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Update - Why are our Classifieds offline

This announcement is no longer active

Gulfstream Greg

Some of you might be wondering "Why are the classifieds offline" That's because I am getting ready to upgrade the discussion board. The new version requires a newer PHP version, PHP 7.1.0 or higher. We are running 5.6.40. I have not been able to get the classifieds to run with 7.1.0. The classifieds will run with 7.1.0 I just have a configuration somewhere wrong. So in the next couple days I am going to hit the upgrade button for the board when I have a few hours in a row in case it all goes bad! Then I will dive head first into the classifieds.

UPDATE: We are now running version 4.4.2. If anyone finds some problem please let me know. Working on the classifieds today when possible.

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