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  2. I do but I'm in northern California. Not something I would even try to ship. And I don't have the trim ring for the inside. It's what holds the window in place. That window doesn't look all that bad. At least it opens unlike regular Sunrader windows Linda S
  3. Heads Up! Anyone hunting a Toy now, there are a plethora of SF Bay Area & SOCAL listings--& I've not seen asking prices so low since I started checking a year ago. It's plain some offerings now meant to attract this years' Burning Man goers, but I have a *queasy feeling* there might be more to it; perhaps yet another warning indicator of economic downturn. Typically, nearing August, Toy owners enjoy what is often their last adventure before selling at seasons' end. Usually, this time of year, I see few Toys for sale... Your thoughts?
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  5. Sunset at Seaview rv in Hope, AK. 10PM 7/27
  6. We've had significant rainfall here and no leaks but my rig is now sitting on a slanted drive which eliminates the water pooling around the AC.
  7. Also did ypu use rustoleum spay paint on the cab?
  8. Wow. this is an old post but I posted a search and this came up as the result. I have recently acquired an 85 Shorty that was laying in an overgrown yard for the last 7 years. Sadly it was converted to a hot dog vending cart and the previous owner hacked in a horizontal sliding window and screwed into the shell to mount a counter in order to service his customers. Well.. he's gone now and the rig was sitting.. It used to have the smaller rear picture window commonly found in the Shortys with wrap around dinette, ( I guess the larger windows came in 86 86 or 87 with only side seating?) anyway.. Im researching sources to find a replacement. Linda, do you still have this window kicking around? and if so is it the one that requires the 66.5 x 30.25" opening? Thanks! p.s. I'm also looking for the ladder.. Apparently it was cut off to clear the counter.. Savage! jon
  9. Garden hose , using a medium spray (rain drops). Make it rain for a while and keep checking in side.
  10. Not sure about that WME as I never had the AC running the entire trip but it's a thought. The drip did come from the middle of the unit somewhere but not around the gasket.
  11. If the AC drains on to the roof when its running, then the drain vents are open and working. A off the wall possibility is that the cold rain caused some condensation on the air ducting and thats were your drop came from
  12. Even 15 mpg with the 6 is Great mileage jj! I can barely get 15 with my 4! Usually get 14.5 fully overloaded LOL!
  13. For my post "Grannie got a Face Lift!" I used BEHR primer and BEHR kitchen and bath washable (Home Depot.) I highly recommend priming as it's hard for the paint to stick on the fake wood paneling. Good Luck!
  14. It's a Dometic Penguin 11k unit WME. Maineah when the AC runs it doesn't leak and water is draining out onto the roof. The little drip occurred when it downpoured and the AC was not running. Unfortunately my AC unit has a sag and water pools on one side of the unit after a rain when the rig is sitting flat. WME I checked the gasket and no evidence of a leak anywhere around the gasket....bone dry! I'm still hopeful water splashed into the base of the AC after that torrential downpour causing the minor leak. No leaks while sitting in my slanted driveway after a hard rain! Thanks for responding.
  15. Hi, can you tell me what kind of paint and primer you used for interior?
  16. True. But its worthwhile to ask if someone can check the wires going to the battery on their car. Its right in front, so if colors match its easier to give it a shot then otherwise. I would try the red is positive and black is ground bit but this wiring has shown that to not be the case. Black is often +12V, including from the alternator to the isolator to the coach -- all black, all positive. At the same time the majority of cables going into battery are -- red. This needs a second example for confirmation. Or, plug the battery in and see if it works or starts a fire. May be someone will look under their hood. This is the toyota part, there are still plenty of stock compressors about.
  17. Possible interest for someone
  18. Upper red circle is a switch and a light, not a relay. Major problem here is, there are a ton of Toy MH with aftermarket AC units. So the Toyota diagrams are of limit value.
  19. Here is the other diagram. Seems like my wire colors (green, red, blue or black with white stripe, black) dont match any relay. Can someone with 22re and oem compessor take a look under the hood and recommend where the red, and striped cables go. They probably go to the battery but which is ther positive and which is the negative? I took tons of pictures but due to the stupid side post battery arrangement dont have anything on this.
  20. Ok, so there are two relays somewhere. I dont pretend to understand the diagram yet, but the guess is this is the bottom relay that activates the magnetic clutch. Is that likely?
  21. Yes, example pictures. I don't have blown capacitors on my sensor panel to show him
  22. I can probably stick the battery back in, but will wait another day for side to top post adapters that should be here tomorrow. I hadnt realized there was a mechanical disconnect on the negative side as a threat deterrent. The whole battery box, both batteries actually, was jumbled up mess of wires with no connectors. So need to at least get proper connectors and labels to avoid the doohickey problem again. Also, one more round of degreasing and cleanup so things can become recognizable a bit more. The toothbrush wasnt handy last time. The A/C is known not to cool. But I am hoping the compressor turns out to be good. Need to disconnect the coach battery charging cable off the alternator circuit at least while there is no coach battery or circuit to charge. Any reason why the isolator should remain in the circuit instead of being bypassed if there is just the truck battery to worry about? I have a 10AH 12V lithium battery. I know this is a third of a deep cycle, but I am tempted to add another 20AH and do away with coach deep cycle. Gives me three cells with independent safety circuits and I cant honestly think why I should need 1AH per hour, there should also be a 100Watt or better solar. I have been told there is a fuel line in the generator compartment. That means it has to be an Onan or similar instead of a Honda. Can you jerry rig a Honda to take a gas line?
  23. If you can power up things, try touching the unknown black wire to ground and see if the relay clicks. Check the temp control dial in the cab and see if it is missing a wire connection.
  24. Read through the whole thread. I've been having the exact same issue. Shop is replacing the master cylinder tomorrow. Hope it fixes it!
  25. Thank you WME. It is indeed a relay. As I noted before the poor car was covered in such grease that making out lettering wasnt an option. Now it is! Niles Japan MC-IT 12V 30A -- 4 port make or break relay. Hereafter referred to as a doohickey. The black wire comes from compressor, red from battery positive, green from the fuse/control box, and black from -- battery negative/ground? Or where? Internet hasnt given me any paperwork on the relay though doubtless now FSM should have something for it. Also sorry for the poor pictures. The second picture has the two orphan connectors and the cable/harness it emnates from. thanks again.
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  27. Looks like a motherboard from around 2004.
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