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  2. I bought a 77 chinook and I'm in the process of a 4x4 conversion and a ground up resto on the shell. right now I'm working on the side windows. all the seals are trashed and I can't seem to find replacements. does anyone know where to get replacements, or maybe some ideas on how others have handled this issue?
  3. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    The rear axle is the good one, removed intact from the rv its worth more. As it is the haul it away value is around $400, somebody is going to expend a lot sweat to cherry pick the good stuff after they haul it away.
  4. Homer, this is super helpful! I didn't realize I may have excess holding tank capacity beyond stock. Nice bonus when camping or going down hills, but probably worth not having full uphill ;-) Since my tanks are in front of the rear axle, It doesn't look like a tank in the middle would work in front of the axle with the drive shaft/exhaust in that area. Do have more room back by the spare near where your middle tank is. May add a little more capacity back there one day. Now off topic: I see the wheel hanging down from your bumper. Is that because you sometime rub when going up a steep driveway from a flat road? I have a bike rack on mine and have some paranoia about rubbing.
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  6. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Well it is a 1 ton rear.
  7. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    Marine wind turbines are not real small and the ones that are are only about 85 watts and need a great deal of wind speed to reach that figure. They are only about 25 watts at around 25 MPH. I'm also wondering how they would stand up to 60+ MPH winds on the top of a MH, would require a pretty substantial mounting.
  8. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    I sort of opened the awning. I didn't try hard to open it.
  9. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    It's a 1983. Don't know the make. Is that the good axle?
  10. Alaska 2017

    Ferry is delayed until 9:15 PM tonight arriving at 2:30 AM. There goes my beauty sleep. Raining going to rain for 10 or more days. A real phone booth.
  11. Fuel tank volume

    Some of the Toyota trucks of that generation had very conservative tank gages. You may very well have an extra 2 gallons in the tank even though your gage reads empty. Only way to know for sure is to drain the tank and refill, or drive until you actually run out of gas (not the best way). Your tank is probably 17 gallons. Your fuel gage is probably the culprit.
  12. Fuel tank volume

    All 2wd Toyota trucks in 1990 came with a 17.2 gallon tank. Maybe you have 2 gallons of gunk at the bottom Linda S
  13. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    Have you thought about adding a marine wind turbine to your system? I have been kicking around the idea but have not done it. It could mount on the old TV antenna mount. A marine wind turbine (when there is wind) will probably give one 5 to 10 times the charge rate, over the solar panel.
  14. Fuel tank volume

    Wow...17 gallon tanks...my 1990 Odyssey has a 15 gallon tank!
  15. Return trip, NH to NC

    Just returned home after installing my new Weber 32/36 carburetor. Also changed out my 4 speed transmission (was making noise) for another identical transmission (thanks JD). Trip was flawless. New carburetor functioned above expectation. Drove a total of 928 miles in just under 23 hours. Allowing 3 hours for power snoozing. Got the best gas mileage I've ever had. The Weber for $199.00 was a great investment.
  16. Furnace help

    Great advice, I will try all of the advice here and report back.
  17. Furnace help

    Even with no lp the the furnace motor should kick on to purge the fire box. First thing to do is make sure you have 12V power to the furnace. Next, remove the cover from the wall thermostat and bridge the two contact terminals with a jumper wire. This will bypass the thermostat. If the blower motor starts running, the thermostat is bad. If still no motor, the hydroflame motors have a 5V circuit breaker . Look for a small button (inside the furnace, usually black) with the #5 on the face. Make sure this not extended. If yes, push it back in to reset. Finally, it could be the circuit board. Keep us updated on your results.
  18. Furnace help

    Yes, stove and water heater work fine.
  19. Furnace help

    Your stove is working?
  20. Parts/project Sunrader Near Portland

    To all, I ended up being the lucky one to acquire this from Kale. i too have been off for quite some time, after practically giving up on my Dolphin, due to siding separating, and feeling that it just isn't worth fixing. I'll be swapping the trans out of the Dolphin for now, as I'd bought the Dolphin with a bad engine, and almost three years later, still haven't gotten around to putting the used engine I bought from a Lexus tech friend of mine. Kale has done a number of nice mods, as he's listed above, but the coach is rough. My future plans are to put a 1UZ V8 in it, along with the much stouter A340E trans, which I'll be picking up next week. Kale, thank you!
  21. Furnace help

    I've had the camper for about a year and have never gotten the furnace to run.
  22. Furnace help

    Can you confirm that the furnace is new to you and you've never had it running? Or is this a new problem? The best I can do from your photo (with only half a coffee in me), is that you've got an 'FA-72' Series furnace. hydroflameold2.pdf
  23. Furnace help

    I can see it's a Hydro Flame but if you can find the model number we can find a manual for it to post a link to. What I mean is Derek can find it. He can find anything Linda S
  24. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Thanks Joe Finally settled the claim today,insurance company ended up raising the settlement offer after i sent them receipt for tires,picked up check today for 10300 but I'm pretty sure they screwed up and didnt take the 500 deductible off that check,I'm sure they will be wanting me to pay that back but I'm not complaining,I'm satisfied with the 9800. I did find out what salvage yard they are supposed to tow it too,they havent picked it up yet,I will call them in a couple days and see what the process is if they are going to auction it or what.
  25. Furnace help

    Ok great advice. The switch is on the thermostat and I have turned that on and turned temp up and still get nothing. I think fuse sounds like a good possibility. Should there be a gas valve on this furnace because I have looked and not been able to find one. Yes, the propane tank is on.
  26. Furnace help

    Is your propane tank valve open? Your heater in a 89 warrior is direct ignition. I see to remember the on off switch for the thermostat is inside the case. pop it open and see if it's there. If thermostat is set to on and you have power in your battery or it's plugged in to shore power your fan should come on even if it doesn't light. If no fan fuses are the next check. If you can get the fan to run turn temp off and light stove for a few moments to get propane into the system. Then turn temp up again. You will hear the fan run for a short while and then you can hear the furnace ignite. Sufficient power is a must or the fan won't run fast enough for the sail switch to let the ignition happen. Linda S
  27. Furnace help

    Thanks. I'm not in the toy this weekend but I will check the fuse when I can.
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