wider than the opening, with the partition in place. some steel angle iron was installed to reinforce the installation, i cleaned the inside and applied new paint, caulked where needed. the shore power cord now fits comfortably behind the honda. i now have a very easily accessible storage place to keep the genset. joe from dover
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  5. Here's the dealer and the page with the part. There is only one model number for your rig and your not going to like the price. Part you listed matched no numbers that I even saw. I had to replace this same part on my Nissan. Almost impossible to find but in the end only cost me 27 bucks Linda S;1=3VZE;4=STD;5=ATM;6=4HC;7=RCB;8=WT;9=HLF;13=IV6;14=T1
  6. Don't think its a scam. Picture is not the actual vehicle. Would be good for parts (ff axle etc.)
  7. Get real. The monkey knows how to use a wrench. He's a freaking genius monkey. I moved far from my son-in-law who has been my only mechanic for many years. Had to find someone new to replace the fuel pump in my Explorer. Found Joe on Craigslist. Great mechanic, fair price and close enough I can drop a vehicle off and walk home. Craigslist is good Linda S
  8. Look here for floor construction Linda S SunraderClassics.pdf
  9. Thanks Linda, I did go underneath, and everything seems solid enough, so it's puzzling. Do you know how thick the floor is?
  10. No special knowledge, but can someone post the link to an online Toyota Dealer where you can look up parts after entering your VIN. This might lead to the 'truth'.
  11. I am doing a websearch of trouble shooting failed speedometer, without testing it yet it appears that the VSS is kaput. CEL is on, no cruise control and no odometer, also speedometer did not just quit but died over time. I thought I would check price and found extreme price differences from sub $20 to over $300. What is confusing me is different part numbers, there are several and one site will say 4WD and another site will not say anything for same part#. While trying to sort through all this I found the $20 Ebay part and would like input from my esteemed Toyota colleagues on weather it would fit? 93 Toyota 3VZE, automatic. http://Toyota Pickup Previa 83181-35040
  12. being that my skill sets are in carpentry/construction, i am in awe with your project. what a great accomplishment! good luck, joe from dover.
  13. linda nailed it, it will only end when your passion ends. these little motorhomes represent a nice slice of history, for all the owners to keep them road worthy and by doing the other things to them that inject one's personality is something that you either have or you don't. I am thankful for the creators of this forum as a gathering place for all that are like minded. does it ever end? don't worry be happy!! joe from dover
  14. Linda you couldn't have explained why we do this any better. Darrel
  15. Haha, sure, i work for food and lodging I enjoy getting away from my normal day of working on vw's and tinkering with this instead. Different kind of challenge.
  16. Yes it is!! I look @ my Toy and think Wow I can change that and make it mine. Your right Pride and Passion. How Cool!! Thanks Everyone!
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  18. Thing is it never ends because we love to do it. Most of the people I know have no idea how anything works and they don't care. House or vehicle they call someone or drop it off somewhere and pay the money to get it fixed. No real interest in what gets done at all. We on the other hand take pride in building and fixing and perfecting our stuff. That passion is the reason this site exists and why we are all here. Fantastic group of people here Linda S
  19. You do good work. I was wondering if I could adopt you. I could use a son who likes to work on cars and motorhomes of course. Linda S
  20. It doesn't matter if it is a tiny house on a tiny lot, a diesel pusher on a posh pad at the koa, a sailboat on a sweet hook in the keys, or a little bad a__ class c Toy, if it is mobile or cemented into the same acre for life.......that is the true order.
  21. Ha! Kinda like Life:-)!
  22. thats awesome!
  23. As soon as you get to want to do, a must do shows up, so no it never ends. Until it is sold, then change phone #
  24. Back in and running. Took it out to do the initial break in and runs really well. Just need to adjust the valves and put some miles on it.
  25. Not a clear post I guess. The ruptured gas line was close to the charcoal canister not connected to it. Thanks Derek!
  26. The order is Must do, want to do and sure would be nice to. The first one seems to actually have an end point, the other two are never ending.
  27. From the album Tunrader

    Project of mine
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