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  2. I 'm quite certain that these monitors which indicated the water tank level, the holding tanks, battery, etc. are generally inoperative and have quit working on most Toyota RV's by now. Mine quit long ago although for some reason the water pump switch still works. My question is: Does anyone have a solution to knowing the level of fresh water in the tank under the folding bed, other than raising the bottom of the bed and examing the tank with a light, etc.?I believe the wiring from the tank up to the inoperative monitor is still in place and I wondered if one of the ingenious members on the forum have a solution to that situation. Thanks very much for comments. Jack Barr
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  4. I had my rear spring bushings replaced at a place like this near me. http://www.tdltruckrepairs.com/index.html Drive by, ask if they're interested and see if they want you to source the parts.
  5. Where can you get this kinda work done? Like at what type of shop? I am Canada so wondering the name of good shop, garage etc in Ottawa Ontario or Gatineau PQ
  6. I did the same to my Escaper. Its amazing how well the suspension works and the RV steers and rides when everything works as designed, as opposed to things loosely banging and clanging around
  7. My 93 Sea Breeze needed TLC, so I did everything, the Pro Thane kit, all new steering components, tie rod ends and such, KYB shocks, front end alignment and it went from wandering all over the road to slot car! All the bushings were from sorta ok to absolutely destroyed. I would use Energy Suspension instead of Prothane if I did it again, the regular kit does not have the right parts for the 1 ton. at least Energy Suspension says it is not for the one ton, instead of being in the middle of a job and finding out I did not have the right parts!
  8. Have a 94 Warrior with 99,800 miles on it. I just had the sway bar bushings and link end rubbers replaced (prothane for stiffness), and also all the bushings in the leaf springs (genuine Toyota for softer ride). On the springs, the rear lower and front old bushings had worn clear down to metal to metal contact. Rear upper bushings were much better but still replaced them. The drive home was 30 miles of two lane country roads with a lot of curves, some signed for slower speeds. WOW that a difference in drivability. Less lean in the curves, especially the esses. Cross wind stability is also much better. Now it is easy to stay completely in my own lane. I had done shocks (Bilstein) and steering damper (skyjacker) two years ago but now wish I had done it all at one time.
  9. thanks. how did you build the base for the over cab? the “floor” that would be under the mattress?
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  11. Isn't the potentiometer screw just for the tach needle? My speedometer needle is the one shaking and noisy which makes me think it just needs cable lube.
  12. West Coast Sunrader, born and bred. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/619015801915524/?search_query=inventory_management Good bones, pretty face. much has been done to it, so you don't have to.
  13. Did you try adjusting the small square potentiometer screw? Adjusting that stopped mine from shaking.
  14. wow...what insurance company do you have? I'm really surprised they would cover that!
  15. Perhaps seek an opinion from someone who knows Toyota trucks well. http://yodajims.com/
  16. I've always been a bit 'surprised' to see ECUs marked as for the 'C&C'. I can only GUESS that there is a difference with those for the trucks and 4Runnrs, but also GUESS that the difference(s) are minor and that a 'regular' ECU would work. What I do know is that I'd give it a try before scrapping my MH! EDIT:- If I was phoning around ECU Rebuilders, I'd try to pick their brains on this subject.
  17. There is a decent bit of frame under there if your clearance is iffy it's best to let the axle hang by lifting it by the frame.
  18. Good time to lube the cable while the cluster is out, which I now have to re pull and lube. Speedo needle is shaky and noisy
  19. ok, thank you again for your help. i am a little nerve wacky about this, having never attempted something like this before. will be a happy day when i post that it is done and working as expected. thanks again, i need all the help i can get, and then some. joe from dover.
  20. hello there, to be clear, i am not an expert, but the photos seem to indicate you are looking at a complete roof replacement. my 92 winnie warrior had a complete new roof in 2016 due to water damage, and the damage to my rig did not appear to be as severe as yours. my roof job was covered by insurance and done by an rv shop locally. the bill for the entire roof including new vents, and new ceiling was close to 5k. sorry if i am raining on your parade, just thought i would give you my experience for something to ponder. hope the best for your future. joe from dover.
  21. Nice find. Right part and decent price. I'd jump on the one Jim just posted. Linda S
  22. Ouch! The dual rear wheel ECM are hard to find. We had a discussion about this one time and the consensus was that other ECM's would work. I have only heard of 1 person saying they had done it. The only thing that I can think of that might be an issue is cable drive speedometer vs electronic. The electronic speedometer sends a signal to the ECM which might cause an issue, I am only guessing at this. I do not know what years were cable vs electronic? Googled part # this came up https://store.allcomputerresources.com/1991-toyota-truck-89661-35560-pcm-ecm-ecu-engine-computer.html
  23. Already sent to a ecm rebuilder..they said the processor is shot and unable to be repaired.
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