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  2. Fridge won’t run on 12 volt

    Update. Weirdest thing happened. I took off the bottom plastic cover that covers the temp dial and fuel selection knob. Fiddled around with both of them and felt something like a spring pop when turning the fuel selector. Thought I should stop before damaging anything so I put the cover back on. Tried the 12v setting cause why the heck not, and it worked! What did I learn? Sometimes you have to threaten your appliances with destruction so they can act right.
  3. Hydroflame model #8516; no heat?

    I had a similar situation. I tried plugging into shore power and got ignition. Turned out my coach battery was past its prime. Bought and installed a new one and have been good since then.
  4. Remove the sparker and clean and check the gap. Sounds like everything is working but that.
  5. Hydroflame model #8516; no heat?

    Is ther some place where we may find replacement parts for these older hydroflames?
  6. Hey folks. Been perusing the forums to see if I might glean some answers concerning why my furnace is no longer blowing hot, and how to fix it. Last month it was working fine. Had only first tested it last month. Heat and blower all worked well. Although it could have been hotter. Yesterday I went to turn it on and no heat. Checked fuses. Checked propane supply. What happens: Turn on at thermostat. Turn thermostat all the way up. In approximately ten seconds the blower turns on. Another ten second or so, and I hear a single click. About five to ten seconds later, I hear a softer switching noise. In between these last two, when outside near furnace, i smell propane for two seconds. No other clicks. No heat. Propane smell quickly dissipates. What is the problem here? P.S. Recently replaced the ducting for furnace.
  7. Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    This place has manuals for many of the appliances but don't know how much it covers for your older ones http://bryantrv.com/docs.html You could also try the Toyota Chinook site on yahoo because the Chinooks were all 79 and earlier. I think they have some appliance manuals in their files section https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/toyotachinook/info Linda S
  8. Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    The coach is nothing but the manufactures box pretty much everything inside was supplied by someone else fortunately they are all the same so if you need info for a fridge try Domedic, heaters Durotherm and so on. Most of the plumbing is standard stuff like you would find in a house as far as sizes, fittings and fixtures but again they had their own way to run it. Wiring done by the coach builders seem to be a mystery of how it was run all though they are pretty much generic design and all work the same way.
  9. Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    This is great, Derek, thank you! Do you have recommendations about any generalized books that would be similar to a Haynes manual...but for the motorhome section of the Dolphin? I'm currently using these forums and YouTube to my advantage, but I'm a book guy. I know books like this exist, but there are so many that choosing is daunting.
  10. Owner's Manual Needed: 1978 Dolphin

    I've never seen an Owners Manual that was of much use. Don't recall ever seeing one from the '70s. But maybe these later ones will answer a few questions. I'm sure that if one exists for your year, it'll have even less information! 1983 Dolphin Manual.pdf 1993_Dolphin_Owners_Manual.pdf 1978 Dolphin Micro Mini.pdf
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hi! I'm the new owner of a 1978 Dolphin Micro Mini, which I'll be remodeling over the next few months. I'm so excited to start this journey! I have the Haynes manual (for the Hilux pickup), but I don't have a manual for the RV itself. I've looked through the files over at the Yahoo! forums, and I spent the better part of a few afternoons searching the web, only to find that all roads point back to here. Would any of you have access to this manual? Or perhaps a model similar enough that it would help me as I'm respectfully updating this amazing classic? Thanks so much!
  13. Wood replacment

    Going to do it the right way and just replace with some new
  14. More "Local"

    Major OOPS. It seems Arches N.P. ended up in the camera not on the SD card. Arches was between Vernal and Mesa Verde. So just sorta imagine them in sequence Arches was under rehab, the campgrounds were all closed, the roads were being paved, some parts were closed. SO the park fees were waved.
  15. I made a door. That is to say I cut a 3/4 inch piece of plywood into the irregular hole that is the entrance to the loo and hung it there on two hinges. This took days. Because doors expect rectangular holes to go into, the entryway isnt. And the floor while generally acceptably flat isnt flat enough to open a door on. In the end where I wanted little or no space between the frame and the door, there is a good 1/8th in. Because 3/4 ply is hardly easy to cut through with a multitool when hung as a door. It will need door-ification, a strengthened door frame, door hardware, and the door itself wants a frame to not look like a piece of ply. Its on there and swinging. Now I just need to finish hanging the rest of the cupboards and then get back to beautification. Mainly, the fridge vent.
  16. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    Nice upholstery on those chairs. Looks to be newer cause it's a more modern pattern. Upholstery is expensive so if they did that I'm guessing they took pretty good care of the rest of it Linda S
  17. More "Local"

    Inside Capitol Reef N.P. to Bryce Canyon N.P......Note the visitors center is in the middle of the park, so the photos are sort out of order vs reality. Green in the middle of the desert This was the center of the the town Fruita. The canyons sheltered the town from the desert heat and winter winds. The orchards they planted are still there and growing The water that made it all possible Next stop
  18. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    Sounds like a 2103.
  19. The perfect time is now.

    My father was a very frugal (more lie CHEAP) person. The only thing that he spent money on that was a necessary expenditure was to travel. My mom and he traveled all over the country all their life. That included loading 4 kids into our 60 Chevy without a/c and going from WI to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the east coast, Florida and many more places. Dad and Mom kept telling us that you should travel whenever possible because you never know what is coming ahead of you. All of my siblings, nephew, nieces, and my kids continue the traveling. Take you trip and think about how your wife would have enjoyed it.
  20. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    That looks bigger than my 20' Escaper. I don't have the table between the captains chairs. My Escaper is very similar to the 205RK.
  21. Last week
  22. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    I came across this on an old HD.
  23. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    From the pictures, I'd guess it's closer to 21' long, based on similar layouts from other manufacturers (Dolphins, Escapers, etc.). 1984 Dolphin Toyota Brochure.pdf
  24. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    I am looking at a 1988 Shasta Revere Motor Home. It has the rear kitchen and two large windows on each side rather than just one. I am trying to figure what model it is . The man is selling it at an estate sale and knows very little about it. Is it possibly an 18 footer? Any help would be appreciated.
  25. Try using an Oxiclean mix to remove the stain instead of covering it up with paint.
  26. I guess if the headliner is in otherwise good condition, it wouldn't hurt to experiment before replacing. https://duplicolor.com/product/vinyl-and-fabric-coating Probably the darker colors would hide the stains better, at the expense of ... But maybe spraying it all darker (as a 'primer') to even things out followed by a lighter color might work.
  27. Painting on fabric can be done but it often means you still have stains, just a different color. Best case is to replace the headliner. Headliner is also a good material to replace the old shag in the back wall too. Under that carpet is the raw fiberglass and no insulation. Headliner has a foam backing that will give you some needed insulation. They make special spray glue just for headliner. Practice on something else first. Cover everything it might come in contact with. Linda S
  28. Kilz is certainly a well known stain-blocking primer. I know nothing about the material of a Sunrader's headliner or how Kilz might work on it. My 1st thought when I read your plight was to suggest using a 'Fabric/Vinyl dye', but again, I've no idea how it would work in your Sunrader's case, with or without Kilz.
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